Jupiter Direct In Scorpio: July 10, 2018 – Dismissive & Haughty

Jupiter will turn direct in Scorpio on July 10th, 2018.  The planet is part of a grand trine that includes the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces.  There is a second grand trine in earth in effect on that day. This would indicate a smooth transition, however Jupiter is squaring Mercury and Mars. Mouths are likely to go off at this time.

The division between people combined with the anonymity of the internet has really changed the standard around what people feel is okay to say. Moron, moron, moron, moron. People are dismissive of others.  They’re downright haughty as if this is good thing to be.

When a planet stations, its effects are amplified.
Jupiter can be generous, but it can also be inflated.
Mars is pointed, but it can aim to be kind.
Mercury rules speech.

There is a lot of potential here, for good or ill. I can definitely see a person being extremely nasty at this time.  But you can also choose to recall how bad what you say can make someone feel.  Matter of fact, a person can internalize something you say in the heat of a moment and carry it with them for years, decades, or even a life time.

Jupiter will ingress into its home sign, Sagittarius, on November 9, 2018.  This gives you about four months to transform (Scorpio) your perspective in a positive way (Jupiter).

Who’s up for this challenge?

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Jupiter Direct In Scorpio: July 10, 2018 – Dismissive & Haughty — 25 Comments

  1. Great subject, Elsa!

    It reminds me of a couple weeks ago, after I had posted something very inspiring online. Guess I figured if I posted such positive thoughts, that somehow everyone will like me. Not quite.

    I was out helping my disabled neighbor shop at Sams Club. I am not familiar with the store, and I wanted to put some chips back before getting in the checkout line. I put the bag of chips into another woman’s cart, thinking it was a store basket of returns like I have seen at other stores. It was not, it was her cart and she was extremely pissed off. I apologized, removed the chips and tried to explain my mistake. She was furious, and she was raising a ruckus. I was so embarrassed, remembering the very nice post I made about the overall hope in human beings type of thing. Here was a person who was putting my theory all to hell, for such a measly reason. She really went out of her way to shame me for going near her cart.

    • Hey Sherrie….this woman didn’t shame you, she shamed herself, & everyone who witnessed this little drama knew it somewhere inside:) I love these people, they make me laugh, really:) I don’t know if you are familiar with the Harry Potter movies, but there is one where this really stellar teacher is helping Harry get over his fear of Snape’s in your face personality & lovely disposition:) He shows Harry a hologram of Snape dressed as a frumpy lady in a big hat, complete with handbag clutched to her stomach. He has Harry say..”ridiculous”! until all you can do is find the laughter. I use this on such silly people all the time…works like a charm:) And no, it’s not me gritting my teeth & trying to laugh…the absurdity of this being such a thing for them in a world burning around them is so amazing that all one can do is laugh at it:)

    • Wow! What a nice example when Jupiter retrograde. Last five months very much identical in my life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. But you can also choose to recall how bad what you say can make someone feel. Matter of fact, a person can internalize something you say in the heat of a moment and carry it with them for years, decades or even a life time.
    No truer words ever spoken. I wish everyone would keep this in mind. There are some words that just cant be taken back…they cut too deep, they hurt too bad.

  3. The flip side of this haughtiness is the absolute demand of social niceness to the point of vapidity. Working with the public there is no room to just be quietly kind. So much social interaction is demanded. I see this haughtiness as the polar opposite of all the off the top niceness demanded in social situations. Nothing subtle about the demand either and I live in a cloudy climate. It was worse in Colorado.

    • I am already putting nice-ness.. or kindness first. I’m looking forward to the challenge to not say exactly what I am thinking.

  4. Im just trying to not take things personally. I had a lady get crazy with me a couple of weeks ago in a parking lot, with my son and nephew in the car. I wont go into the details. Just trust me that it was so absurd. She told me that I needed to learn how to drive. Just the nastiest frickin attitude. I still dont even know what I did wrong in her mind. She ended up blocking my car so that I couldnt get out of the parking lot and yelling at me. It really hurt my feelings!

  5. Thanks for the head’s up, Elsa. I’m kind of glad that Jupiter is finally going direct. My ascendant is at 13 degrees Scorpio, so it’s been sitting right on me awhile now. Certainly not a bad thing, in fact some amazingly nice things are happening. It has been activating my grand trine in water involving my moon and mercury and jupiter. Lots of communications from long lost friends and relatives has been super nice. My biggest concern is that I not gain weight [ jupiter = expansion] so I have been careful there. What degree does Jupiter turn direct at?

  6. What I’m seeing lately is possibly two sides of the same coin.

    On one side you have people letting their racist/sexist/nationalist freak flags fly. It’s like they’re either tired of reining it in, or they feel a need to be super-boorish in order to counter the other side of the coin….

    The people who get offended at EVERYTHING that could be even remotely non-PC. Or non-inclusive. They try to police everyone, and go overboard doing it. Said an offensive word? Uh-oh, you’re fired!

    Both sides have the capacity for being nasty.

    • Yas, NotMyCircus! Both sides are responsible, but everyone wants to scapegoat someone else, don’t they??

      No wonder we’re so divided right now.

    • The fact that someone is offended doesn’t give them any rights…and I don’t care..In America, you are supposed to understand the simple fact that people have the freedom to express themselves and their opinions provided that it is not an inappropriate place or time, like a kindergarten class or courtroom.

  7. Strangely, in southern Arizona I haven’t seen any speech police crazies hanging around, and people are almost always quite civil.

  8. Ha. This direct motion will be on my Mercury….

    Talk about perspective, tongue flapping and word diarhea!

    That day my BF will mert my best friend. I am counting on the earth trine will make this a smooth run, we are going out to indulge our senses with great food….

    In my own life things have been extremely smooth sailing for the past month or so, I have to admit. 4 planets in Scorpio/10th house have really kicked ass with a new job secured from 1st of August. Even if both Mars and Merc is Rx at that time I can always take the ‘I am newcomer’ approach and cover up some of the mistakes and new learning curves that way :p

  9. Trump will announce his SCOTUS nomination on Monday, July 9 – one day before Jupiter (higher courts/higher truths) goes direct and activates the Mars/Mercury T-square. Heated discussions indeed!

  10. Well even one someone comes after you horns thorns and nasty all over them
    There’s the energy gift
    It’s now YOURS
    You have things you need energy
    To do?, BAM
    Now you have energy
    To do your thing on your list
    Maybe you didn’t even notice the giver of energy
    Good thing, they were good to sidestep
    But the energy is all yours!!!
    Pop pop pop Happy 4th

  11. Oh good. My brother, the perennial bully, has planned to meet us while we’re visiting Mom. Forewarned is a good thing. Thanks, Elsa.

  12. I deal with haughty Jupiter in gemini square Pluto in virgo everyday at work. I suppose I could still be surprised, caught off guard. But I think I’m pretty good ready.

  13. Can anyone tell me what this could mean? My Sun is at 13 degrees of Scorpio and this is where Jupiter stations before going direct. My Jupiter in 2nd house at 29 degrees. I was told to go to Vegas?

  14. Nasty (Rx Jupiter in Scorpio) cyber (Mercury in Leo) bullying (Rx Mars in Aquarius). It’s certainly playing out on the political stage.

    Interesting how you pointed out in today’s blog, Elsa, that Tr Jupiter will ingress Sagittarius on Friday, November 9th – three days after the November election. Yes, registered voters will cast their ballots for politicians who share their beliefs (Sagittarius). However, it will be a vicious election with Tr Jupiter in Scorpio at anaretic 29 degrees 29 minutes; everything but the kitchen sink will be hurled against contesting political opponents.

  15. Can anyone tell me how the direct will effect someone with 12th house pluto scorpio? since new years ive just felt depressed. Tired of seeing inside of people.

  16. it has been a very transformative last few months. and i didnt even realize it is retrograding along with so many planets retrograding. i’ve gone through alot of sadness, happiness, ups and downs, but i wind up happy in the end anyway. just gotta keep going. my family and i are traveling at this time. so it feels like we’re already in Jupiter sag.

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