Relationships, Timing: Juno And Saturn In Libra

Two Face coinLibra is about balance and relationship. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Juno is associated with both Libra and Scorpio. If Saturn is the judge, with a little bit of imagination Juno can be the jury and executioner. That’s a little harsh but Juno can be the feminine equivalent of Two Face in Batman, the paragon of commitment and loyalty or hella scary.

In January, Juno hit the final degree of Virgo and then went retrograde. Then Saturn in Libra went retrograde. Juno goes direct in May, followed by Saturn in June. Juno joins Saturn in Libra in July. Saturn in Libra speaks to integrity in relationship, Juno of commitment and loyalty. Saturn retrograde here is re-covering ground and getting the facts straight. So is Juno retrograde in Virgo. Juno in Virgo is going back and checking the minutia. Juno in Virgo is a commitment to detail.

Over the next few months Juno is on a fact-gathering mission for Saturn. Saturn’s not exactly sitting on his hands either. When Juno hits Libra they confer. When Juno and Saturn, both direct, conjunct at 17 degrees Libra, the degree where Saturn went retrograde, that’s the trial date. It happens to be the 18th of September. Nine days later is the new moon in Libra, with Saturn, Juno and Venus conjunct, the sentencing date? Juno is known for relationship timing.

Go ahead and dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, etc, but be aware that they are, and that the tape may show up in evidence.

What house is Saturn transiting in your chart? Can you see where this energy will play out for you?

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Relationships, Timing: Juno And Saturn In Libra — 18 Comments

  1. This is so insightful to me.. My juno is in libra and libra is in my 12th house.. My career is the object at the moment, I got a promotion kind of.. long story short, I have two bosses and the lower one is watching me right now, reporting to the higher one, concerning if I am capable for the job they know I want.. It’s very frustrating, as I have been, “watched,” now for far too long.. First quite intimiately where I didn’t realize people were on a fact finding mission and later got my wrist slapped, now career wise I don’t want to make the same mistake. Leo 10nth house.. thank you Satori, your amazing!

  2. i have venus, saturn and juno all in libra (9th house). i’ve been really trying to figure out how i want to use my education as of late. i’m paying back way too much in loans not to use the degrees, but find myself truly disenchanted with the field. at this point i want nothing more than to find a career that sends me around the world.. (i really need to travel again, it’s been too long) but i don’t know what that could be. and i have no clue who’s watching me!

  3. Thank you for the interesting post Satori! If I am seeing this correctly, this will conj my Libra Jupiter in my 7th house. Hmmm, putting this date on my calendar…

  4. Saturn transiting the 7th, comjunct uranus (11°). My daughter had excessive abcenses. Partly because of me, partly her. We had to go to court in a Feb. She went from failing grades, to now having all A’s and one C. She’s got some catching up to do, but has tons of support. (Saturn) She’s been getting alot of compliments from teachers (saturn) for all of her hard work (saturn), and i am so proud of her…I really feel like i’ve been lifted up on solid ground.

    I have to add: my progressed sun is at 19° libra (7th). Hmmmm…
    I’m watching this one. As a matter of fact, alot of my progressed planets are in libra.
    I should get out more and quit being such a hermit.

  5. Satori, I have Juno conj my uranus at 17 libra both inconj my sun at 16 pisces and mars at 16 taurus. This should be VERy Intersting! Juno in 5th, sun in 11th and mars in 12th … Any Ideas?

  6. Saturn is transiting my 8th. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with him there. I have reaped a lot of benefit from working with Saturn in Libra. Judgement? Yeah, I’m ok with that. I’ve worked really hard on my relationships and plan to continue to do so. I’m behaving this time Saturn! You’ll be proud!

  7. You have no idea just how much this hit home and made sense out of a lot of things for me, Satori. I don’t have time to elaborate this morning, but many, many big thank you’s :o)!

  8. Great post Satori! Really gets ya thinking!

    This will be happening in my 12th House, exactly opposing my Natal Venus at 17 degrees in Aries. I guess I better clean out any relationship issues that have been swept under the rug so that on judgement day I don’t get blind sided. Thanks for the heads-up!

  9. My Juno is in Libra in my 7th house conjunct my Moon and Ceres and opposite my Saturn in Aries.

    Saturn has retrograded back into my 6th but it will return to my 7th by the end of summer. I know that this is THE time to take a good long look the state of my health and find out, once and for all, what is possible. If I spend the next twenty weeks truly focusing my time and energy on healing, I will know for better or worse what I can change and what I must accept.

  10. Saturn is in my natal fifth house and on my progressed IC.

    Juno is sitting on my natal Uranus/Pluto/Moon conjunction. I call her spikey haired Venus.

    Nataly she sits at the midpoint of my Sun & Venus.

  11. *BUMP*
    Bumping this, September 18 is not that far away. All of this will be on my progressed sun in the 7th Libra/Scorpio. Watching this one.

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