Juno Enters Libra

JunoJuno is now finishing its transit through Virgo where it’s been since October of last year. On July 25th it enters Libra for a relatively short stay through the end of this October. Juno through Virgo has been a time for analyzing commitments, where duty and day to day loyalty take top billing. Analysis of the committed nature includes picking apart exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. At this point the only thing left to decide is “is this fair?” Juno in Libra will take care of that.

The last few months this has taken place under a tough sky with Saturn and Pluto at odds. That’s not such a bad thing, now that it’s passed, as there was plenty of opportunity to discern what works and what doesn’t under adverse conditions. Juno in Virgo values perfection and during this period the imperfections in one’s committed nature and that of others have likely come to light. Now Juno is poised to enter Libra. The time is near to look at those imperfections, balance them against what works. Nothing and no situation is perfect, but if it balances out it can function.

On the 18th of September Juno catches up to Saturn, exactly, but nearly so for the week beforehand. By the end of the month, Juno is still within 3 degrees by the time Venus moves to conjunct Saturn as well. With Saturn in Libra we’ve been faced with the gravity of balancing relationship for quite a while now. Juno and Venus joining him here seems like a perfect storm, a perfect storm for determining what you want in relationship and making it real.

Even if you’re not in a love relationship at this time, surely you’re in any number of other relationships that are or could be committed in some way. And if you’d like a committed love relationship this is the perfect time to tune in to exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, it would be a great time to set an intention, just like one would do at a New Moon.

The conjunction takes place at 17 Libra. Do you have personal planets between 14 and 20 degrees that will be aspected by this event?



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  1. The last week of September the Sun and Mercury are conjunct at the beginning of Libra. For two days the Moon is there as well, travelling from one conjunction to the next. Mars will be in Leo. Exciting times in the love arena.

  2. My Venus is at 20 deg! Juno will be going through my stellium, so it’ll hit Pluto, Mercury, Sun, Uranus, and then finally, Venus.

    Am wondering about Juno on my Pluto and what that means since it’s basically already there, within 3 degrees.

  3. Great! Not! This is exactly when I’ll be on lockdown, doing a 75 pg research paper over a 30 day period. The only commitment I’ll be making will be to my research. Seems like bad timing for such an uberLibra like me, but them’s the breaks, as they say. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Ouch I know a Virgo(see previous post) who has a 15degree Saturn in Libra(2nd SR) conj 17 degree Venus conj 20 degree Neptune. Please tell me 3000 miles away from the storm is far enough.

  5. Pluto at 16 Libra/12H is Sextile Neptune in Sag/2H

    No matter what happens, my Neptune seems to be making some sort of aspect with whatever’s going on. And I’m afraid I’m walking around in a permanent illusion or something.

  6. LOL! I know! That’s how I’m trying to look at it. The paper is actually part of a crucial examination process I’ll be in. So yeah, I guess making a commitment, for sure.

  7. my sun is at 18deg libra, moon is a bit out of orb at 23deg. all other libra placements at least 8deg off from the conjunction.

    so, can this be viewed as a good thing if one is hoping to find love?

  8. “Nothing and no situation is perfect, but if it balances out it can function.” I really appreciate that sentiment. It summarizes much of what I’m learning first-hand. Transiting Pluto is opposing my natal moon/jupiter conjucntion. Lots of upheaval. Anyway…

    I have a lot going on in Libra in my 4th house. NN at 14 degrees, natal Pluto at 15 degrees and natal Venus at 18 degrees. Saturn transiting has put a lot of pressure there, but Elsa told me to work on my Pluto/Venus stuff. I channeled it into exchange with the other, finding positive ways to contribute that support my self-esteem. I’ll admit that I have not directed the energy towards romantic stuff because the universe just wasn’t cooperating. I felt I had a lot to do alone and I accepted it and even thrived at times but lately I have been thinking about what I want from a relationship and what I have to give and I think until I get that in order the relationship thing will continue to evade me. I’m a Scorpio sun and they say Scorpios attract magnetically, but I think I need some help jump-starting that part of my consciousness, attracting a relationship, because I’ve been so skiddish and I want to do it right. Maybe this Juno transit will help.

  9. i don’t wish to be negative… but will there be a time before i die during which relationships will not be THE MAIN TOPIC.

    the most devoted person in the world

  10. My Natal Juno is 16 degrees Libra. We just got married. The logical next steps in this relationship are starting a family (sooner than later, since we’re aren’t kids) and buying a home (again, we should have one soon enough, or we’ll be paying it up until our 60’s).

    I also get the conjunction on my Solar Return. Juno will be 21 degrees Libra, exactly conjunct my SR MC. The last 18-20 months I’ve been mostly preoccupied with very practical concerns. Now, I feel I need to start reusing my creativity for arts. Having all these planets near MC can’t be bad for those aspirations, right ?

  11. I’ve been studying the asteroids a lot lately as far as what they represent. But I haven’t gotten to look at where they are now and what they are doing. But the fact that Juno is in Virgo makes sense because when I started reading about her she really caught my eye with her “desire to actualize herself through another.” In the book Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George this is described as the mythological Juno’s quest to actualize herself through her husband.

    When I first read that I was like..ok, that’s a lot of responsibility to put on the “other”. I’m going to marry you and I expect that from that I will be a full self. That doesn’t sound healthy to me and I’ve been debating it in my mind ever since. But, when you realize that marriage represents “commitment” and a relationship is “cooperation between two or more entities toward a common goal” and “other” means your relationship with more than just husband or SO (ie: your relationship with ALL people, work, the community, everything) it starts making more sense.

    It’s an extroverted way of actualization that realizes that we are not here to only serve ourselves but also interact and learn to live with these various “relationships” it becomes a higher more expanded version of self-actualization.

    so, when you said this:
    “Even if youโ€™re not in a love relationship at this time, surely youโ€™re in any number of other relationships that are or could be committed in some way.” I had to chime in and say HERE HERE! Because Saturn in Libra wants us to remember that too. It’s boundariesa yes. But Saturn Libra is “learning the rules in relationship to” everything and everyone, not just the person you married, divorced or are currently involved with.

    But, there is more. Demetra also describes the separation from and the rejoining to the other. This has to be a balanced dance to be a good expression of the energy. You have to realize you are BOTH and individual and a part of the collective system before you can achieve self actualization in any form. And, I feel that is key.

    I have Uranus and Mars (11 Libra and 19 Libra) with Sun at 25 in the 8th house.

  12. My moon 12 deg and my mars 16 deg Libra. My mates NN at 16 deg Libra in his 7th house. So, Juno IS going to affect us somehow. Great Satori, how you describe the time Juno went through Virgo. We REALLY experienced this kind of reality test with all ist nitty-gritty aspects. And Saturn has been on this moon, mars, NN point for so long already… I embrace Juno there!

  13. This will all be opposing my Venus in Aries (17 degrees). I feel solid in my commitment to my relationships, have been doing the ‘work’ and am actually looking forward to seeing how this energy will manifest. Thanks again for a great post Satori!

  14. ScorpioRising: me too. I don’t need to be more deluded already!

    Michele: No. I’m not even saying that in a snarky manner. Yes, that is the #1 topic here and pretty much everywhere in the universe too.

    Know the feeling though… it’s hard to find anywhere where relationships are not a constant topic of conversation.

  15. It will be right next to my 11 degree Uranus in Libra, in my 9th house. Also not to far from my 28 degrees Pluto in Virgo, in the 9th house.

    I am feeling the “busting out” energy at the moment with Current 11 degree Saturn sitting on top of my natal Uranus. Am currently making planns to move forward with my business plan to bring extra money in for my family, whether hubby likes it or not! I love rebellion.

  16. No planets, just my Ascendant. I’m trying to look for new jobs, maybe I’ll appear commitment-worthy to employers.

  17. Well this explains a lot!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this bit on Juno. I had no idea it was such a pivotal thing in the chart. Looked it up and this post fits where i’ve been and the timing of it especially.

    Planets between 14-20 degrees here are Juno, Uranus, Pluto and my Moon. Hmmmm…. lots of 4th house and a bit in 11th. I was thinking of moving but waiting until fall to decide (so my head is clearer, life calmer). Maybe I *will* finally be able to decide once and for all in September. Good stuff. Thanks so much for this post.

  18. This will conjuunct my Sun and Mercury in the 9th house. It’s true, I have spent the last several months thinking a lot about how I am or am not serving my committed relationships properly – analyzing myself. I am curious to find out how this manifests. I have been working very hard on all fronts of my relationships to make myself worthy – meaning that I have identified where I can be better and have been working to make changes accordingly.

    Very interesting, thanks Satori!

  19. Mars and Moon at 22 and 23… I don’t know if 5 degrees is too wide an orb but I will giggle a-plenty if I end up getting back together with my ex at this time.

  20. Well i don’t really have any planet between 14 to 20 degrees which can be aspected by Juno Entering Libra. But seems quite interesting to read about it. Thanks for the share Elsa…!!

  21. What could happen if it conjuncts Transiting Saturn and Venus that are conjunct natal Saturn on a V sq S person…? :-/ ugha, breathless just thinking about Pluto and Uranus.

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