Introduction To Juno In The Natal Chart

Juno glyph“And that’s what makes this a great game, is the support and the commitment that the fans give the game.”
–Nolan Ryan, Sagittarius Juno in the 9th house

Juno is most commonly known as the marriage asteroid and in myth the feminine counterpart to Zeus (Jupiter). Taken at its simplest, however, it is the mark of commitment in general. While we are most familiar with the role commitment takes in relationships, commitment is also touted as the determining factor for success in most areas of life.

In assessing your own Juno placement it is important to note not only the sign but also its house position. Juno’s sign will color the type of energy one’s commitment embodies as well as what sort of things one will deem commitment worthy. Juno’s house position represents the area of focus where one is likely to commit. Nolan Ryan serves as a very famous example of a Sagittarian, 9th house Juno. Sports and therefore baseball are Sagittarian (9th house) pursuits. With his Juno conjunct Venus his investment in the game of baseball made him a household name long beyond his actual career.

The aspects Juno makes to other planets and to the angles will flavor that commitment as well as bringing the energy of commitment to the functions of those placements. For example, an individual with Juno conjunct Venus may value constancy. Juno conjunct Mars makes for the kind of person that really “brings it” when they commit to action, because they are “all in.”

Where is your Juno and to what are you committed?

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Introduction To Juno In The Natal Chart — 121 Comments

  1. Juno in Sagittarius @ 9 degree
    Asc Sagittarius @ 8 degree
    Saturn in Sagittarius @6 degree
    Sun in Gemini @6 Gemini
    Lilith in Gemini @ 9 degree

    So that’s juno conjunct asc Saturn and opposite Lilith and sun

    I have very complicated placement here. I run away from commitments.. Scares me.

    And I m attracted to more mature men.. My boyfriend is 9 yrs older to me. Probably that the juno conjunct Saturn looking for maturity and stability

    • Hi Ann, thank you for your response to my ketu comment and question! That makes a lot of sense. Delayed marriage for sure. I am 31 and just went through my saturn return and am only starting to feel like I am beginning to understand relationships in general on how to have healthy relationships with men and partners.

  2. Juno is parked in my overloaded 7H Virgo stellium. Committed partnership!!! Luckily, my boyfriend’s natal Saturn is conjunct my Juno so he’s “in” for the long haul.

  3. Why are there so many different descriptions of Juno, but nobody brings them up here? It’s for some the soulmate asteroid, for others (magi astrologers) the mistress and sex asteroid, and here it is about commitment to anything. I can’t judge it from my own chart and life because I was always alone.
    My Juno is twenty degrees Scorpio in Eight, trine ASC, parallel Venus, and conjunct Lilith (if four degrees orb are allowed for Lilith and an asteroid, between them asteroid Cupido).

  4. Juno in the last degrees of Libra and my 6th house. Opposite Moon, semi-square Chiron and Mercury.

    I have no idea what I’m committed to, I’ve never thought about it.

  5. The 12th house in Leo. I could have guessed without looking. Committed to secret suffering? It only squares Mercury in Scorpio (this is practically the only aspect Mercury makes): no use talking about it? Pluto is also in the 12th.

  6. I thought Ceres was to do with contracts and therefore by association marriage ‘contracts’? It certainly panned out that way in my chart. hence the classic divorce angle Saturn to Ceres.

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