Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo – Fixing Your Future

Virgo vintage decanter blue backgroundLately I’ve had a stream of clients who are truly intent on solving their problems.  Matter of fact, I don’t  think I’ve encountered a single person over the last several weeks, online or off, who is not trying to do something positive and productive with their life. It’s pretty amazing.

Over the last few years, people have been telling other people to WAKE UP. It’s obnoxious. Wake up yourself, why don’t ya?  It seems one way or the other, this is exactly what’s happened.

I give this to Jupiter in Virgo…in combination with Saturn in Sagittarius. People are seeing they are responsible for their future. They’re working hard to solve their problems and get on a good, healthy, positive path to their future.

If you’re still on the fence about heading in a positive direction, you might want to take advantage of the energy out there at this time.  Your life may not be perfect, but it is your life. So you may as well invest in making it as great as you can.

I know there are astrologers who say Jupiter in Virgo is no good. They’re wrong about that and if you look around, I bet you see as much evidence as I do.

This doesn’t mean that things are necessarily falling into place. But if you try to put them in place, chances are you’ll be able to do it.

Are in the process of fixing your life at this time? Tell us!


Jupiter Retrograde In Virgo – Fixing Your Future — 11 Comments

  1. Hey Elsa!

    I’m fixing things in a great fashion, things are going along amazingly – almost spookily, certainly uncanny. Virgo is my sun sign and I’ve been feeling the Jupiter influence strongly. What I thought was a disaster at the end of August turned around into a positive and now I’m working with a great team of people intent on taking my dream further. This has been a pattern of mine: getting on the path, then coming off it because my inner perfectionist likes to play it too safely. What I’ve done with this though, instead of being deterred is use it to be advantage: who better to build a fantastic future than a young, well-experienced Virgo with Mercury in Leo 🙂

    All fire, all passion, all good! Keep up the great work!

    Kevin X

  2. Virgo energy is exhausting and I can’t wait for Jupiter to move onto Libra. However, as exhausting and nit-picky as the energy is, I am definitely doing stuff with my life. And a lot of it requires medical check ups and paperwork. So Virgo. If I couldn’t buckle down and Virgo it up, I would still be stuck at home and that would be terrible.

    • Yeah, I also see people dealing with their health. My husband blew off doctors…well, once a year he’d go. He’s now addressing everything on a regular schedule. I am definitely dealing with my health.

      I know a couple people who have quit drinking (they feel they have a problem).

      I know another person who’s working to gain control of his mind, which tends to spin out and cause him problems.

      Really, the examples are endless.

      One young man I know decided to join the Navy, try to create opportunity in his life. He was rejected for being overweight. He lost 40 pounds (10 more than required) and was accepted last week…

  3. I’m working on my marriage from a different direction. I can not go back and fall in love with my husband – its that over for me. It has caused him a great deal of hurt and it doesn’t feel good to be the one who changed. But he is the father of my three young adult children, we have weddings and grandchildren in our future and I don’t want to screw that up for my kids, him or me. We have no choice but to be friends. We still live under the same roof, I have not rushed to divorce, our finances will determine both of our futures – not just mine – and a positive attitude toward each other can make us a family, not enemies who share children. So yeah, I’m fixing my future.

  4. I’m a Sagittarius but I’ve got the north node in Virgo and Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn . I’ve been successfully losing weight since the 1st of November. I divorced 8 years ago and have gained 30 lbs since then. I joined weight watchers and that has been an enormous blessing. Virgo is in my 7th house so I guess I’ve found some helpful supportive others . Now I just need to find that helpful bookkeeper for my landscape business and someone to help with the details of drawing my landscape designs. Although I am predominantly a fiery , airy type , I will take the blessings of Jupiter in Virgo.

  5. A slow yet steady process of positive change started early in January: I tricked myself, or the Universe did it for me. On my way to eat a scone I found a wonderful outdoor ‘gym’ to begin a much needed exercise routine. Instead of eating, I started walking. The bakery with the killer scones was closed, but the acres of trails wasn’t. The irony has worked on to free up the logjam of old habits. Virgo is freshly into my 9th House, and Saturn is in my 11th House. My holistic thinking (9th House) needed readjusting and I have to believe the trip out the door to the trails is worth it, every day.

    Pluto is about to cross my Ascendant to add to the mix. So ‘fixing my future’ fits this period of my life, Elsa! Rain or shine, I have the gear to make the work possible. I listen to my body when she feels the edge of pain. My Achilles tendons are my weak points, literally, so I found a walk and stretch routine (10 min. walk, stretch, go on) that is fixing that lifelong injury.

    One day I was leaning against the sign that leads to the dog walking trail, one of the regulars spotted me (with his 4 Welsh Corki).
    “Are you stretching?”
    “I used to stretch for about a year, but I got so bored. They ought’a invent a machine that can stretch you.”

    We wave at each other now, and I just keep stretching against the sign. Thanks for the post, and the questions to inspire understanding.

  6. Virgo is my chart ruler so Jupiter is up and down my 1st house ascendant and over my Pluto and Uranus. Funny timing with divorce because it’s a makeover pure and simple. Do NOT think I’m who I have been recently, you are wrong. Near the end of losing weight and it’s a transformation. I also have a weird undertaking with my name- I’ve gone back to my maiden name and am cutting out every bit of my ex’s last name and email. Every site, every account- there are hundreds of places my married name is hiding. It could be a nail salon I had a manicure at 4 years ago, that kind of thing. A place I had an oil change once because I had a coupon. I want NO association with this name. It’s very funny but first house, no? I’m clearing out every bit of bad mojo. Also physical stuff too, naturally. Anything with my ex is tainted and I want no part of it.

    I am ME and my success is built on this only. It may be symbolic but it feels very important right now.

  7. Sagittarius sun Scorpio moon Saturn in the 4th. Although I continue to live in a state of inflamed unhappiness and disappointment, one thing I notice changing is I have more room to do other things and accomplish more alongside the pain. I wouldn’t call it relief, but it’s a definite shift.

  8. This is also my Jupiter return and I am pregnant. Talk about expansion, I can barely fit through a doorway and I’ve got 2 dr. Appts a week.
    I am making plans for the future too but I hadn’t even thought about the health details aspect.

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