Jeez, the tension today- Spider Senses Weekend!

wolfMan, things are buzzing today. My hair is standing up on the back of my neck. I was going to write a newsletter but I can’t tell what is real as opposed to personal.

I have to adjust to my new progressed moon in Sagittarius! It make me feel like a teenage boy, for starters. This is like something you should give a person for Christmas!

But there is also a lot of “creepy” out there and it’s not the surface kind.  It deeply gross – Pluto in Capricorn style.

If you missed yesterday’s newsletter, I think I nailed it. Four Intense Days Ahead.

How are feeling? What do you see or sense?




Jeez, the tension today- Spider Senses Weekend! — 16 Comments

  1. I’m definitely feeling something, and it’s got my back up a bit. It’s like people are saying one thing, but meaning another, and I’m just keeping my head down for now, lol. Can’t really grasp any words, it’s more a feeling, a creeping?

  2. I’m keeping my black tourmaline on to shield me from negative energy if the next few days are going to be intense, as a protective measure because I get affected by everybody’s energy, good or bad. A friend of mine gets to find out today if they are keeping their job and getting what they asked for or if they have to find a new job. It’s definitely tense and I could feel the anxiety coming from them about it.

    I’ve felt anxious since yesterday and completely out of it. I wonder if it’s related to the tension in the air. I have my pendant on me right now so it should help ease the anxiety a bit.

  3. Yep, just keeping it together. Raging out does nothing but destroy and I’m here to build good things, so now it’s just…… keeping together and being a human, while the bubbling happens. I am hoping we don’t get blindsided but we may well be, like many times before. Just preparing mentally as best as possible so I can keep my humanity in the process. Appreciate the post Elsa to kind of put words to the unspoken.

  4. I guess yesterday was the first of the intense days ahead, for me at least. The day wouldn’t end. A lot of difficulty. I’m laying low today.

    • Same here, yesterday was…raw. A lot of angry energy coming at me that i was able to deflect somehow, amongst other things unexpectedly dissolving my boundaries… Today was not without tension though. Less angry, for sure, but more like walking on eggshells as if i might say/do the wrong thing at any moment and have someone angry WITH me, and i really dont wanna deal with that for sure… aries 12th, i detest confrontation. taurus 1st, when i snap back at someone, not a pretty sight. but omg, the anxiety today…

  5. moreso, I wonder does anybody else got the feeling the last couple days had a merc rx vibe to it? ive been feeling like this since tuesday/wed… ???

      • oh Elsa, be kind to yourself and just laugh it out. Ive said some stuff that i really know better to not say out loud, not too damaging just plain self sabotage but i couldnt help! mouth just got on autopilot for a bit. and also made rookie mistakes at work. i blamed merc tr in my 12th (im having merc AND venus return right now). oh i cant take all this 12th house…plus chiron and now a new moon monday?! i read your post on that new moon and kinda had to laugh, more spiritual warriorness no!!!!!!!!! i want to hide under a rock!?

    • Yes, me too, for the last week or so. I’ve run into old co-workers. Took me 2 days to get a prescription straightened out. The doctor submitted the prescription yet the pharmacy didn’t have it in their system. Another fax, same story. I got a text from the pharmacy that the doctor didn’t authorize it at the same time that they actually did have the prescription. Oh, my god. haha

  6. Ummm yeah, been quite the day for me. At work I was the recipient of some pretty shocking stink eye, verbal jabs, and road blocks. Shot back and walked away – didn’t want to come undone and bury myself.


  7. Yeah, I started feeling it Wednesday. It’s weird out. Hard for me to be in public and at work, overwhelming my feeling nature. People not so great. “Creepy and deeply gross” nails it. I was driving down the street, something about the angle of the sun or something and I recalled this vibe from when I was a kid in the sixties…. WTF!

    • There was a lot of “creepy gross” for kids in the sixties. You may have a suppressed memory you would like to dig up, or maybe not.

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