Jupiter In Scorpio Exacerbates…

kidJupiter increases whatever is present. People seem to have this idea that Jupiter is fortunate. Well, if what you have is fortunate, Jupiter will increase that fortune. It also increases misfortune. Jupiter inflates.

When we had Jupiter in Libra it brought attention to partnership issues by exacerbating them. Now in Scorpio, perhaps it will bring attention to the challenges we face where we share something with others: property, taxes, sex, custody, also shadow and and shame. But where we have excellent energies, it will also increase!

In the movie Shaun of the Dead, first there were relationship issues, then there were zombies. But they were challenged to master the issues together. This sounds about in the same vein.

From Shaun of the Dead:
Liz: It’s just that with Ed here, it’s no wonder I always bring my flatmates out, and then that only exacerbates things.
Shaun: What you mean?
Liz: Well, you guys hardly get on, do you?
Shaun: No, I mean, what does ‘exacerbate’ mean?

We start out with the Sun and Mercury also in Scorpio and Venus soon to follow. That’s really going to exacerbate things! In a good way, I think. There are plenty of players to pitch in.

Jupiter exacerbates things. Wherever you have Scorpio, Jupiter will inflate what’s going on. Have an easy aspect to your Scorpio placement? Jupiter will make it bigger and better. Have a challenging placement based in Scorpio (or that Jupiter in Scorpio touches off)? Jupiter will make it bigger too. But then you get a chance to really see it and master it.

Think of Jupiter in the zodiac as 12 lanes of bowling. Each year or so, Jupiter moves down one lane. Each lane is a house or sign in your chart. When you have planets there, Jupiter is the ball that comes flying down the alley and sends those pins skittering. If you’re playing the game. Sometimes you miss and hit the gutter… or the next lane… or your foot. But you get another throw. There’s usually a retrograde period in there – so I guess that’s the spare.

How do you react to bowling? Do you only celebrate when you get a strike on the first throw? It’s possible to adjust your strategy to have a good time no matter what happens. It’s a game. Jupiter is a game too. However high the stakes, life is a game. And Jupiter increases whatever reaction you have. So maybe have a good one.

Where is Jupiter transiting your chart?



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  1. I have a 12th house mars.. if i lose i focus on my cheesy fries.

    Ive had some very tough jupiter transits to my moon or 6th house… anxiety, stomach issues

  2. Moon, DSC and then Neptune in Scorpio. Jupiter first will be my natal Moon (opposed by natal Saturn exact). Not sure how it will playout this time. But tradition is, on the first strike on anything, I get scared. And then develop a strengthening power in my inside silently. I matured myself, I can forgive and ignore any strike.

  3. My 10th and Natal Mercury and Chiron, and then onto the 11th where my sun is. I really like the analogy of the bowling alley and bowling. Adjusting my game to keep playing. Yes, I like that approach to Jupiter, thanks Elsa!

      • Hay!! I JUST NOTICED, and that’s just dandy with me. How did I miss that inimitable flavor of rice wine with doughnuts!!!*!!! This Jupiter deal is super important for us now. Shared resources are the password for us. The bowling gig … that’s precisely how we need to play this through.

  4. Thanks for writing this satori. I love your perspective and clear analogies.

    11th house stellium. Moon and mercury conjunction first that sextiles Venus. That’s good right?:)

    Then mars Uranus conjunction later in the sign. That sextiles my Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. That one sounds like a lot to handle. But mars Uranus is already hard to handle. Maybe some sexual escapades? Maybe a boost in energy? Maybe my already hair trigger temper will be even more triggery? Any thoughts on those is appreciated.

    • I’ve got to watch what I say, and really work on acknowledging and handling emotions when they arise. I’ve been more communicative the last year or so and my energies applied to obtaining knowledge, being open and part of a community has surfaced very positively and I love that factor.

  5. Jupiter conjunct Sun yesterday felt intensely emotional to me. Currently Jupiter is transiting 10th and soon the 11th house in my chart. I have a Scorpio stellium so wheb Jupiter gets there, it is going to feel rather powerful!

  6. This is great – Jupiter is transiting my 6th house and is (will be) sextiling my sun and merc in 8 house cappy as well as pluto in virgo. I love jupiter here, he boosts the emotions – great to have something to work with – but with the concentrated focus of scorp – very valuable, resourceful and prgamatic. I’m enjoying, I can see where I’m having problems with group dynamics that require loyalty and work but not the type of manipulation and game playing that Jupe in scorp could resort to. I’m learning, the emotion is there (as was when Jupe was in Libra) but in scorpio it’s so much more slim-lined, fat-trimmed, useful. That this transit sextiles planets in my 8th house (scorpio too) is a great chance for me to make some progress on work goals as oppossed to all those clashing squares when Jupe was in Libra. I hope I can make use of it, it doesn’t just depend on me, I know but I’ll definitely try.

  7. Jupiter’s last transit of Scorpio 2005-2006 was strained by transiting Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. I have three planets in Scorpio, so 2005-2006 were challenging years. Jupiter will have far fewer challenges this transit. Some of the “over-inflation” you describe may be attributed to Jupiter’s co-rule of Pisces (illusion, disillusion).

    • Thanks Mike. Jupiter in Scorp might have been good for me at the time cause i had profound friendships, but no relationships (saturn hittingy my 7th) or good parties :/

  8. My 5th Jupiter return in the 8th house this year! All transits to this are usually quite fortunate emotionally and financially. I’m hoping for the best since the only natal aspect it has is an inconjunct to my Sun in the 4th.

  9. Jupiter is in my 2nd and will eventually move on to my 3rd house. Pluto in scorpio is inside my 2nd house. My relationship to value, worth, and power are so deeply seeded and complex. I think I will have the opportunity to learn about my true worth and take back any power I may have given due to feeling unworthy or feeling like I’m being used. I’ve had Jupiter trine my chiron so far. The pain from broken relationships received such a necessary balm of healing. It will next trine my sun, sextile neptune, conjunct pluto and move on to sextile my ascendant, trine mars and oppose my Jupiter in Taurus.

  10. Jupiter transiting 7th, in Scorpio. Historically Jupiter entering a new house was usually much ado about nothing, so now ‘all things Jupiter’ I take with caution and low expectations.

  11. Jupiter in Scorpio on my 6th house, it is increasing my body insecurities. I’m 3 months pregnant with my first child and found out that I need to terminate it cause baby won’t make it through. It all feels so heavy to take in.

  12. Hi Satori, I like that you said “It’s possible to adjust your strategy to have a good time no matter what happens.” I was starting to think it all sounded like doom and gloom! Definitely a believer that we can adjust to roll with the punches and hopefully improve our luck along the way too 🙂

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