Jupiter Exalted in Cancer (Full Moon)

renoir-young-women-talkingI am LOVING this transit. I don’t think I have ever been happier in my life.

Since going back on facebook, I realized that Jupiter is fixing to cross my descendant. It makes sense that I will expand in the public realm. But also, most of my chart is in the later degrees so Jupiter is just go coming into play for me, in a big way.

I think about freezing time right here. I am happy enough to consider something like that, but I’m also happy when I consider the future and want to see it unfold.

Recently, I read something and realize there were others reading it, who would likely be dead before they say the outcome. I felt glad I was (probably) not in that group. That’s how good I feel right now.

I know people are struggling. We sure haven’t had it easy here, we never do.  But there is something good about your life too, if you’ll just look for it.

This is powerful transit. Please don’t let it go to waste!

What are you happy about – right now, today?

pictured – Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Young Women Talking (Confidences) 1878

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Jupiter Exalted in Cancer (Full Moon) — 24 Comments

  1. Jupiter crosses my descendant as well, I’m not often on Facebook but what is happened and illuminated is how much cleared I SEE WHO I AM. Your recent posts about the grand cross, and insanity-driven kinds of angry are liberating me. At this stage and age it’s really something to feel known authentically. I’m happy about that! And for a Capricorn Moon with lots of Scorpio that’s huge illumination. Where ever I be, there I’ll be and what a great thing to know who that is … i could ramble on.

  2. Man. I have so much clarity about my life path. Like I have steps I can take toward a real goal. I’ve been able to make better choices in my usually rocky marriage that are releasing incremental joy into my life. I feel like I’m accessing the keys to taking charge of my own life and it’s dizzying and exhilarating and terrifying and happy-making 🙂
    Jupiter is passing my empty 9H (going to grad school to reach career goal) and Saturn is conjuncting my 1H Uranus and squaring my 10H Jupiter/NN/Mars stellium. I’m happy drunk and terrified all at once 🙂

  3. I don’t know WHEN I will understand the astrology of any of this stuff; I just know I am happy about my relationship with my sister.

  4. Jupiter in transit is through my 5th house, trining my Sun and Asc which is lovely – I am really enjoying life (including food and chocolate, put on a bit of weight, usually I am quite lean, but not worried about it)
    Being creative, and quite jovial.

  5. I worked from 4 till 10pm and was super busy, made some nice $$(tips) The restaurant goes with a smaller staff on mondays and it is so much calmer (even when we get busy) After the weekend, it’s nice. My feet are sore but I feel pretty good.

  6. I mean, Elsa, you’re so excited about this Jupiter in Cancer…it’s beginning to become contagious!
    I’ve got it in my first house right now, squaring my Aries planets and Pluto in Libra (and opposite tr. Pluto in Cap), so it’s not exactly a fairytale transit. I’ve also gained a bit of weight, but given the other stuff that’s going on for me, I just don’t bother (ok, most of the time…).
    I do find myself counting my blessings very often, though, and the first thing that always comes to mind is that my friends love me and this simple thing actually helps me feel better about my life.
    What’s even better about it is that they don’t love the enlightened person I’ll become when I perfect my spiritual practice (whatever tf that means), nor do they love some abstract, unattainable, future ‘perfect’ version of me, they love who I am today, and yesterday and the day before. I find this really moving and pretty awesome to be honest.:)
    And I’m also happy for having a roof over my head, it’s not in the least a given for many, many people.
    Good day everyone!

  7. I was about to have my own little pity party this morning about all that I have lost this past year….and then I read this. So I am going off to count my many blessings and garner a plan to stop digging this hole I am in and figure a way up and out!

  8. I have a Cancer Mercury at 14′ in the fifth. Jupiter is crossing over and back and I keep expecting some big communication or lucky stroke. No news on the romantic front and I have no children of my own. I also can’t say I’m working any more creatively. What gives?

  9. As Jupiter pulls away from my cancer sun, it’ll hit my cancer asc, merc & mars 🙂 I’m happy about a lot of things, most especially my new niece 🙂 I’m also still really happy (& enjoying) that grand water trine that was in my solar return last year. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of that 🙂

  10. I WISH I FELT THE SAME. jupiter passed my asc at 13 degrees…coming back my way again…but because of that darn pluto directly opposite on my des..I think the feelings have been watered down. I think pluto ruined my jupiter in first house transit. This summer begins my jupiter return though, so maybe I will enjoy that much more.

  11. 🙂 I am happy about a lot of things in my life… but this whole day I’ve been daydreaming so intensly, I think I never woke up this morning… The Moon falls in my seventh house, and I have been seeing some idealistic pictures of the sort I am too ashamed to admit… Scorpio secrets, you know them:) I think this is gonna be a great full Moon too, if only this could manifest in reality… ‘Find what you love and let it kill you’, I guess.

  12. Not enjoying it, as its square my natal Venus Pluto opposition in Aries/ Libra. It’s causing a deep ache to swell up in my heart. My Venus natally trines Neptune, so I’m used to automatically replacing this ache with pining, but this time its just making me hurt more than yearn… And its oscillates between hurt and bitterness.. Neptune disillusionment

  13. Last year I didn’t get into the college of my dreams. This year I’m at my second choice, having a great time and gotten over my rejection. About a week ago, people I knew were announcing on facebook that they’d got into that particular college (and its equally famous rival). The old feelings of envy, disillusionment and self-doubt were stirred up again, to the point where I considered myself stupid and a total failure.

    Today I had an epiphany: either I keep on feeling sorry for myself or focus on my life in the present. I’m happier than I ever was before, with new friends, new horizons and a new-found sense of self-confidence. I’ve worked my ass off to be where I am today, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

    Full Moon in 8th conjunct transit Jupiter and natal Sun. Loving life 😀

    PS. Last night I dreamt that a man was holding me in his arms. Like, I could actually feel myself hugging him back for a long time. What could that mean?

  14. I just ordered a 30 min with Elsa. 🙂 Jupiter crossing my mid heaven along with a dozen other squares. I clicked “Jupiter Exalted in Cancer” bc I do like to read when someone is happy and sharing. So I can look and see where our transits differ or the same and how it manifests. I think getting Elsa to explain what she sees will really help me learn more about bettering the way I use Astrology.

  15. I’m happy about the fact that my life goals are coming into focus. Things have been tough for me, and the excess emotion from Jupiter in Cancer has (at times) caused me to overreact. But I’m beginning to see that I really can have the things I want, and I will do this with or without support from others. I’ll be experiencing Jupiter rxing back into my 12th very briefly and crossing my AC again, so I’m looking forward to that!

  16. hitting my 12th house. I feel pregnant. I’m not, of course, but I feel ok for once and for all with my emotions. It isn’t a giddy feeling – it’s pretty deep, connecting to the fertile mother (4th house cancer) and psychic, deep watery stuff of 12th house. It’s deep for me. Neither positive or negative- just very fertile.

  17. Jupiter’s not transiting any of my natal planets. It’s in my empty 3rd house. I gotta say, not feeling optimistic at all. I have struggled hard, probably harder than any other time in my life, with Saturn in Scorpio (conjunct my Moon, 8th house).

  18. I’m happy about my new place, my new bed, the SO living with me, expecting a higher salary, working at a company I like, and more.

    I am enormously busy, but I am happy about these things.

  19. I’m amazed by the somewhat sudden passing of kidney stones yesterday and today leading up to the full moon, and by the loss of the stabbing pain that was ironically so present to me all the time in them. I feel grateful to find the unexpected benevolent reality right now in terms of healing is like a realized dream. Full moon in 8th house, Transiting Mars conjunct natal Uranus in 10t house opposing natal IC, natal Chiron, and transiting Uranus in 4th. Transiting Chiron in Pisces between natal Mercury and Sun. This is one of the most profound healing experiences I’ve ever known.

  20. I’m happy that I am about to take a huge professional chance…(pluto in my 10th from my asc. in my 5th from my sun and my moon is in my 10th) I have always wanted to “Do Art” for a living. But I always saw it as a frivolous, ridiculous, non-practical yearning (stellium in Virgo including that Sun). But I have been led here. Absolutely, by the powers that be, I have tried every other avenue, factoring and figuring and my soul has never been at ease, nor have these endeavors worked out…. always a dead end. I’m just gonna do what the friggin’ Universe is twisting my arm behind my back to do….Art. I have tried at everything else and now I am back at my beginning…the thing I shooed away because it wasn’t practical. And the truth is…no matter how it turns out…I will be having an excellent journey. The only thing I keep hearing in my head is…just start. It’s hard to shut that Virgo up (planning, worrying, projected outcome) but I think Pluto may have done it’s job…and done it well.

  21. Oh, shoot, that Jupiter is in my 5th from my Ascendant and 10th from my sun. I pretty much got an ass whooping from the Universe…wake the fuck up!!! Yes, Ma’am.

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