Priorities Change Over Time (If You’re Lucky): Beached Whale Redux

Someone started a thread on the boards about reflecting on the year just passed. It didn’t resonate in the moment but I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I lie low and wound up doing exactly as they suggested.

Jupiter deals with scope and journey. Jupiter conjunct Uranus suggests that taking an overview of things can be liberating and as I lie around yesterday, half-sick, memories played like movies in my head.

I am surprised and somewhat embarrassed over what I thought was important or a priority in my life, 15 years ago. The things I thought mattered then do not matter at all now and it seems fruitful to acknowledge this even if its not the most comfortable thing. Who wants to realize that what was so critically important back then is not even a speck in life today?

There is an upside though. I could be a beached whale as described by my husband, yesterday. I guess if you’re going to leave the beach, the beach is bound to be a speck in the distance over time and eventually you might not even be able to see that much.

Do you feel you are progressing in your life?


Priorities Change Over Time (If You’re Lucky): Beached Whale Redux — 15 Comments

  1. Physically and Socially …NOOO:/ But I have high hopes for activity this year!!
    Mentally and emotionally :YES..
    I have left a lot of deadweight thought patterns these last 5 years , and hope to shead more this year.

  2. I really can hardly believe the things my life revolved around 15 years ago. I feel like I must enormously confused with little idea how I got that way.

    I’m thinking the best thing to do now is to forget about it and also to note that what seems to be terrifically important now may not retain it’s status later.

  3. I also think it is great that something you can forget about, you can leave the emotions behind , but keep the talent the situation required. No matter how trivial it seems at this time.

    Perspective over traumas that has passed is also such a gift.

    Remember you writing about Graduating to be able to progress…If I dont remember incorectly.

    I can feel this a week after too:-P
    “How come I stressed that so much, It was insignifigant”

  4. I’m there with you Elsa. It has been my (and several of my age contemporaries) experience we look back on ourselves, shake our heads and laugh..Yes, we have “evolved” beyond our silly misconceptions and important realities of the past..

    But, as I like to point out, what we think and feel is important today will be fodder for poking fun at ourselves again in 15 yrs.

  5. On the one hand, I grok.
    On the other hand, I just realized that 15 years ago I would have been 17 and all I wanted was a peaceful, stable home of my own. That’s still all I want, really. I was just lucky enough to have it for a short while.

    So maybe I haven’t progressed as far as I think I have. That’s okay, too. *smiles*

  6. Wow 15 years ago. It would take a book to describe the changes.

    I have progressed, but damn that was hard. But I made it! Woo Hoo ::jumps up & down::

  7. It was exactly 15 years ago next week that I moved from London to live in a small village in the country – that has been my second eight-year stint in the city. Little of what was important to me in London still is; and almost none of the people who were important to me when I moved here still are (most of them are dead in fact).

    But I think it’s normal to have different priorities at different stages in life. Some people never move on – they stay stuck in a comfortable rut (there are places I can return to over and over and find the same people, doing very much the same things) – and if I’d had the luxury of secure housing I might well have taken that path.

    But those of us who do progress in life, we seek different things as we ‘grow up’! I’m glad I had no choice, it’s enriched my life

  8. The things that WERE important are the things that made you who you are now, so even if they seem trivial today, they were still mountains to climb & move… lessons to learn & shape you. Either way, they show just how much a person has “evolved” & are good markers =)
    On this front I’m a little all over the place… I’ve progressed some & stayed the same some but the point is, I’m always looking to improve & re-model things!

  9. Funny, if I look back 15 years many of the things that were important then are just as important now. I think I have just taken a long time to find the confidence to express them – that is the shift. I think McKenna above is right, those things lead you on a journey to where you are today.
    I hope you feel better soon Elsa x

  10. I think I am, it sure feels like I am. But for me, it’s more on a 7yr time frame. What was important in high school & college (16-22) was not important in my 20’s(23-29). At the end of my 20’s and my solar return, I had my first child and again, what had been important in my 20’s changed. Now in my 30’s it’s all changing again. Seems very saturn to me, given the about 7yr time frame. But, it’s like I’m in a neptune fog for I’m not able to see what’s coming, each time I’ve not seen it coming. Oh well, at least I have more perspective now and can at least see the change,

  11. I feel like I have taken a tangential leap into my self now at 42. Things that bothered me then no longer incline me into a drama. I truly come in peace now whereas then I was battered around in the thick of other people’s stuff. Then it was about maximising my dreams and potentials, now it is about distillation and condensing and beoming more of the essence.
    Also am glad that so much has happened because there has been little to no choice about it. It has been hard, but I honour the process.

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