Jupiter in Sagittarius: Cultural Differences Around Display of Emotion

Most (all) my friends are “foreign” to me. I have a 7th house (partner) Uranus (different) and Jupiter (expansive) ruling the 11th (friends) so I am just not attracted to people who are similar to me.

The theme is repeated with Jupiter rising and Mercury and Mars in the 9th house, Jupiter’s house. Yesterday I was talking to pal:

“Can you imagine feeling you should apologize for displaying emotion?” I asked. Because someone had apologized to me for exactly this.

“No,” she said. “But I’ve done it.”

“You’ve what? You have apologized for having feelings about something… for expressing them?”

“Yes I have.”

“Well you know what? That is just unfathomable to me. I absolutely cannot understand why anyone would think they need to apologize for expressing emotion. As a matter of fact, I think you ought to apologize for not having emotion… and for not showing it I mean. I just don’t get this…”

Of course I do get it. It’s a culture clash.

Does your culture support and encourage the expression of emotion or no? Which culture…?

pictured: The little one is my daughter from some years ago. She has Jupiter in Sagittarius trine a 9th house Moon. Diversity, bay-bee. For us, it’s only way to live.


Jupiter in Sagittarius: Cultural Differences Around Display of Emotion — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t really have a culture, unless you count being an Army brat one, in which case, we are encouraged to be strong and silent, which is a big change from today, when we are encourage this generation of Army brats to be vocal about their feelings. Granted, my parents never deployed either.

  2. I love that picture! I have several that look eerily like it at home. The girl on the far left looks quite a bit like my daughter, and the other two look very much like her best friends.

  3. What a facsinating topic Elsa! I have a mix of friends – foriegn and alike. I’ve had people apologise for displaying their emotions – yes.
    What I think happens is that maybe its not so much apologising for the emotion – but apologising for the fact that the emotion took them by surprise. That the emotion has been suppressed for a while -and then whilst we were talking BANG! its out. They didn’t know it was coming and WHAMMO! Something in our conversation triggered it. Shock, tears, tissues quickly followed by sincere apologies. I try to put them at ease, that’s it OK, its OK to have big emotions and that it is safe here with me.

  4. The way my family operates- emotions in the negative spectrum = NOT OK to share. For us kids at least- my mum could drop emotional H-bombs whenever she liked. Interestingly, she remembers every spiteful barb thrown her way but has a vague fog when it comes to the hurtful things she has said. Just last year we were having a knock-down screamer and my dad tried to interfere (with me, nobody can mess with mum) so I rounded on him. The look on his face: pure disgust. I had to shut up, he said, because WHAT WOULD THE NEIGHBOURS THINK?- Typical that the opinions of people we hardly see and don’t socialise with are more important than what his daughter is thinking, feeling and expressing at any given time.

  5. One both sides of my parents family it is unacceptable to show emotion. As a kid I was constantly belittled for being me, an emotional person.

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