Jupiter In Libra 2016 – Divorce Rate Down

venus love valentineJupiter is in Libra. Apparently, the divorce rate is at a 35 year low.  At the same time, more people are marrying at this time.

Jupiter was in Libra, 35 years ago (1981). It conjuncted Pluto in the sign.  Pluto in Libra kids saw their parents divorce in droves.  This was unprecedented.

I wonder if this how much time it takes for something knocked down by Pluto, to rise from the ashes.  Seems about right to me.

I think it’s good for society as a whole.  Especially if you’re going to have kids.

How do you see this news? Do you think it’s part of a cycle?


Jupiter In Libra 2016 – Divorce Rate Down — 26 Comments

  1. I’m from the Pluto in Libra generation born in the early 1970s. My parents divorced when I was 3. Bitter, acrimonious split. Taught me the price of intimacy and commitment is imminent destruction.

  2. Well it heartens me, of course, since I’m engaged. I wish the same (engagement and marriage) for my ex-husband (double Leo) and my single friends. All the single people I know wish to be partnered. My dad left us in 1979 when I was six years old. He is now happily married to his fifth wife. My mom is happily married to her third husband. I’m writing down all the details in a spiral notebook. City hall. Justice of the peace. Cake. Best downtown Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. 🙂

  3. It could be cyclical, one side of the seesaw always flips back up when the other side has enough weighing it down. It’s also so hard to earn a living right now that getting and staying paired up is also practical. Strong argument for teaming up whether it’s for love or not.

  4. My mother never married again after she split up with my “father,” hard to use that word when referring to someone who doesn’t care if you live or die. He had four more wives after divorcing my mother from the 1970s to the present day.

  5. Good question. Born in the mid 70s I do not see many friends at my age split up. Some do, though. My brother just split up with his partner, they were together for 23 ys. They both have pluto in virgo. They split up to be free to find true love, so they still long to be partnered…

  6. I wonder what pluto in scorpio families and marriages will be like..?

    I see that some gay couples of that generation are marrying. Wonder how theyll turn out

  7. Non related comment. Theres a popular genre thats come up lately of 30 something male and female losers youthful and scared of growing up (The lifeguard, laggies, frances ha, new girl, happy christmas, most judd apatow movies, greenberg). Also diffwrent other stereotypes. And i dated 30 something pluto in libra dudes who lived like 20 year olds.
    Byt people my age are getting married and stabilizing their careers some. For me 30 is nothing like all the stereotypes touted. From the ones that said your 30s are so happy cause you know who you are on. However, the stereotype that you sometimes enjoy sleeping early or watching netflix at home instead of going out is becoming true 🙁
    Think im just having tough transits. Feel like a biddy, being treated like an expired non sex object by the world at large, and cant get comfortable in my skin. Because i dont want this and dont want to go for botox or whatever. The patriarchy we live in is terrible whether youre an object or you become not.an object.

  8. I think the data says whoever can get married, more likely stays together.

    But even more likely you choose a living together but not married thing, because marriage is too damn scary for some of us… especially for some of us who went through bad experiences with our parents’ marriages. Especially for those of us who feel like we can’t do this financially. So, I think it’s possible once we feel safe and the problem is we don’t, with all this shit starting from 9/11, 24 hour news cycle, financial crisis, ugliness and fear-based blabbermouthing… it doesn’t stop. So why commit to love? I think those if us who can, we do it for companionship. We’re going to learn that love is knockdown drawn out fights for the sake of each other. It’s going to mean trashing media-made romance for something more real from our own families and life-long friends. Real people.

    I know y’all are probably not fans of New York Times bestseller crap, sigh, but I like it so… I’m trying to learn from Brene Brown’s writing recently and it’s helped for depression and relationships. When we fuck up, we admit it and it’s okay seriously… It’s okay to care about what other people think, but still do your life’s work anyway. Who said we have to be so hard and strong and “all-knowing” all the time with ones we love. I think this is how were going to learn to stay in marriage. Real love is not perfect, but we keep the seams together and sew and resew if necessary

  9. I guess for some of the Pluto Librans – this is their Pluto square Pluto. Pluto in Cap forcing them to do obligation and commitment. Plus a lot of them took so long to decide who to get married to, they’ll be indecisive about whether to stay together or get divorced.

    Think the Pluto Scorpio generation will hang in there for grim death rather than admit their relationship isn’t working.

  10. That’s exactly when my parents split up.. Pluto was conjunct my IC at the time. Massive (Jupiter) devastation (Pluto) on the homefront. (IC) My mom (IC) has never recovered… ?

    If divorce rates are at an all-time low, it makes me wonder if it was the same Pluto in Leeb kids who had to live through that time and realize the consequences of divorce on their children. There’s been a generation of placing far too emphasis and far too much illusion and romanticism put into the minutiae of proposals and wedding planning and very little spent on the cultivating a strong foundation. Marriage isn’t for wimps. Especially ones who want to make it through this generation of excessive cyber porn and infidelity websites.

  11. “Especially if you’re going to have kids.”
    I think that’s where it might hurt anyway, but this has been happening in every social situation everywhere, from day one of procreation. I don’t think that will change much, as long as human beings exist. So… no problem.
    Same as always, it’s part of a cycle.
    Pretty reassuring thought!

  12. Taken from an article written in The Guardian that contained a graphic of UK divorce rates from 1971-2012

    “If you look at where the line goes up there’s an interesting – if small – trend: there are peaks in the early 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and the increase in 2010 before the slight drop with the 2011 rate. The common factor of those dates? Recession.”

    But interestingly this article in last year’s Daily Telegraph … essentially puts lower divorce rates down to people living together first and finding out about their true compatability


    Also notes that with divorces having become more equal in the sharing out of assets, many businessmen are more reluctant to get married.

    It’s a complex subject …

  13. Actually what struck me was the statistic in the article that there are now half as many marriages as in the 70s and early 80s. That’s mind boggling! You always see that people don’t get married like they used to, but 50% fewer than the people who were maybe 15 years older than me is SHOCKING. One thing I will say, I am often surprised at seeing some very pretty girls who do not have boyfriends or who are 30 years old and their boyfriend they’ve been with has never proposed to them. When I was that age you would never see that really.

  14. I think the negative messages about marriage that my generation has received are starting to lose their validity, at least in my mind. I was born in 1980. Both of my parents have been married five times each. I thought marriage was chaos and abuse. No thanks to that. But now I’m starting to see that it doesn’t have to be that way if I don’t want it to be.

    I think the difference between my parents generation (Pluto in Leo) and mine (Pluto in Libra) is pretty striking. I think a lot of it is that we don’t want our kids to go through what we went through. Which of course is every generations goal.

    • Yep, our pluto scorp generation was weaned on American beauty, chris rocks ‘married and bored or single and lonely aint no happiness nowhere’, and the royal tenenbaums. We could choose to drunkenly believe in the fairy tale of celebrity marriages or take into account the images of the dysfunctional family we were being shown.

      But, the people i know seem to get married cause they want to. And honestly the panic of being a woman may drive some of the women.. the panic of being considered undesirable as age advances and the panic of needing to have kids.. many of the couples marrying now dont want kids tho. They just breed french bulldogs or travel around in a trailer :p

  15. What strikes me is i watched New Girl a lot before turning 30 and it soothed me. but people are acting adult, marrying, buying houses anyway. could be my facebook feed wanting to make me anxious.

  16. Well, I hate to be Debbie Downer, but I think the fact that it costs so damn much to live as a single has a lot to do with why people are staying married. I know 2 women who aren’t getting divorced, but are no longer “married”… they just share a house with their husbands, each does their own thing and has their own bedroom. If you’re middle class, you can’t afford to live alone now.

    • If you look at the big, historical picture, it’s only very recently that people thought they wanted to live alone. Think of cavemen and cavewomen. It was understood that working together was the only way to survive. Not just in partnership, but in communities. A man could not kill a buffalo alone. He has to get together with other men.

      I think this “alone” think is not sustainable. We’re learning this now, if only we will learn this now. 🙂

    • I think many people would have wanted to live alone given the choice then, it just wasn’t feasible. Doesn’t mean they had any interest in, respect or love for those they were forced to interact with. I hope my death precedes this kind of sea change because I sure as hell don’t want it.

    • @dog8818
      oh I have heard of, and know of some couples who do that, they’ve been married for decades but the love is gone, or maybe they never loved *shrug* but they are together, living in separate bedrooms. yes these couples are middle class. Im sure the poor are maybe the same, (those poverty level). there are more middle class/poverty than rich.

  17. There are also so many truly unkind communities you might have a better shot of survival on your own unless you were fortunate enough to be able to find another one. I’m sure many died trying.

    • I think it would only make sense to feel community is everything if you’ve personally benefited from a good one and crave a lot of company and socializing by nature. And your experiences living with others have been good. Far from true for many. And some people just need more time alone than others even if they love the people around them.

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