Jupiter in Sagittarius – Expand Your Sphere

Uncle Hannah asked how a person might honor Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius and one of the ways is to expand yourself by expanding the sphere.

Now I am fairly Jupitarian by nature and mentioned on the astro-twin series, I would have no interest in contacting someone born the same day I was because I am not fascinated with myself at all. And it does not stop there. If you are a heterosexual, man crazy Italian woman, my age… well I would have no interest in you at all because I already know all about that. I am that! And Jupiter wants to learn! Jupiter wants to increase knowledge and gather different perspectives.

So being this way innately, I have always cultivated friendships with people of different races, sexualities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This expands and benefits both parties and it comes as naturally to me as breathing. In fact, when I am deprived of this kind of variety and diversity… for example when I go to a city where everyone is one color, I actually feel depressed which is the antithesis of Jupiter’s energy which is optimistic and expansive.

So anyway, I was talking to a pal last night. She’s Korean and she said that all her friends are Asian. “That’s all I meet,” she said. It’s easy to connect and so forth. And I was just listening, because this is what I do. I check out and how other people feel about things because it allows me to expand and better understand how I feel about things but then she said she wished she had a gay man friend!

And she looked sort of wistful when she said it, and I had this wave of empathy go through me. You know. I sort of asked God right there on the spot to send this girl a gay man friend, because I could plainly see if she had this thing she wants it would feed her. You know. Like feeding a plant. It would make her happy. And she is sweet and kind and if she were to get this gay man friend, she would clearly treat him well, with tremendous appreciation, so hard to go wrong with that.

So anyway, I think this is Jupiter in Sagittarius, personified. People are wanting to expand their sphere and this is one of the ways you can honor Jupiter in Sadge.

Wander outside your usual realm to connect with someone completely different from you. Tell them what you know and let them tell you what they know. Do this, and both people leave larger for the experience.

Further they go on to spread their expanded consciousness throughout the rest of the day, the week, the month… and their life. And that’s Jupiter. It’s energy that does nothing but increase into infinity.

Do you have an urge to expand your sphere these days?


Jupiter in Sagittarius – Expand Your Sphere — 10 Comments

  1. oh god yes. I have jupiter in the 9th squaring both my sun in Gemini, and uranus & saturn in Sag (so I have very strong tendencies toward this too), and it’s all getting energized big time by all this stuff going on Sag.

    I just finished my exams and can hardly believe I’ve gotten through them, cause in addition to a full university course load I’ve been reading about both philosphy in general and paganism in particular. My courses this semester included intensive study of communications (both a theory & practical application class), english lit, linguistics and introductory economic theory, in all of which I kept finding examples and applications for all the philosphy stuff. My brain’s just constantly being launched out the window and hurtling through space, which is fun, but I have absolutly no idea where I’m going to land, and am generally rather confused these days.

    I’m trying to just go with it, and keeping large volumes of records in the form of my journal.

    Just watch, in a few years I’ll have something that can be turned into a book.

  2. Oh Elsa!

    Yes, that is a good answer. I really had been kinda agonizing over how I was going to use all this Sag/Jupey energy. I have Sag and with all that Sag family I kept wondering what I was supposed to be doing, although I guess we generally have some inkling as we go along–the path kind of unfolds, springs up before us in some ways–we just have to cultivate it.

    I totally dig that you are aware of your desire to connect with people of diverse backgrounds. Sounds sort of Aquarian, too (kinda). Although it’s more cultural with Sag than with Aquarius. From what I’ve noticed, the Aquarian bent is more eccentric people, not necessarily other cultures per se.

    Anyway…to be honest I really NEED to connect with people nowadays. I’ve been going through this major heavy-duty alone phase the past couple years (I’ve always had hermitic tendencies, but the Pluto transit I went through/am going through has only emphasized that). I feel like I need to expand and meet people but I’m afraid (for various reasons related to past, present, future, phobias, friend-fears, etc). So, I fight my need to move on from the Pluto transit, because I know that it’s said and done and I just have to move forward, otherwise I’ll be lingering in the void. Jumping off the cliff, I guess. We’ll see…

    Good luck to you all with your expansion/meeting other cultures/gay men/lesbians/etc!

    Uncle H

  3. Yes!
    Yesterday at work I started to feel panicked. Restricted. And I realize, man, my shirt is zipped up all the way, my scarf is wrapped around my neck too tight, my belt needs to be loosened…
    and the thinking starts about changing jobs, throwing a party, leaving town…

  4. Thanks, Elsa, you just solved me a little mystery. I was always attracted to people who were different from me, either personally or culturally, and I knew it was the difference that attracted me and that it’s a way for me to learn – it’s like in some way absorbing part of their worldview and make it a part of me. I also live in an ethnically and culturally diverse environment and I’m very greatful for that, and I know I’d feel suffocated if it was less diverse. And I absorbed some parts of these other cultures and made it an integral part of me. But I just didn’t connect it to Jupiter. I have Sagittarius rising so my chart’s ruler is Jupiter and it’s in the 9th house, along with Pluto and Uranus.

  5. Wow! You know, until I read this, I never realized how much the lack of diversity down here upsets me. I know I’ve vocalized it before, but you really brought it home for me. I think that’s why I crave living in a more urban setting. I like being around others who are not like me…and I like it when the diversity is celebrated. (unlike the city where I live, where it is still considered “forbidden” to “mix” w/someone outside your race) Thank goodness I am moving!! Thank you, Elsa! Now I feel even better about my situation!

  6. Jupiter is transitting my first house, on the open side of a 4th, 7th and 10th house t-square. I am definitely expanding in good ways. I am having a party at my house for New Years and inviting a motley mix of people. I’m going on a date tonight with someone very different. Last night I bought make-up. And I am losing weight, which seems a little odd for a Jupiter transit to the first but makes sense to me. My health is expanding perhaps?

  7. I had a great conversation with an Indian man at an office holiday party the other evening. We talked about travel, concepts we had been thinking about, books that made an impact on us.. Felt very Sagittarian and I am definitely welcoming more of those types of interactions with people.

  8. I already have natal Jupiter in Sadge in the 3rd house (conj. my Neptune and trine my Pisces Sun and Aries Merc), so I doubt I will see any change. All my life I have been very interested in other countries and cultures. I seek out new experiences and people from different backgrounds and subcultures.

    Now, if anyone has comments on Jupiter Returns and the potential changes, I am all eyes!

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