June 2019 Forecast – Seriously Stressful!

tensionI was looking ahead while working on my newsletter. I realized that Mars in Cancer will soon oppose Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  I’m not looking forward to this at all.

Further, Mercury will join Mars in June, stressing families and relationships of all kinds.  Sorry, but  I think this is going to get ugly.

Oppositions create tension. This particular version of “strain” will be intense. It will also be sustained for two weeks which quite a long time, considering what we’re dealing with here.

Peak dates are June 10th through the 24th. If your birthday falls during this time period, the opposition will show up in your solar return chart. You can check that out here – Solar Return Report.

For everyone else, particularly people (like me) who have Cardinal planets between roughly 15-27 degrees, I’d highly suggest you tread very carefully because this thing is dangerous and that’s no joke.

You know, I’ve been blogging for almost twenty years and  I don’t think I have ever written such a warning. Make of that what you will.

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June 2019 Forecast – Seriously Stressful! — 55 Comments

  1. Pluto oppose my Natal Mars on the end of 3 house since some time. You mean IT can be even worst now? Ouuugh…

  2. Hi Elsa. My heart started racing reading this. As I told somewhere under another blog post, I have been reading here sporadically for a while but only daily since January. Mercury finally moved through my 1st house last month and I decided to comment also. I think the thing that got me to start coming here often is that apparently I have natal aspects that are way too similar to you, your fellow writers and even your husband. Even when I don’t exactly “know” what situations you are talking about, I seem to derive a lot of common ground (and sense) to what goes on on this side of the screen (and of the world). I do have Mars opposed to Saturn (within less than 1 deg orb) natally. In the 1st and 7th respectively. Also sun opp pluto in the same houses. North node in the 1st too. The last full moon triggered all of it by conjunctions: venus/ur on my sun exactly and close to AC, the FM exactly on Saturn. On top of it, transit pluto/SN/Saturn are pressing on my MC, so the opposition that you mention is taking place will see these guys opposing mars/juno(plus asteroid prey) on my IC. I have been in a rough place careerwise. I see the people around me (Saturn, the boss, we used to be friends before I work for him) giving up and occasionally rising only to steal my light. I am done with competing, I just want to do what’s best for the business and I am not one to go down or give up/in without a fight. But since it’s SN on my MC I feel I should. I have proven myself multiple times there but in true mars opp sat fashion it seems to my own detriment. It hurts to being led to feeling guilty and punished for shining (arachne is on my mars as I write this). I feel like I always have to give in or suffer retaliation, to the point of no return. It is like being at war at all times. I read somewhere that with this opposition the soldier (mars) is always trying to beat the general (saturn), taking turns or swinging from being used/victimized/hemmed in (projecting authority/rules) to taking that role himself. Also read that the resolution to this conflict would be to learn to become a tactician. Having sun and NN in Taurus in the 1st, I abhor the tactics people use to go up the ladder in life. I have no patience for small talk either. I need your warning for real. It just feels like there’s no way out of my chart. It’s a constant burning to the ground and rebuilding in my life. Isolation played a huge part since forever. At this point i want to let go and let God. But it’s painful like acid dissolving…

    • Correction: I *heed* your warning.
      Ps: Bruce Lee had saturn/mars opposition square pluto. I think despite him being a force in himself (pluto trine sun) he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. He let out a lot of the eastern secrets, even if with subtlety and ingeniously. Eventually he was to big a threat and had to “go”…

  3. Is it too early to feel this coming? Yesterday was……OMG.

    I felt testy yesterday. And everyone else apparently felt it, too. Interactions were sharp. At one client’s home, I had the joy of trying to do my job while a mother/daughter standoff was happening in the same room! Over and over, and it centered around a stupid phone. (Thankfully, client wasn’t involved.) If yesterday was a preview of June……Lorrrrrrrd Jesus, take the wheel. My Mars return is going to be a real bitch.

    Ohhhh, did I forget to mention my Mars Return is going to be part of this hot mess? Mars @ 17 Cancer, 7th house—square Pluto @ 13 Libra, 10th house.


  4. I have natal Leo Mars Conjunct Mercury which also squares Scorpio Saturn sooooo it will probably just a regular two weeks for me haha. Pluto will probably burst the bubble and I can actually physically fight with people, pretty please?

  5. My both sons have Mars opposite Pluto Cancer- Capricon axis although they were born 8 years apart. Aspect is exact natally with t- square apex – Mercury (older son) and Jupiter (younger son).so challenging. My best friend has Mars 15 Cancer opposite Saturn and Jupiter.
    So I take your warning very seriously, taking Nodes and Saturn into equation.
    OMG. I am a bit afraid.
    I wish everyone all the best, let us survive this storm.
    Personally I am attacked behind the scenes and my rosacea is getting worse as I have 12th house in Capricorn.

    • I have majority of my planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Im a believer that you can trick a horoscope with entertainment like video games, books, movies. It could be why our 1st world lifestyle is so easy compared to 3rd world. In 2016 during the big pluto and aries square that triggered the democratic protests and messy political election, I was engrossed in a video game. Im a girl gamer and the game I played was a shooter looter, considered a violent video game. I spent my rages in the video game instead of real life! Im in a circle of friends who pop in a horror movie or read graphic novels to pass tense alignments and it works for us.

  6. It just ocurred to me to look into the lunar eclipse July 16th … it will be at 24 Cap (exactly conj my Nemesis in the 10th!) nearby pluto and will also see Venus in Cancer oppose Saturn+SN at around 17 degrees… it actually looks like this mars/saturn is some kind of playoff for the coming eclipse season… I’m definitely fastening seatbelt at this point…

  7. On a larger scale, I think this will be a potential trigger and a hard introduction to the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction 2020. On a personal level it will be ‘interesting’ especially for those of us with a natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1946-48 as well as those in 1980-1984. Having Sun and Mercury in Cancer, I expect the Mars will amplify that somewhat for me.
    I’m just re-reading Richard Tarnas’ “Cosmos and Psyche”, which has a lot of details on the Saturn-Pluto cycle. Of particular interest (and alarm) to me, are those areas that have been increasingly polarized that seem to have little or no room for moderation.

    • I totally agree! I just added a long stream of thoughts under the Forum about how this could be a precursor to the 2020 Great Conjunction and that we’ve been here before in 1999/2000.

    • Its going to get messy politically in the USA for sure. esp if Trump wins a re election. Messy for both sides whether one supports him or not

  8. There is also a full moon on the galactic central point in Sagittarius at this time. I’m not sure what it means. It’s (full moon) square to my nodal axis, like a mutable grand cross

  9. Im scared.
    My granddaughter is divorcing a lawyer after his affair and job loss for abusing drugs. He’s reformed some but now he’s filing for half-custody of their little 8 year old girl to get out of child support. The hearing is June 19, but her Moon and Pluto are Cardinal. She is terrified the court will force the child to live half time with her dad… Should she move the hearing date till after June 24?

  10. Quick question, if you will. Natally, I have Mars at 28 degrees cancer, so my solar return is on June 26th followed by my Mars return on June 29th. Are those far enough out to let this energy go, or would you still count them in for the next year (solar return) to two years (mars return)? My guess would be that this still applies since on the 29th Mars is still in a 6degree opposition with Pluto?? Any input?

      • Thanks, Elsa, I appreciate your input.
        I’m taking this as one of those 5 car pile-ups (Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, ASC) where I may or not be actually in the accident. I could just be on the periphery, like one of the cars that get stuck for 3hrs waiting to pass as they clean up. Something to glean here, either way.

  11. The tension has been building. My Supervisor, is testier than usual with me, people at work a bit more demanding with attitude, and found out yesterday, out landlord is selling our duplex. We can’t afford rent anywhere in our area and had been splitting rent at 1990 rates for this place. I had been considering retirement and now looks like I’ll be forced to buy a home way out of my commute zone and forced into retirement. I’ll never have a job as stable and as good as the one I have now as the position was literally created for me as I was transitioning from one department in house, to another and just managed to ace it enough they kept me on, with no prior training or knowledge. ALSO I live with my ex and he has Mars in Cancer, and when he gets angry or feels threatened, the flood gates open. Even my Mars in Scorpio can’t ease that tidal wave. But I do fear for both our futures.

  12. These family is arriving on the 10th to visit for nearly two weeks. At the end of their stay, I’m traveling with my parents to go to a friend’s wedding. Unfortunately my husband can’t come because he has to work. It will be very busy and stressful period, involving a lot of moving parts. I should be turning in my rental car on the 24th and hopefully returning to life as usual! I’ve got ascendant, Jupiter, and Venus in Cardinal signs from 17-26 degrees.

  13. I have Cancer/Capricorn action natally in my 1st/7th house as it it. Sadly… This is the same old same old for me.

    I know a Virgo personally who I used to be involved with. His Mars in Cancer is in my 7th house. Opposing my Capricorn stellium in 1st. It’s lovely, then it turns out to be terrible because of his Libra Venus and his stupid “grass is greener” approach to relationships. All the trappings of a flake, yet he vehemently hates it.

    I am sweet and forgiving, but I’m also prepared to war against him if it comes.

  14. Thank you for this heads up. These have been quite a time with cardinal signs. And my Sun is 26 Libra. Neptune 19 Libra. This will form t-square to both of them…. I had 7 Pluto conjunctions by the time i was 30. Well we cant go up there and move the planets, so we just sit, wait it out…and hope for the best.

  15. I have Mars and Mercury at 19 degrees in Capricorn, 2nd house. My moon is in Cancer, 8th house. Now I’m extremely nervous as I am flying to Canada to deal with my 86 year old father and his worsening dementia. Alone.

    I hate traveling to this town, 3 plane flights to a depressed city with a very high murder rate.

    Travel dates, June 16th to 22nd…

    Anything to alleviate my already high stress levels would be so appreciated!

    • My husband had a very dangerous mars aspect, I was so worried about him, I called him telling him to be careful at work and driving.
      Ends up he came home with a new Call of Duty video game and he spent the week raging in his new video game. lol. Im in a circle of astrologer friends that have some luck fulfilling tense aspects with tension themed books, movies. entertainment. Maybe download a mystery novel for the flight?

  16. I have a grand trine with Saturn-Sun-ASC. My Saturn is late Aries. So I was wondering if this negative aspect could activate my positive natal aspect?

  17. 1/7 axis here too. I have a cancer asc at 24 degrees, been in a relationship for 2 years, I have lots of Scorpio and he’s a Taurus with a Scorpio moon. Sounds like he used to be intense but scared himself with it *and* he lost his wife to another woman. There is love and the sex is the best but he can be prickly, me too maybe but it’s not meant. His twins were born in the same month as my son and all our children get on remarkably well. Apart from his marriage his longest relationship was 6 months (can see why). Is it the wrong time to say ~ either get serious or I’m done? Also ~ I don’t want it to be done, neither of us are initiators but I can’t extend my heart forever and I need him to look after it a little.
    The opposition is the other way round in his chart ~ his asc is Capricorn. I love deeply so I’m stuck. Did buy a relationship chart and it said we’d find it hard to part, but without the resolve to build a life we’re not really together huh? If anyone reading this is good at advice ~ lay it on me…

    • True love is worth fighting for!

      Try to stay anchored, rocking the boat with incoming stormy weather is unlikely to get you where you want, so maybe wait till Jupiter is in Capricorn (in his 1st).

    • Everything is saying this is NOT the time for ultimatums or deciding to resolve all your relationship anxieties. Nonono.. in fact, the planetary energies may be manifesting for you as the need to nail down a commitment to relieve your anxiety. In other words, resist the planetary urge to get into difficult conversations until later this summer. Remind yourself daily and be as kind to yourself and him one day at a time. It will keep, no?

  18. OMG! I have this stellium of Moon and Saturn at 24 and Jupiter at 28 capricorn opposite Venus at 23 cancer …
    seems, there’s no place to hide from this one.

  19. So, to weigh in from a Scorp stellium & Pisces moon.
    Werking the trine & sext to my advantage. Dioes Saturn in Taurus count?

  20. Sun 24° Aries 10th
    Mars 25° Libra 4th
    Asc 22° Cancer
    Jup 25° Cancer 1st


    I’m preparing for some rather transforming energy… this is definitely an important once in a lifetime transit for me.

  21. My Sun is 17 Libra. Mc at 15.

    Me and my family are in an incredibly challenging time. Really frustrating.

    Id love to rip two specific people some new assholes. If Im lucky maybe this opposition will allow me to lol. These are both people who never get challenged because of their financial power. Im not impressed and I cant be bought. They might have money and power, but they are morally and spiritually bankrupt and devoid of character.

    What will probably end up happening is that Ill have to find a way to rise above my resentment. As a recovering alcoholic/addict, resentment is a killer. I dont have the luxury to nurse those like other people. If I hold onto it, itll make me do something stupid. I have to see them for what they are, which is spiritually sick.

  22. What if you have cardinal planets right in the middle of all this yet one’s life has already been a shitshow for a long time? Lol.

  23. Hmmm. I got Libra ASC w/Nep there@27.
    It trines Venus in 9 in Gem @26.

    Nadir is Cap.
    At some point Uranus in Ca in 10th @28 will git opposed by Sat n Pluto transit and Nep will be squared simultaneously in 1.
    Saturn and Pluto are n have been dancing around in my 4th house for awhile.
    In fact I’m retracing my steps in some areas w/Sat rx

    Will my physical appearance be affected – i.e. bones or teeth = Saturn?
    How also why LL this transit affect

  24. I have a Capricorn ascendant within the target range and last week my boss was shocked I wouldn’t work while on sick leave. He already knew I was recovering from surgery. People have been fleeing from my office the last 6 months even though the pay is high and it is stable employment.
    I have a ton of doctor appointments in June. I also have 3rd house Venus at 19 Aries and 9th house True Node at 25 Libra. Already dealing with Pluto/Saturn on ASC for a couple of months I was hoping my unplanned surgery was the climax.

  25. I am a Capricorn with Pisces rising. My work situation is getting ugly, through no fault of my own. My boss got pushed out and I suddenly have a new weird manager. I’ve started looking for other jobs. Not sure what to think, but just feel sick all the time.

  26. Tonight I thought about this. The two people I know who have Saturn-Mars tend to handle difficulty or hardship by bucking up and doing what has to be done. Feelings be damned. So maybe that’s the attitude I need to adopt for June. Watch the whining.

  27. I was wondering what might happen. It got very ugly in a way I just never anticipated. Yesterday my daughter who lives in the same town as I do, broke her wrist while rollerblading. I found out by a text from my other daughter 500 miles away. The text read, “Are you with Molly? Dad told me what happened.“.
    I’ve been working on better boundaries with my was-band, working on not putting Molly in the middle. So the was-band, who hates detail of this kind, couldn’t discern that this would be a time a mom would want to know about an injured daughter.
    I’m so hurt and so angry and feel like I want to do so much acting out. Instead I just called Molly to say I’m here and texted the was-band that in the future, I’d like to hear if one of our daughters is injured or has an emergency.
    And I don’t know yet, what, if anything I’ll say to Molly about not letting me know.

    And on top of it all, Molly, the Sag, was to host her Cancer sister’s bachelorette weekend party next weekend. So who knows how that will go, as Molly needs wrist surgery.
    Wow, things went from 0-100 in minutes.

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