Jupiter In Sagittarius: She’s On The Go!

This is my manicurist. She’s a textbook Sagittarius. I can relate…

“Oh good you wore sandals,” she said. I was back today for a pedicure. I can’t do all this salon stuff in one day. It’s too tedious, “I know how you hate to sit. I’ll just put your sandals on your feet, paint your toes with them on and you can be on your way.”

“And so can you,” I said. ‘I know you like to move as well.”

“I do like to move. I go crazy when I’m cooped up. I’m always having to go somewhere.”

She has 4 kids (3 of them Aries) and a husband she has loved for 16 years. She works piecemeal in between their schedules to help support her family.

“I have just got to get away. So I come here… I leave by myself as much as I can. I tell my kids, you have no idea how much you ask of me. It’s mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy. I get so tired of hearing, mommy!”

I laughed.

“So I get out as much as I can. I clean houses for people too, you know. And I tell them, yeah I charge by the hour. But I am in and out just as fast as I can be. I am good and I am thorough, but I can tell you right now I’m going to clean just as fast as I can because the last thing I want is to be cooped up in your house! I want to get done and be on my way.”


“When I was younger I worked in a bank. I worked in the drive through no less and I hated it. Here I was cooped up in this little booth all day watching all these people out and about. I thought I’d go crazy.”

“Yep. When I was a kid I tended bar. Day bar, always. I am a morning person. And every year the good weather would come and the bar would empty out. People would come in wearing shorts. They would be getting stuff to go rather than coming and staying and I would be stuck inside and madder than hell!”

Do you hate being cooped up?



Jupiter In Sagittarius: She’s On The Go! — 9 Comments

  1. I like being on the go! Even at home I multi task. I have a hard time sitting watching a movie, even though I love movies. I usually will iron or create something at the same time.

  2. Venus in Sagde in the 1st, so it’s always been casual & sporty. Plus i usually multitask too. Yah, I knit, spin or embroidery when watching movies . . . My Aries S/O can’t understand how I can do that!

  3. I’m like that too, doing something while the tv’s on. And i worked in an office for 14 years overlooking a park which was torture so then i took up dog walking cos i couldn’t stand watching other people doing it anymore. I’m a home body at heart being a taurus but i have mars & mc in sag and get restless esp where work is concerned. When i was a kid i was never in and if i was i was usually dancing in my room. We used to camp alot then too and it’s given me a real love of the outdoors, just the smell of it makes me happy.

  4. Sadge sun and I hate being cooped up. When I was teaching my kids could always expect poetry under the trees days frequently in the spring.

  5. I have absolutely no sag in my chart at all, but I hate hate hate to be cooped up. I’ve always attributed it to all the water in my chart; moving water is happy water, stagnant water breeds unhealth. It’s interesting; I work a lot of reception and help desk jobs – which I like because of all the multitasking – but I always crack under the pressure of having to stay in ONE SPOT to answer phones and assist people.

  6. Multitasking is natural for me but most of the time, I’d rather stay put at home/work.

    Sagittarius sun, mercury, venus, uranus and neptune.

  7. I’m getting together with my Sagittarius best friend at a bar tomorrow. I have Merc/Mars/Saturn in Sag so I’m always having something Sag going on. Next week I’m helping another friend plan his first trip to Eng/France/Switz because he doesn’t know where to begin. I don’t know where to stop!

  8. Multitasker extraordinaire here, Sun, moon, merc, mars, midheaven and neptune in sag in the 9/10th. I also have so much nervous energy it’s irritating at times.

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