Jupiter in Sagittarius – Mashing the Cultures: What Kind of Tourist Are You?

eiffel towerOn the subject of cultural differences, Miss Cilantro… who outed herself on the last blog and I discussed the difference between what we do, or would like to do when we visit a new city. She, being Korean liked to see all the sites. Allllll the sites! So being my hostess, she was standing by ready to research and make the most of my trip and I just had no clue how to take advantage of this kind of grace.

It’s not that I didn’t understand. And I certainly appreciated her offer. It’s just that I am so different. I am pretty much completely visceral and I struggled to explain. I couldn’t quite get it said… how it did not matter in the least, what we did or where we went, but yesterday I was writing, HQ and it crystallized for me.

I told him I could be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and I would surely look at it, but what I would most aware of is the energy of the person standing next to me. That and how the air or the sun or the chill felt on my skin or the side of my face and this is a fact.

So in the case of Miss Cilantro… well she has five planets in Scorpio so am I happy or what? I’m in the room with a force of nature.

And their cat was all over me. The one who hates everyone, especially non-Asians. So if you think about that and understand me at all, you can imagine how happy I was. I was thinking about the cats in my past and the wine in my glass, feeling totally blissful and all beneath the wire.

When you go to a new city, what do you like to do? And do you think your culture influences this?

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Jupiter in Sagittarius – Mashing the Cultures: What Kind of Tourist Are You? — 17 Comments

  1. When I go to a new city, first thing I check the Internet connection 😀

    I do like breath taking sights though – intense visual pleasure or impression. It’s something that wasn’t natural to me, not something that I was born with, but something that I learned to appreciate. But site seeing is not my thing.

  2. EAT!!! I want to taste the food from EVERY culture….that is how I embrace a new culture.

    I want to know what they eat, how they eat, and, why they eat what they do. It is as if , in some very surreal way, I become part of that culture by ingesting what gives them nourishment. It is very personal to me…..but then again I have a Scorpio Moon so a lot of things are personal to me…. but none so much as the lure of exotic foods and cultures.

    If you come to my house you will likely taste foods from Spain, Mexico, Morroco, Germany, Cambodia, Iran, Puerto Rico, Africa, Greece and hopefully soon the Czech Republic ( I am trying to get some much guarded recipes from an international friend;).

    This is how I honor my need to be part of different cultures…..learning how to prepare their foods!

    Now…back to the question Elsa asked!

    “When you go to a new city, what do you like to do? And do you think your culture influences this?”
    Eat! It is the first thing that I want to do! And yes to the last question.

  3. I love the city. They really break down into little pokey neighborhoods anyway. For me they do. I find ways to make myself at home. I am slow about it. But, I like to know the cool places to eat, to get a great martini, the finest bread shop. I get to know someone, or tow and three. My culture, hmmmm…I dont feel like I have a culture. I dont mean to sound all “I am an island”, I just feel very disconnected from where ever it is that I must have come from.

  4. I pack a map and walk in any direction, until I get thirsty, and then I go to a cafe and sit in a place where I can watch the world go by.
    Then I pull out my map and see how to return to my hotel/hovel/whatever.
    It’s all very random and non-planned. As it is, I can travel with very few people as most people want to ‘make the most’ of their vacation time and wandering around with a flake like me isn’t for everyone. And I understand that!

    As for the sights, the contemporary art galleries are ALWAYS a must see. And I make a point to read an author native to whereever I am.

  5. I like to watch the people and I like to walk so i can absorb things slowly and feel/imagine what it’s like to live there, this is what it’s about for me.
    If it’s a foreign country I love looking at the exotic words in stores and wherever they are, I like to look at the architecture. The food isn’t important in this process.
    To visit people’s homes is great. Sightseeing is secondary. I think the rush of sightseeing is comparable to seeing or talking to a famous person, it somehow connects you to the thousands of people you know have been where you are now.
    I think what people look for when traveling has to do with personality, and not so much culture.

    ps- I can’t resist buying things in foreign countries, especially home decoration and hygiene /beauty products.

  6. Lets see… I remember the last time I went to NYC with a Sagittarius (that I just met two weeks earlier, randomly, at school). We

    – went to a gay club called COCK on 2nd Ave.
    – walked across the brooklyn bridge at 4am
    – met a random lady in brooklyn who allowed us to crashed at her place for two nights (instead of paying for hostel$)
    – visited 3 colleges

    I went before with a Scorpio (w/ Virgo moon). She researched EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING, EVERY SITE, DETAIL, BUS ROUTES. And she made schedules. This day we will see this, and by 4 we will do that.
    I felt shut off — and more so — like a tourist. When I asked someone for his or her phone number, she just looked at it as weird or scandalous.

    With the Sag, we just wing it. First of all, I barely knew him. And because everything was so spontaneous, every place we visited was because we were REFERRED by a New Yorker, the people who lived there, who worked there, who were born there — people whom we striked up conversations with at bus stations and exchange our story over metro rides and oversized pizzas.

    So twas pretty cool.
    And pretty cheap – the second one.

    My sag friend is living in New York now, going to school as an architecture.

  7. I love to do spontaneous road trips. I once went to Jazz Fest with five people, a rented van, no tickets and no hotel reservations. We hit campgrounds and slept in parks. I had more fun!! And I wasn’t a kid; I was 46 at the time. I love to explore the little neighborhoods and ethnic areas more than the tourist sights. I’d love to see Europe – I love old places; Places with character. And I love to meet the people, talk to strangers on the street, eat the local food, and just explore the place with all my senses. I absorb the ambiance of a new place like a sponge, then go home and squeeze it out slowly. I still enjoy most of my trips over in my mind years later.

  8. I like to research landing points. That is, ok, this day we get to _here_ (somehow, from wherever we wound up on our last adventure) and then this day we get to _here_, and so on and so forth. If I let myself just wander around doing whatever came into my head I seriously have no idea where I would wind up, in which case it takes a while to get your life back to approaching normal. So I give myself chunks of time and a fence (ie: three days staying at a hostel in Montreal, before moving on to a couple days in Ottawa, and so on), and then within those limits I just find stuff that looks like it would be interesting. This method works incredibly well for me.

    The only thing is that I have a suspicion one day I’m just going to disappear and ride around the continent on a greyhound bus for a while, staying in little bits of places as it suits me. Show up on a friend’s doorstep a couple years later, broke and in need of a shower (but rich in filled noteboods of observations).

    Actually, that sounds like fun. Oh dear… I can’t afford to run off into the wilds right now. This is going to bug me. The closest I’ve got is I’m busy getting myself accepted into another student exchange program. They’re a pain in the ass to get into, but they’re great if you can. I’m not particularly well off, but I did grade 11 in Germany, and then 5 weeks in Quebec the summer after grade 12. Now I’m looking at doing my third year of university in Quebec City. (I’m from the Yukon territory, in Canada – that big empty triangle next to Alaska – but am going to school in the lower mainland).

    Have I mentioned I’ve got my gemini Sun opposing Sadge Uranus, forming a T-square to Jupiter in the ninth (in pisces)?

    And people give me crap for studying astrology! Hah!

  9. I have a big fear of looking like a tourist. So I dress down and stay away from tourist attractions. I eat at local dives and hangouts. I live in a popular city in SoCal so I cringe at the tourists that plague my hometown. So yes, my background culture has alot to do with that.

  10. I like to wander around by myself with a massive monologue going on in my head while I take everything in. everything. I went to san diego once and never left balboa park.

  11. I am intensely interested in how the locals live wherever I go. I want to see the “real” London or wherever I am. I am like many of you, I trust myself to take me wherever I can benefit the most from my travels. Eating is also one of the most important things for me! Because of a Scorpio moon you say? I have one too.

    I scrutinize the locals too. There was this gorgeous Belgian blonde in Ghent, Belgium. She had on beautiful Italian high heels and was shopping for clothes. The thing that stuck in my head about her was that she ponged! She did not use anti-perspirant/deodrant! I guess the dichotomy between looking well-dressed and smelling unwashed fascinated the 18-years-old me, an American who showered everyday.

  12. My parents have always taken me to museums and concerts when I was a kid and when we travel, we do an insane amount of museum and sight-hopping. When they go to New York, they like to go with a purpose, which I was always annoyed to find was theater or a museum or concert and dinner then leave. What I love the most when travelling I think and in New York is to sort of be swept up by the ambiance of a city or be overwhelmed by it. Which often involves a lot of aimless walking. I’m insecure about the way other people marvel at museums and sights and am not even sure that I look at smaller things, or mostly that what I enjoy is worthwhile, yet I’m obsessed with this travelling stuff. This question hits me pretty deep, I guess. I’ve been thinking about it a long time.

  13. A friend of mine once commented on how Russian Jewish it is to sort of do the museum hopping thing, a thing that Russian Jewish intelligentsia do. So I think the way my parents are as tourists has a lot to do with their intellectual Russian Jewish background if I trust her stereotype. To best explain it, I had a cultural moment when this friend invited me to see Robots and my parents were going to see The Sea Inside. I was pretty reluctant. I told her what The Sea Inside was about and she said she would not see a movie about paraplegics (a joke I’ve just rendered poorly). Also that she had no remorse in seeing Robots or enjoying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I sort of cringed. With some of our patrons-of-the-Moscow-ballet type friends, this remorse is a type of snobbery. So I guess the fact that I am not a fan and guilty at the same time of our way of travelling is cultural.

  14. I don’t like to travel. I have Saturn in the 9th. Or, could that mean I’d be a tour guide?

    I’d enjoy the view from the hotel diner…

  15. the only travelling I do is with my dear hubby a Capricorn. When we went to NYC for our honeymoon, we had the days sites we were going to see and the appropiate amount of cash for each entrance fee in an envelope for the day.

    This is a bit too structured for my Aquarian self but I tolerated it. He pulled the stick out his bum & We ended up wandering more and checking out the some sites and not others.

    I like to check out museums and galleries and Zoos and little unique shops (luckily so does he, but he throws in a few must sees himself). Foods major too, like to sample local specialties and such. But I also just love to wander and absorb the atmosphere and enjoy watching the natives. However we still budget the money on a per day basis when we travel, and keep a list of current entrance fees for places we might want to visit. But there is no… we HAVE to see everything on the itinerary.

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