Jupiter in Virgo – Hitting The Ground Runnin’

virgo-smallI just emailed the Red Cross to get more information around being an volunteer to help out in disaster situations. Apparently there are no volunteers in my immediate area. They have to import people when something happens. The way I understand it, I would be the Red Cross liaison with a local family whose home burned to the ground or something of that time.How Virgoan. 

I am also going to check with the local program here that assists families in need.  This program was created and is run by a couple at my local parish. I support them financially and I think they are set for volunteers but I’m going to check.

I see myself becoming involved with this in the future. However, I don’t know exactly when the “future” might be.  As I understand it, people who need things come to church at a scheduled time. They are given what they need as provided by the parishioners.\

I don’t know how bad my karma may be, but I’m all for working it off.

I realize Jupiter has just entered Virgo, but have you felt a call to help out?


Jupiter in Virgo – Hitting The Ground Runnin’ — 24 Comments

  1. I have been feeling this call for a while now. I was going to start a non-profit with my Scorpio friend but that is dead in the water. We haven’t spoken in months. I’ve always looked to the other to galvanize me. I’m learning how to galvanize myself. I’m not sure where I am needed but I intend to find out. My heart is with women who have left abusive relationships. I wish to teach redemption and agency via creativity.

  2. Red Cross volunteers are right up there with firemen at the top of my list of heroes!
    I hope, if I ever get settled permanently, to do a bit of foster care for a local pet rescue, visit nursing homes or veterans hospitals with my dog as a therapy dog, volunteer at the local library (but that’s more of a pleasure than a sacrifice!). But meanwhile, rather than donations of time or money, I like taking a bag of groceries to the local food bank — one direct step from me to someone in need, and anyone can do it!
    Not sure I could ever work off all my bad karma, but really, I think it’s about the intention. Wanting to help because you really care about the plight of those you’re helping, as opposed to for your own gain or salvation (karma-wise) — that’s what matters.
    Consider the hermit who retreats to a cave to meditate his life away as a sacrifice, for — holiness? His “sacrifice” isn’t actually helping anyone else or making any contribution — it’s only for himself, how can that be holy? Would that be Jupiter in Pisces?

    • I just don’t think I should do *nothing*.

      I am going to do the outreach if needed, and this is if not, unless when I get the details I see it’s beyond my capacity.

      I asked my husband about it. He commends me for wanting to do it, but says if I do, I have to go out, no matter what. Ice storm and such.

      This does not really deter me. I am moved to do this because no one is doing it and somebody should. I want meaning in my life.

  3. Er…I can no longer give blood because of Lupus. So I can’t just sit out the rest of my life. I have a lot of energy. More than I need. Enough to get me in trouble! 😉

  4. I worked to organize vegetable gardeners and people with fruit trees to donate their extras to the local food pantries. It was wonderful fun because I loved the gardeners and helped them network to get disease or bug ID but they also got to help by giving their extras. What I loved best was that the local churches all got involved. Some took up food collection on Sundays for a monday food pantry opening in the church basement. Some planted gardens… ok is this virgo enough or too taurus ;^)

  5. I have been feeling like this for a couple years. The one I really want to do is an organization called CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in the court system.

    My shyness and my lack of confidence in myself holds me back though. I worry about getting too emotionally attached or having too high expectations.

    I have always wanted to do something with my time though in the volunteering sense.

      • Good for you, Elsa. You realize of course that you are also helping people here, on this site, daily, right? But I understand your need to serve.

        So I have tried to volunteer at a few places in the city where I live now, as i used to elsewhere, and was actually turned away because “you are a working person, and we only want people who are supported by spouses and private means and won’t be working — or retirees” !!! I was stunned.
        They are always moaning they can’t find help. It was like trying to pierce a private club, run by entitled twits. I have energy, my husband has connections — and you turn me down? Then you don’t have in mind the best interests of those in need, But i am a persistent Virgo and will find my place somewhere! (My city is also apparently averse to anyone not born here generations ago! I heard this and thought it was silly, but…)

        Other than that, today an old friend called me about an idea, and we spent two hours and came up w a fantastic way to pursue a project creatively in a way that will help others.

  6. I’ve prayed a lot about this and the answer I always get is to give more to my son. But I was thinking about doing some volunteer work with him. Thats as far as Ive gotten in my thought process. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be open! He’s nine and I think he’s at a great age to learn that he can make a difference. He’s a generous Leo:)

  7. There’s always a way to help, even when one thinks he is unable; when I was working with people who survived the major flood, I found that even just the words of encouragement or kindness could mean a lot to someone…

  8. It’s transiting my second/third house, and I must say I do feel the call to help myself out ^-^. I’ve transferred from a community college to a state university and start my Accounting degree this semester. It may take me 3 years instead of finishing a less strenuous major in 2. However, I get the feeling this is going to be a serious and positive life changer for me, so I’m going all in.

  9. I have a Virgo stelium ninth house of my natal chart, includes my moon, venus, pluto and mercury all in a row 12-29 degrees so yes I totally get it! I have been looking forward to Jupiter transit through Virgo!

  10. I’ve been trying to find a home for some feral kittens that are living around my new place. In the coming weeks I will likely be trapping some feral cats and having them fixed and re-released. It’s sort of a problem around here.

  11. I have felt/heard a call to help and been involved ‘helping’/volunteering for as long as I can remember (before college). But lately, I don’t hear that call, I hear a need for me to pull my energy back and take care of myself and personal issues that are long overdue.

    It’s odd not hearing that call at the moment and truth be told, I’d rather volunteer than have to deal with the issues facing me. But, like I said, they are long overdue, so and with Saturn direct now in my 5th, it’s time to deal with it for good.

  12. Disaster relief seems like a natural for you. I’d go for it if I was you, no matter what capacity. I know that the grandstanding and waste and fat-catting in some of these organizations can be off putting, so I just focus on the people I am helping, the work that I am doing. That other stuff exists in any concerted effort. If some people can be assisted when they need it most, it’s a good thing.

  13. I’ve been volunteering for months and now that Jupiter has entered my sign (Yes, I am a Virgo), I am thinking of redirecting my efforts into finding an actual job that pays the rent. Being a recent graduate with practically no experience does not place me in a very favourable position…I’ve been feeling quite stuck and emotionally drained for the last 12 months and was naively hoping that the Jupiter in Virgo transit would bring the sunshine back into my life. Guess what? It kind of expanded on the gloominess and uncertainty surrounding my life. Am I the only Virgo who is not feeling enthusiastic about the recent astrological developments? And is something else at play here that I don’t fully comprehend? Of course, I did not expect that all my problems will be miraculously fixed once Jupiter entered Virgo on August 11…I was hoping for a shift in attitude though. Still feeling the heaviness…

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