Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Exciting Good Fortune

big bangJupiter will conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees Taurus on April 20, 2024.  We can look forward to this as the chart is fabulous. Please click to enlarge.

Jupiter is lucky and Uranus surprises. Taurus rules love, money, values and your self esteem.  The overwhelming majority of people are going to get a good result from this.

This doesn’t mean you should do nothing and wait for the big score. For the best result, you want to work with these planets.

Jupiter asks you to be upbeat, generous, forgiving and open minded.  Uranus loves a unique individual; someone who is not afraid to experiment of break a rule.

It’s pretty likely your Jupiter-ruled beliefs will change in this frame.  This should be exciting rather than depressing.  The future is upbeat.

Whatever happens will be very fast.  People stuck in bad situations could get a windfall here. I realize many feel that can’t happen; if you see it happen, I guess you’ll open your mind and believe. Shock!

If you have planets that will be supported but the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, you may experience luck or expansion that is out-of-this-world.  I’m talking about planets in Earth signs between 13-27 degrees. Planets in Water signs near these degrees will also get a bump.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus 2024

Here are some specific examples of how this transit could manifest in different areas of life with the corresponding planets or houses noted:

  • Finances: You may experience sudden windfalls or unexpected expenses. You may also be inspired to invest in new and innovative financial products or services. (2nd house or aspects to natal Venus)
  • Career: You may be drawn to new and unconventional career paths. You may also be more likely to take risks and start your own business. (10th house or aspects to Saturn)
  • Relationships: You may experience sudden changes in your relationships. You may also be drawn to more unconventional partners. (7th house or aspects to Venus)
  • Health: You may experience sudden health changes. You may also be more likely to experiment with alternative or holistic health practices. (6th house or ascendant)
  • Spirituality: You may experience a spiritual awakening or transformation. You may also be more interested in exploring new spiritual practices or beliefs. (3rd or 9th house or aspects to Mercury or Jupiter)

Where will the the Jupiter Uranus conjunction fall in your chart.  What would you like to see come from this?


Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Exciting Good Fortune — 81 Comments

  1. Everyone is looking forward for this conjunction hoping it brings good things but I really can’t see it happening. It’s Uranus in Taurus that brings all the suffering, in economy food shortages disruption in everything our securities have vanished. Jupiter is not much of a help. I don’t see how their conjunction can promise good things. It will fall next to my natal mercury 10H and opposite my moon and I do have a natal Jupiter uranus conjunction in early Sagittarius degrees. Their previous conjunction in Aries brought me a few prosperous years. This time I find it hard to believe that it can bring abundance. Uranus is too malefic in that transit..

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