Jupiter Direct In Sagittarius: August 11, 2019 – Push It Forward

Jupiter planetThis has been a summer of retrogrades. It’s slowed progress on numerous fronts and many levels.  This is about to change.

There were five planets retrograde in July.  Mercury turned direct on July 31st and then there were four.

Jupiter will turn direct in Fire sign, Sagittarius on August 11th. The planet will trine the stellium in Fire sign, Leo.  Mars is part of that stellium.  We’r going to be propelled towards our future. In fact, on the same day, Mercury will leave Cancer for Leo. Fire moves! The shift here is undeniable.

Now you may not get the actual traction you want; in a feet-on-ground type way. That’s more of a Saturn thing. But you can be sure that time is coming.

This is the time to advance creatively.  Make an effort to shine, and the real-life rewards will come later.



Jupiter Direct In Sagittarius: August 11, 2019 – Push It Forward — 17 Comments

  1. Super excited!

    Firstly, because I tend to put on weight whenever Jupiter is in Rx, and it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get me to workout or watch the food I eat …. it’s all about excess – that pesky natal Venus-Jupiter aspect(!).

    Also, I have Venus-Pluto at the same degrees, that Jupiter goes direct and Uranus goes Rx.

    August is going to be hot to trot for sure – all this action is followed by a Full Moon 4/5 days later.

    • That doesn’t always happen to me but it definitely did this time around. I have Venus sextile Jupiter. I had lost about 50 pounds over the previous year, then gained back 20 during this Jupiter Rx…things started really going downhill about a week before when a stressful work situation did me in, and I had so much going on this summer that it was hard to get back on track. I’m just now starting to.

      • WoW!

        Even with the slight set back that’s a wonderful achievement. So I truly hope now that Jupiter has gone direct you can get back on track and in no time you’ll be back at down 50.

  2. TR Jupiter will be trining the TR Leo stellium in my 10th house at some point. I have Sagittarius on my 2nd house cusp. I wonder what is in store for my career, or lack thereof as I’m currently job hunting.

  3. Grateful to hear about others experiencing weight gain – also my story. I’d had a good trend – healthy loss 2015, and nice maintenance until last spring reversed things and brought disappointing weight gain.

    Very hopeful I can get back on healthy track. Perhaps even accepting some curves

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