Jupiter In Sagittarius: Get Ready To Run Free!

horse in holeOn some level, this picture represents Jupiter (the house) in Scorpio.  Imagine this horse, rescued from that sinkhole, able to shake off the trauma and have a normal horse-life again.

That’s the shift that’s happening today.  Chances are you’ve been sucked into some kind of vortex; maybe more than one. It’s at this point you should be able to break the spell and get yourself free.

If you have Sagittarius, Jupiter strong, or planets in your 9th house, this should be easy for you.

If it’s not easy for you, then here’s how its done…

When the door of your cage opens… when you see an open window, scramble through it, run and don’t look back.

You’re going to your future. No need to delay!


Jupiter In Sagittarius: Get Ready To Run Free! — 25 Comments

  1. Ahhh, so encouraging to read this!
    Next step : DO IT. That’s the tough part.
    Well, perhaps the great beneficent will give me a hand. (waves)

    • Help WILL be provided. See those helpers around the horse? They are waiting for the harness and hoist to arrive. They will HELP this horse out, with as little harm and hurt as feasible. That horse will then bolt! 🙂

  2. I wish I’d stop stalling on hunting for jobs. I just freeze up because I’m sick of my field but I have no other career dreams and have no idea what else I’d do, but I also qualify for nothing else either.

    • Hi Jennifer
      You may have a lot of transferable skills. Write a list of EVERYTHING you’re good at, even if it’s not obviously work related. Really brainstorm this and don’t hold back. You may have experiences in your life that you got through, which also count.

      Then categorise your skills (communication/resilience/team work/budgeting/creativity/computer skills,etc).

      Separately, totally redo your CV (resume). Read a few books on how to do a CV – there’s more to it than you think.

      Then do a separate list of all your successes in life and work. If you can quantity them, great (eg: saved £1,000 in one year), etc.

      Once you’ve typed all the above and created 3 documents for:

      Categories of skills

      …you should have a lot more information to go on, in terms of thinking about where you might be able to go, job wise.

      The dreams are a few steps after all the above!

    • Hi Jennifer. I totally hear you. Been there, and still there. I did do what Kate suggests. It got me some mileage but did not get me very far. (It may work for others; we are all different.)

      I don’t know what the answer is for you. But I wanted you to know you are not alone. In my case, I did leave “my field”, 7 years ago. I have not been able to get back on my feet since.

      Am working on some (more!) inner stuff and hope that, with the help of Jupe in Sadge, I will finally break through.

      I send you kindred support.

      (((( hug ))))

    • I feel you, Jennifer. My consulting business has been sh*t recently. It’s really got me in a down place, so I’m hoping this Jupiter in Sag. helps something, I’m not feeling it yet today. I don’t know if this is what I’m in store for with Saturn in Capricorn in my second house. But something’s got to give here soon. Hope your outlook improves! Work and money issues suck…

  3. I hope so! I feel like I’ve been sucked into a vortex. I have a well-aspected Jupiter and it’s in my 9H! I’ll keep at it ?!

  4. As a person with a 9th house Venus and Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Sag conjunct Uranus in Sag trine said Mars, this makes me so happy! There is nothing I love more.

  5. I’ll need a lot of running to be able to shed the weight I’ve gained during Jupiter in Scorpio 😀 it happened to me the last time when Jupiter was in Scorpio:my parents divorced, and I gained 20 kgs! This time I’ve lost my job twice, and also have gained weight. Mind you, Jupiter was in my 10th house 😀

    • Same here.Jupiter in Scorpio opps3d my moon jupiter venus etc – I have large stellum here. And i gained weight after pregnancy. After Jupiter passed half of his way I have shed 13 kg back keeping a diet.I jold on to it but cravings are crazy.Now Jupiter will enter my 10th house, and oppose my Sun .
      I did not have any glorious acxademic proposals while Jupiter transited my 9th house. Jupiter squares and oppositions to personal planets are strongly affecting me in weight gain, obsessive bread and cake baking, etc but it is under control because my blood sugar was not good at all, now it’s fine

  6. I wish I had an on and off for my
    Trip”trigger “
    Not seeing what spooks me
    Sometimes it’s a Dorothy type
    Spinning house ,lost my way?
    Running with fear
    Hard to identify
    Keeping eyes wide for door
    I see the deer even in the darkest
    Wood almost think they are an invite
    To follow …

  7. Tr Jupiter will be sextiling my natal Sun and conjunct my Pr Sun most of this month. I have been waking up feeling happy. What was even more bizarre, was being in a store and hearing Pharrell Williams “Happy” song playing on the intercom recently. I’ll revel in this feeling.

    • I decided to try a new neighborhood dry cleaners today. The name of it: “Happy Dry Cleaners!” Sound “Twilight Zone” music, please…

  8. Ugh, it makes clear now! Scorpio is on my house of servants(6th house)- for all the year I was struggling with employees (300 of them) as their manager but also support in everything from finding accommodation to dealing with everyday problems (could you imagine employee calling im the middle of the Nightwish because he argue with his wideo and have noone else to talk to -bleah) – so the servant both ways ?. Finally I said stop and quit the job in literaly one day!
    And now Jupiter entered my 7house few days ago and next few days IT will conjunct my natal Jupiter – do ALL CONTRACTS AND PARTNERSHIPS – here I go! New job? New love? Just can’t wait 😉

  9. I went into the flower shop today to buy some flower arrangements for my grandmother’s funeral. I was the only customer there. About 5 minutes later another customer came in. It looked to be a medium built male, from the back. He was in a grey hoodie with the hood pulled up. Nothing strange, it’s cold here. He just stood at the counter faced away from where we were seated at a table about 10 feet away. I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I told the sales lady to go ahead and help the other customer. A few minutes later I heard the shop door open and the woman that was helping me say, “I need to call 911, we’ve just been robbed.” He had handed her a note that said to give him all the money. The sales lady told him she couldn’t open the register without a sale and he told her that if she didn’t give him the money he was going to shoot everyone. She told the policeman later that he started to pull a dark object from his hoodie pocket and she gave him all that was in the register and he left. What struck me was how calm every thing and everyone was during and after. Thanking my Angels and lucky stars today. Jupiter moving into the 8th.

  10. As a Sagittarius Sun and Venus with a Fire dominant chart I love Jupiter in Sagittarius energy! ?? I’m looking forward to what this year brings! ?

  11. Just in the moment when Jupiter entered Saggitarius we had an earthquake. 4 degrees of Richter. I live in mine area destroyed by years of coal mining.Most polluted place in Europe.

  12. Yep, keeping my eyes peeled for opportunities for a better life. Im done questioning good things that come into my life (well, its not like theres been many anyway). But I just feel like the blessings are not far from me.
    God knows how deprived Ive been of friendship, love and money, but its not about that. Im not bitter about any of it anymore and have a deeper understanding of life now, which feels like some sort of portal to happiness being opened up. Ive noticed small shifts in myself, my relationships and the way Im percieved. A lots happened this week that I wont go into, but lets just say that I dont feel like life is against me anymore. Or more accurately, Im not against life anymore. Very very grateful for everything and humbled.

  13. What if our natal Jupiter is in an anaretic degree (29), in our south node, right on top of the pleiades star cluster? Does everything become grossly malefic? Even the bible had Job praying to the pleiades for mercy when his maladies hit. I was reading that this coming up full moon November 23 2018 has transiting jupiter conjunct the sun (in saggitarius) opposite the pleiades star cluster 0 degree gemini (my natal jupiter right next to it). I’m hoping it’s something big and beautiful…so far the astrology blogs are painting it negatively because mars is in the mix

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