July Horoscopes Are Live!

shore leaveA fresh batch of horoscopes are ready, hot off the presses!

This month starts off with a bang. Mercury and Mars meet up in Leo and the party is ON! Go out and feel the sun on your skin. This is a great time to go on an adventure or be amused with people’s antics – or maybe get into mischief yourself. With all the strife over the last few months, we will feel like soldiers cooped up in a submarine finally getting some shore leave!

Enjoy the divine break while we’ve got it, because shortly thereafter it’s back to the grind. Mercury will retrograde back into Pluto and Saturn’s line of fire, where it will be joined by the Sun and Venus. By now we’re acclimated to the pressure, so just continue on with the work you’ve been doing and know that there is real value here. We’re doing the prep work for Pluto and Saturn’s conjunction in February. It may be grueling now, but it will be more than worth it come 2020.

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