Jupiter In Libra – Love Story!!

love heart statue valentineI can’t believe the power of Jupiter’s ingress into Libra. One client after another, with a love story to tell.

Many of them are worried, but I don’t think they need to be. Jupiter in Libra will show us all, how forgiving and graceful love really is.

I often tell people to pay attention to these shifts.  There are strong indications, right away, of what you can expect.

I most definitely see people learning about love. Teaching it, giving and receiving it. I’m sure of this because every single client is telling me a love story…whether they realize it or not.

I’m excited!!!!

What’s your love story? I think people are so jaded in this area. They’ve all but forgotten how all encompassing love really is.


Jupiter In Libra – Love Story!! — 48 Comments

  1. I had my last relationship when Jupiter was in Libra, we broke up in 2007. I’m hoping this time around it will bring me true love. My love story is about opening my heart now since my mom passed away and being in the world in a new way. I will be making new friends and bringing loving relationships into my life.

  2. My dad and I haven’t spoken nor seen each other in 6-7 years (we email occasionally, but our synastry, which, growing up seemed great until I decided I’d had enough, is Mars opp. Pluto).

    This week, I had a few benign reasons to email him again, so I gently asked him if he wanted to get together (I’ve only asked 4-5 times, and he’s said no each time.) This time he said yes! Glad of it, as he’s 82… I feel pretty hopeful.

  3. Post Uranus square Pluto? Yeah. ‘Jaded’ would be an understatement. It may be a love story, but can it be MY love story?? I don’t know. I truly don’t.

  4. After a lifetime of nearly nonstop loneliness and romantic disappointment, I’d be fascinated to see if Jupiter in Libra allows me to have a romantic relationship that doesn’t quickly become mutually boring, unsatisfying and painful after an initial euphoric start. In my experience the best part of any relationship with a man is the beginning, the rest is a rapid downhill slide.

  5. I’m jaded by it but then I’ve had my heart broken six times.

    With jupiter-neptune on my 8th, I love unconditionally.

    You’d be surprised how many women get scared and run when the man they’re seeing treats them wonderfully.

    • I see it differently Elsa. I’m a Sag so I’m all for expanding horizons, but I believe luck has a great deal to do with finding a compatible partner. I don’t think it’s as simple as a change in attitude. Plenty of people with major attitude problems and other issues seem to find relatively stable relationships. Whether or not you can find that combination of strong mutual sexual attraction backed by other qualities that make putting up with the bad worth it to get the good is, to me, all about luck.

  6. Well, I don’t know about the typical love stuff. That’s been over for me since my final disillusionment in 2012 but I’m really excited that Jupiter is moving into Libra. It’s going to transit my 3rd house, conjunct my progressed moon and later Pluto. As a Venus and Moon in Gemini, my first loves have always been learning and socializing. Basically, I LOVE all things 3rd house so this is a love affair for me, lol. Jupiter in Virgo has been a maaaaaaajor drag, especially with the opposition to Neptune and squares to Saturn.

    It’s going to be a GREAT year!! I’m owning it now! 🙂

  7. A love story well My Aries husband has his rising, and moon in fire signs and so he is quick to temper oh and his Sun is in the 8th house. He is an intense person to say the least. I’m a Scorpio with fixed rising and moon depending on the style my most of my planets are in the 8th and 9th houses. When we met in 1996 we discovered that we had been living parallel lives all our lives. We lived together for 18 months only because our X’s were people who didn’t want to live with us but they sure didn’t want anyone else to have us either so we were technically still married to others while we were living together. We were finally able to get married in December of 1997 we blended a family of teenagers four boys, two girls and survived that as well as can be expected. We now have 12 grand children and we been together 20 years (Wow how did that happen). It still feels like it was just yesterday when we met but feels so natural that we are together neither of us can imagine life without the other.

  8. It’s my second part of my 1st house then 1st half of my 2nd where my Venus is.

    I’ll bring looking purdy and a nice bank balance to the table. Maybe I’ll just BUY ME A CHARMING, GOOD LOOKIN’ MAN.


  9. Yes last night I was studing pop music I gave Dad to give to (nameless here) big male star… just because I could Dad had a freind sales guy go to record labels and sell them off… I was in my teens so imagine each music for any artist my heart desired I sing wrote dad noted on staff line’s viola *** was on the radio.. Too bad some were lost maybe one..and only one I wanted for myself..as singer.. but wow the other music was always a love story get this to my demented mother..or dipsey Dad mostly my lost challenged daily living psychotic Mom. that disguised as heartbreak about romance.. so yeah.. its a long history of creative combustion, out of maturiing quickly and surviving. Parents so dysfunctional, no way Dad would escape a singer who thought to sleep with him was her way to secure her career.. Nope the kid his daughter me was chock full of songs…. Wait for the book.. or movie or metamorphesis into what? Tv dramady cartoon ya never know.. I hope more in the future.. If I did it a lifetime I can continue only get paid better. Still don’t care about fame just mention in those circles the executives of Music companies… They are gonna starve without me. If not!

  10. My man and me celebrated our twelfth anniversary on the 4th of September, the legal anniversary with a marriage license. We’d been to together for nine of ten years before that, practicing. Our Composite Chart has Venus on the 29th degree of Libra — powerful magic placement — ours is one powerful love affair. The fire lit to burn and burn, a well-banked fire long into the night. There’s a lyric from a wonderful song by Old Man Crow that got me thinking about our life together, old pirates we are, living outside the law and being more honest than most. It’s a paradox, a tailspin this love story of ours. And I, am thrilled to be able to say there’s a well-banked fire burning here/there.

    Like I wrote you Elsa, what a way to start the Venus romp into Libra

  11. I want to clarify this some, after remarks people have made behind the scenes.

    People are not waking up, in love. There is an opportunity on the horizon in some cases. In my case, my love for my husband broke into new realm.

  12. Well, Jupiter will be transiting my 6th house during his sojourn through Libra, so… <>. However, he will station on my North Node at 23 Libra on the 7th house cusp. Perhaps if I join a health club (6th house), I shall see a Knight?

  13. After my last fiasco of a long term relationship, I have been alone for 4 years …. I’ve been pretty despondent about ever feeling hopeful again. I made another ‘meet and greet’ after speaking with a man for all of this week. Usually these end with a promise of further communication or date. Never hear back.

    Today was a fly by the seat of my pants day. I am NOT that type of person. He got out of work at 1:30 p.m., I was in the gym and told him to stop in the parking lot of my gym if he wanted and I would come out. We could finally see each other in person and see if the chemistry was there.

    He texted he was there, I walked out, he was getting off his motorcycle, taking off his helmet, putting stuff away with his back to me. By the time he turned around, I was 3 inches away from him. There were no hi’s … just an eye connection and BAM, I was french kissing this man right in the darn parking lot and well, hot sugar, talk about lips that belonged together!

    I do NOT do that either! I do not give up gym workouts for men!

    We went and talked for an hour. Kissed one more time because I had an appointment down the road. For some reason, he put his bike helmet in my car. I went off to my appointment, didn’t take in my phone and came out to a text that it was there. He’ll be by to get it later with the sweetest text that is none of your beeswax.

    What’s odd is physically he is not at all what I usually “like”.

    I’m going to be 56 years old on 9/25 and it feels soooooooo good to feel giddy again. I’m not saying he is the ONE but ohmygoodness, there was some serious forces at work today to even make this happen. When I tell you, totally out of the blue, never saw it coming, I still can’t believe it.

    Go figure. Never give up hope. Tell the universe what you want. It may not come in the package you think YOU want.

    • Corinne, my mouth dropped open when I got to your last paragraph and read you are 56. I am 58 and thought relationships were in the PAST. *thank you* for those words, you sound like you are 20 years old again. Just wonderful.

      • Thank you! He just left after coming to pick up his helmet at 7 p.m. 🙂 I can’t stop smiling. We talked and talked so easily! I’ll see him again tomorrow after a charity bike run.

        And yes, we kissed a couple more times just to make sure. 😉

        Feeling cleansed and


        I’ve had several 90-minute readings with Elsa, and I paid attention to what she told me. I’ve also ordered her reports and they helped me too. I really do suggest getting your Transits and progressed charts done.

        • Awesome what a great story. I found myself laughing out loud at “I do NOT do that either. I do not give up gym workouts for men”.

          If it’s your birthday on 25th then you must have transiting Jupiter hitting your Sun about now.

          I do think when you’ve been alone for 4 years (and I’ve been in that boat at least three times in my life after heartbreaks) that you’re a lot more prepared for a new relationship. You’ve had time to think through your baggage, to make a life of your own, become an interesting person and have a willingness to work at it.

          • Thank you! You are correct! All in Libra: Sun @ 2; Mercury @ 21 (those two in 12th House; Ascendent @ 22, Venus @ 27 in the 1st House).

            I have no idea what it means when Jupiter passes each other but I’m hoping it’s all good!

  14. Yes!! Wonderful!! I am BUZZING! I saw a rainbow today with sunshine rays bursting right through it after the heaviest cleanest rain. I have no idea what’s in store for me personally if even anything but I definitely feel healed, I feel something. Like BAM. Anyone else??? This is intense.

  15. I’ve been inspired by other couples love stories and have felt, even before Jupiters’ ingress, a desire to study healthy relationships. I suppose that’s jupiter in Libra. It will sextile my moon and go on to trine my venus and mercury. I do hope for some positive changes in the love and relationship department, but we’ll see. I’m always wrong about love.

  16. I dunno. I’m not on the perpetually jaded. I’ve been studying astrology for years and these kinds of good tidings always used to bolster me and make me so hopeful but now, eh. It’s good to know these kinds of things do happen and people do transform in love but I stopped holding my breath a long time ago.

  17. I really wanted to go out but they are doing some environmental stuff in my area and i couldn’t get my friend to brave it with me. (mosquito pesticide). Looks like my Venus is still in that t square….

  18. I don’t care about all of that mushy stuff. I’m a pretty serious Red surrounded by big bad wolves. I stopped dating/sex in 2008 because it was always an illusion; I’m playing a game I didn’t know I was in and always lose. Well, nuts to that! I’d rather hit the lottery and live by myself with some nice golden retrievers than risk my heart again. I’m tired of dealing with the fake working world, too. 2016 so far has sucked. The only sort of decent thing that happened, and I’m sorry to come off cold, was my mom passed away (when the moon was transiting Leo in the 8th-my chart) on May 6. She was horrid to me and my brother. The last time Jupiter was in Libra was in 2004-2005. I don’t recall this being a bad year, but I am not sure it was great, either. The more financially fruitful year for me was in 2006 when Jupiter was in Sagittarius where it lives on my natal chart in the 12th. I’m looking at the Jupiter placements and none of the years Jupiter was in libra were great years for me. Guess another aspect is needed to make it fruitful. Sorry to be a party-pooper. That’s that Saturn 5!

    me: Sun and Chiron/Aries-3rd, Saturn & Moon/Taurus-5th, Mars/Capricorn-1st, Venus/Aquarius-2nd, Jupiter and Neptune/Sag-12th, Uranus/Libra-10th house cusp, MC, Pluto/Virgo-9th, Mercury/Aries-4th, nothing in 6, 7, 8, 10 or 11th houses.

  19. Hey its going to go into my second house at 12 degrees conjunct my jupiter and my venus (2nd house ruler) is in my 7th
    Is that significant?? Ta

  20. So far… Jupiter brought me an illusion of pregnancy from overeating. It’s Conjunct my Sun, in the Twelfth House. It was unhealthy in Virgo. It should somehow become positive in Libra in it’s ending half of the Conjunction. Maybe I’ll lose a little of it, but remain with a very small belly protrusion until the Transit ends from struggling to keep my calory count low. (A drug they put me on makes dieting difficult, and weight gain easy.)

    Uranus is in my Seventh House, Square my Mars, bringing a lack of change in relationships, so I’m utterly stuck, not meeting anyone.
    If I do meet someone during it, he probably won’t become a partner before that transit’s end.

    Jupiter in Libra first Conjunct my Mercury (which I believe is Twelfth-Housed, not First – I think the birth time my mother gave me is incorrect, as my Sun is definitely in the Twelfth, not the First, and I believe that even my Mercury’s in the Twelfth) improves my manners, romantic writings, attractiveness of voice, singing, and speech…
    Then, it will eventually Conjunct my Ceres, and bring forth a transformation into being my most beautiful in my life in my thirties. So far, I was my most beautiful in my late twenties, but I lost it at the end of last year. I have to regain it, and the astrology shows promise for surpassing it.

    I need Uranus to leave the Square to have a love story.

    I’m more focused on improving in death predictions… But, my relocation chart death of where I’ll live when I die is not yet solved. It could indicate a car crash within which I own the car, but a partner drives. It could be a gas-related death within which I own the gas source, and a partner is the cause.
    We Pluto-Conjunct Venus in Scorpios… Likely own an item we die by at the time of death.
    Natally, it could be that I get killed by a murderer with my own sword.

    • Oh! But, I am now looking at my accurate charts for predicting my marriage. 🙂
      I will better navigate now. This was important to know. Since it’s Pisces… I had no idea in most of my relationships. Those boys growing up wanted sex, and it didn’t show at all.
      Secret, illusion, or lie.
      Religion, race, ethnicity, culture, or expansion.
      Natal: Sex, children, creation, creativity, or play.
      Relocation: House, home, mother, mothering, emotions.
      There’s a lot of negative possibilities to watch out for.

  21. It just so happens that my sibling gets married. The “coincidence” with Jupiter transit still amazes me. Plus she has Sun, Venus and Pluto in Libra. Good timing.

  22. My Love Story?

    Scorpio and I have been joking on the phone twice already and are making plans to have another date when he comes to Germany at the end of October.

    G:”I would really like to see you again. Let’s meet face to face!”
    S:”Yeah, let’s make a plan!”
    G: ”Okay, make a plan! How about ……..going on another fish eating date?”
    S: ”Let’s do that! Yeah! We’ll make a plan and be in touch”.
    G:”Great, we’ll keep in touch”.

    Guess he meant it when he said on May 5th that he is open to a relationship!!

  23. On Saturday, I received a message from an old friend who wanted to get together. We met up, and he told me he was in the midst of a divorce. The main reason was because he wanted kids, and she didn’t. Funny thing is, when I was younger, he was the only person I would have wanted to have kids with, but he was “taken”. Now he is (almost) “available”, but I’m in a relationship, and I love my man ! I’m going to take this as a lesson in “how to strengthen the current relationship you’re in by remembering all the wonderful things you have together” rather than “one of your old love interests is single now, go get him”. I do find myself guilty of wondering “What if” though.

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