Jupiter in Pisces, end of the world, naaaah

People keep telling me it’s the end of the world. I tend to think otherwise but know I could be wrong.

Should you worry? Or should you listen to this little girl I met once, who was actually even odder than I am,

note – the pic in the video is invisible. This is a special Jupiter in Pisces trick. It shall appear later on…maybe! 

Is there something better that you could do, outside of what you’re doing at the moment?


Jupiter in Pisces, end of the world, naaaah — 14 Comments

  1. ha,ha,ha,this is GREAT! And Elsa, you’re on a roll 🙂 🙂 🙂

    PS: There’ll be no end of the world on my watch…;-)

  2. Definitely could dance! Or if dancing isn’t your thing there’s always gardening, sewing, cooking…any number of things to divert your attention away from another doomsday warning. ?

  3. That was cute! As far as the end being near, I’m not so sure when this will occur. But once we are living in a cashless society and most everyone’s activities and transactions are being tracked by microchip, it will likely be the end for me as I’m not willing to follow the Beast system.

  4. This song came to mind:
    “We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
    Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
    Well they’re are no friends of mine”

  5. Elsa you are a gift to the world and your story brightened my whole night. I’m dancing through the end of the world. Shit is getting real out here but maybe I will reincarnate as a stable earth sign in the next life, instead of a crazy Gemini sun Libra moon.!

  6. I don’t think so; I haven’t changed anything and I’ve always been able to see them. Interestingly I can see them if I click on the right sidebar list that tracts recent comments. Merc retch maybe.

  7. Oh Yes ,I could be in Vegas waiting tables, cruising on a big ship,or meditating in Sedona,or back to see my friends in New Zealand.
    I have it on good authority,the World aint ending any time soon.
    According to a 13 th Century Hindu Scripture,it will end in the Year 7000 something.
    We would have taken many births by then.
    What would you like to come as next time?
    Me I would like to be a Buddhist Monk.

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