As Jupiter Goes From Aries To Taurus

JupiterJupiter rules Philosophy. Saturn is the judge and associated with the rules but Jupiter relates to meaning behind it. Jupiter is the higher understanding of the concept on which the law is based. Over the last few months Jupiter has transited Aries, the Mars-ruled sign concerned with the most simple self.

Now we’re nearing the end of Jupiter’s pass through Aries. The collective philosophical energy has been self-reflective. What does this mean to me? What am I to do about it? What is the meaning of ME? What is my place in all of this? Already the former Aries stellium has become the Taurus stellium, moving into the sign concerned with values, possessions and such. The energy of “me” is shifting into “mine.”

While Jupiter moves toward joining them we are wrapping up the period of philosophizing on pure self. We will soon be experiencing the collective push to examine the higher meaning of what we hold dear, what we own, what we worked for and what we value. But not just yet. Are you coming to a philosophical conclusion about who it is that is doing the valuing and the owning?

What house is Jupiter transiting in your chart? Have you examined your personal philosophy represented by that area?


As Jupiter Goes From Aries To Taurus — 12 Comments

  1. jupiter, venus, mercury and mars are all in my 4th house now. (jupiter crossing my nadir a few days ago). also, the stellium is now injunct my natal virgo/libra stellium. UNCOMFORTABLE

    i’m coming to terms with the reality of where i feel “at home”, and that place NOT being where i live. also coming to terms with the process of aging, particularly in respect to older family members (grandma). then there’s the prospect of losing the place i DO call home.. the house that has been in my family for 5 generations.

    i feel powerless with all of these issues.. it’s not cool. i’m hoping that jupiter moving on to taurus will bring some positive forces, even if they just stand still like the immovable bull herself.. positive is good.

  2. Jupiter is currently in my 11th house. I’ve been blind to a couple of my friends. I’m shocked about it. Using a Placidus chart Uranus is in my 11th house too.

    How did I not see the giant flashing neon elephant in the room?

  3. Being Aries rising, my waistline has been expanded, as has my mind, LOL!

    But now that 1st house is over, it’s time for me to look at how I take care of the material/financial side of my life (2nd house).

    Also, I’m looking to boost my self-esteem and self value with this transit. I guess that means no more self hate!

  4. Just moved into my 11th house.
    @Tam, you mean you were blinded to their faults? Do you mean that you have discovered that things relating to some friends were imperfect? (What I’m asking is if the discovery was more of a good kind or bad kind).

    I’m like 3 degrees form my Jupiter return. Ummmmmmmm. Is this good news?

  5. @debdeb I mean one was living with a woman the entire time I have known her and didn’t realize that they are a couple! They didn’t say and I didn’t ask.

    Seriously….where was I? Having an out of body experience? Were aliens probing my brain?

  6. @Tam, haha I see… so it was more of a shocking discovery.

    You were probably focusing on your career! As J was in your 10th house before it was in your … 11th!

  7. Using placid in the 11 th and 12 will still be in 12th when it hits 29 Aries it will conj my Venus and trine my natal jup in cap in 8th at 4 degrees

  8. Jupiter Taurus will be in the 9th house conjunct natal Mercury at some point..what l value is the inner world and l don’t feel that anyone can take that away. It’s not tangible.
    Knowledge and broading one’s horizons, learning and expanding true learning, expansion through art and music. Making things (taurus 9th) that are universal.. have meaning to me and growing through that as a person(Jupiter Taurus).

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