Quotes: Julia Ormond – A Quintessential Capricorn Woman

This gal just does not quit with the Capricorn…

On paying your dues…

“And it’s not that going out for a hack is wrong or bad, I certainly don’t view it as that; it’s just that there’s something about the dressage, being put through your paces, that makes you better.”


On fear…

“At first I was a bit indignant about it, and then I realised, ‘No, that’s what people want, so that’s what is given.’ But it’s not in your control. It’s just what happens to you, and that’s what’s frightening.”



She’s a realist…

“For sure, you don’t believe the good stuff. I mean, the good stuff is just insane – wacky. If you don’t take it too much to heart, it does help when the negative stuff hits. And you know the negative stuff is coming. It’s got to! What comes up must come down.”


Fear of success / failure

“I found it all very scary. This fairytale gets built around you – as if you’ve been walking through the streets and then Sydney Pollack sees you and goes, ‘I’ll put you in something!'”



On feeling insecure

“I was hungry for the learning experience and didn’t feel secure enough to say no. You need to be bloody secure to say no.”



On bad things happening

“I’d seemed to play a lot of people who’d slit their wrists or cut off their hair or shot themselves or died of the plague.”



On life being hard

“If you do anything for too long, it starts to lack edge, to become too easy. Easy is the kiss of death.”


On not taking things for granted

“They seem to be very sure things are going to be a success. I’m not being negative about it, but I’m hedging my bets.”



On Capricorn’s hard way up being discounted

“When really you’ve gone to drama school and rep and then you’ve come to London and gone to auditions and you’ve worked, solidly, for years. But that all gets forgotten.”

I think she’s gorgeous.

Know of a Capricorn prototype? Tell us!


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  1. Patti Smith! I saw her perform in 2004 and I wept (so did my SO with Sun/Saturn conjunct in Capricorn, incidentally). We both thought she was the most intense, energetic, steady performer we had ever seen live. She rocks all over kids half her age! And she sang and played guitar for 2 and a half hours straight.

    Who but a Capricorn would open her first solo album with the line ‘Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine/’ ?

    But there’s this, which makes me feel breathless:
    “In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.”

    and this! Which makes me laugh:
    “In the ’70s, I had a very romantic idea about being out in the world and having a network of people working with me. I thought of it more as a military regiment.” – Patti Smith

    And this, which is SO Capricorn:
    “Let’s just say that I think any person who aspires, presumes, or feels the calling to be an artist has a built-in sense of duty.”

    And to everyone who feels getting old is a shame, let’s take a page out of Patti Smith’s book:
    “I like gettin’ old.”

  2. My mom has Sun, Moon, and Mars in Capricorn, and she is so unbelievably strong, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that unless you know her very well. Although she also is just THERE at the moment when random people need that strength, so if that happens to you you know it–this lady in a flowered dress is holding a stranger’s unbelievable pain/chaos/energy in order for them for that moment. She has scorpio venus, jupiter and probably rising, as well.

    She ALWAYS used to say “I can’t wait until my hair goes gray,” and “I think there will be a HUGE trend in suspenders as the baby boomers get older and don’t want to wear belts,” and “When I get old I want a house without stairs” and I would make fun of her for that stuff, but now I get it!

    I only looked at her chart recently and understanding the triple capricorn bit has REALLY helped our relationship–I’m this exploding Sagittarius creature & our styles couldn’t be more different. Especially, ha ha, around money and tidiness etc etc etc.

    And it’s funny because she’s older now and she’s SO lighthearted now in a new way, just this lightness and laughter to her, a silliness, it’s joyful to be around and the “worry” aspect has lightened so much

  3. Yeah! I have a friend who is so down on getting older, she’s been saying she’s almost 40 since she was 35. No matter what I say, she says ‘Talk to me when you’re my age.’
    I was over at her place last weekend, watching her wash her face, and she was so rough with it, then went through a list of complaints about her appearance. I told her: ‘stop it, you’re killing me! It actually pains me to hear your lack of compassion for yourself!’
    I felt like an ancient, oppressed old lady when I was younger, so everything now is a bonus LOL!

  4. My daughter is sun/moon/venus Capricorn, she’s only 5 but gosh…..we treat her way beyond her years because she’s been “older” since she was born. She loves to do everything by herself and gets mad when we try to help. She is very loving and affectionate though, I hope that never stops 🙁

  5. Shell my Capricorn boy, Aubrey, is the same way. He’s almost seven. My first thought when I saw him was that he was pissed about being in a useless infant body. He was relieved about every stage of motor skill development and is the most pleasant child now. When he was a toddler he became very angry once when he fell down and I scooped him up onto his feet. He glared at me and said “NO!! Aubie do it!”, flung himself back to the ground and got up all by himself.

    I may have told that story here before. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

    Elsa and Kashmiri, I’ve always liked getting older too. No Capricorn but I have a packed tenth house.

  6. My nephew, who will be 27 in January (I can’t believe it) is very much a Capricorn.

    When he was little we called him “the soldier” because every day he just looked like he was going off into the world and following his orders.

    He has been composing music since he was about 8 years old, and I just hope his time to shine is coming soon, with all this Capricorn stuff going on.

    I do remember once when he was 4 he was not feeling well. My sister told him, it’s okay, you just have a cold. He replied, “I do not have a cold, I have a hot” rofl.

  7. My dad is a classic Capricorn. His favorite quote is Churchill’s “Never, never, never give up”. He just whispered that into his wife’s ear as she battled a staph infection after heart surgery. She’s rallied and looks like she’ll be fine. He’s always wanting to debunk my Sagitarrian fantasies, but just because he wants me to face reality and be prepared.

  8. Evidently I like getting old so much that I am doing it twice as fast as everyone else hahaha.

    (I do like getting old though.)

    My mom and gran are/were Cappy too (same degree too, which is my asc degree). Both hilarious.

  9. I heard Capricorns grow younger in spirit as they age. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still practical and realistic, but I heard they “loosen up” starting around 30 or 40. Is this true?

  10. I made the mistake of saying something like “I’m unhappy!” to my dad and he said

    “That’s because you have no responsibilities!”
    “And that means all day you fill your mind with crap.”

    And he says learn to control my emotions, whatever that means

  11. Yes Toni – as soon as the Caps leave their 20’s the happier they feel and the less the turmoil gets to them. Each step away from there I feel lighter.

  12. I just think that Julia Ormond is so beautiful, she is the Capricorn side of Juliette Binoche to me. I love the beauty of a Capricorn Rising and in general I think the contrast of dark hair and light skin attractive. I wonder why she doesn’t play in movies much right now.

  13. Yes Patti Smith. I have seen and met her several times. There is something very enduring and classic about her while at the same time, she pushes out at the boundries of what people think a female rock star should be. She has always said that she is without gender, she is an artist. But she makes us work, challenging us to think…she is not just “pure entertainment”. Her deep and poetic nature is a reflection of her Pisces Moon in her 4th house. At any rate, she loves things of quality, like Cartier, Cashmere and Paris, France. Very Capricorn if you ask me.

  14. alot of fear surrounding capricorn. my grandmother’s words, “always take care of yourself, make sure you are always beautiful for your husband,” those words alone, she feared for men leaving a woman if they weren’t keeping themselves beautiful.
    my mother in law’s words, as she jokes, and laughs, “you’ll be taking care of me when i get old right?” worries about old age when reality she has no worries financially or those around her to take care of her.

  15. She seems like such a classy lady. Intelligent face and perfect diction. She was great in Traffic playing a heroin addict (TV mini-series from the 80s) and Captives with Tim Roth before hitting the Hollywood big time. Her & Aidan Quinn stole the show in Legends of the Fall. I note she has an Aquarian moon, giving her that cool glamour.

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