Jealous Sagittarius Woman Reads Her Sagittarius Boyfriend’s Email

Horse in a hole

Hi Elsa,

This is about an issue I’ve seen come up on your blog a few times in the last few weeks. First the girl having the Saturn Return who lost her man because of her jealousy and the girl today who’s wondering if her hubby to be will be a cheat, etc. I feel like these blogs are speaking to me.

I have these same worries and always have. I think I’m finally realizing that this is what has caused the end of all of my serious relationships. They love me, but can not deal with me. I know I can’t change the old ones, so it’s the current relationship that’s the issue now.

We’ve been together nearly four years and I finally decided that I want to be with him for good. I love him, and he loves me completely unconditionally. I can’t seem to stop being jealous though. I feel anxious all the time. He travels for business and I can’t help but feel sick to my stomach every time! And I have no reason to! I want it to stop but don’t know how.

Now here’s the bad part. I have his e-mail password and can’t stop myself from reading his emails although I’ve never found anything bad in there. Should I just tell him and ask him to change his password? I feel obsessed. Is therapy the answer or am I going through a phase? It’s been the last few months specifically. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just guilt at not being sure about him over the past year and almost leaving a few times.

If this question is too specific or personal, let me know if you would be able to answer it as a consult or in a reading. I’d love to have one done, but honestly, you intimidate me!


Dear Sagittarian,

I don’t blame you for being intimidated. I am pretty sure I would be intimidated of me too! But if you read here long enough, I think it becomes apparent my focus is on helping whoever shows up and once you see my motives are clean, I think it becomes easier to deal with me. But on to your problem…

This is no way to live. Especially for a double Sagittarius! You’re supposed to be righteous, you know. But I see Saturn in your chart and understand your fear. You’re like that horse stuck in a hole which is a gut-wrenching picture… so I am going to try to get you out of there and if you find yourself loose – for Godsakes, run!

Now you have to play to your strengths and you have five planets in Sadge. So what are your strengths? One of them is storytelling! So how about I tell you a story?

This is the story of your greatest fear. Let’s say your man cheats on you. Not only does he cheat, but you find out like this woman did, that he is cheating with multiple partners! And not only that. One of them is your sister and the other your cousin! And one more thing! He screwed your best friend as well and your second best friend and her sister and her sister’s dog!

Oh no!

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

But think about it. What if that actually happened? If every single thing I just wrote were to occur, what would come next in the story, huh?

Would you die?


Would you kill him?

No… I mean you may want to, but you’re not a killer.

The fact is, if all this happened, it would get you FREE. Isn’t that funny? Because if he did all this… you’d just up and leave him! And further, you’d have a hell of a story to tell wouldn’t you? So you’re coming out okay, don’t you think? I think so! And I think like a Sadge! And I think you ought to think like a Sadge as well, because you’re the one with Mercury (the mind) in Sagittarius!

So can you do it? Of course. Will you do it? I hope so. And yes. Tell your Sagittarius boyfriend (who is supposed to travel) to change his password. Tell him the Sagittarius truth so you can both be free Sagittarians. Scared to do that? Think of the story…

“I told him I read his email and that was it! He left me in two seconds and after that, I…”

See? Life is an adventure and the adventure goes on. And one more thing.

If you do get your high mind back, for Godsakes when you see another sink hole… an exposed password for example, stay way, way, way back. Just keep that horse picture in your head and that ought do it.

Good luck.


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Jealous Sagittarius Woman Reads Her Sagittarius Boyfriend’s Email — 9 Comments

  1. Hi elsa,

    This is such a great post. Where did you find that picture of the horse? Do you know if he made it out of the hole okay? Sorry for the random question having nothing to do with astrology! It just looks so sad I hope he is okay.

  2. I LOVE this approach. I had a very intense love story, which involved adultery, near suicide, stalking, invasion of my house (in a foreign country no less), breaking into my email and corrupting friends and family and my new boyfriend who promptly left me – which went on for a year or so. Yes, at the time it wrecked my life. Seeing the drama, the story of it saved me though – now all that’s left is an incredible story. Even people who know me well still stop and stare: ‘what a story! I can’t believe it!’ I can even get satisfaction out of it now. You mean he wrecked my life? Think again!!

    The story sets you FREE and in my eyes this is the absolute best place from where to live and love. Through stories you get the perspective you need to not be sucked down and stuck.

  3. Elsa, thanks for being a source of inspiration!

    I am sorry you are in such a painful place! I do have some thoughts on your letter, and I hope they are of some help.

    First question: do you trust yourself? I suspect part of the reason you can’t stop reading your lover’s emails is because you are fulfilling your own prophecy (Sags love prophecies)! You are your own proof people cannot be trusted to not cheat.

    I think that betraying your partner’s privacy (in this case repeatedly) is a violation akin to cheating. If you show a lack of respect or love, you are cheating! You’re cheating your partner, and you are cheating yourself the chance of really loving someone and that must hurt…because loving a person involves trusting them.

    I suspect that part of your mistrust comes from (participating in or witnessing) a previous relationship in which all of these fears of betrayal were validated. People who have a hard time trusting other people usually have proof to back it up: if not in previous realtionships, then in familial life or beyond, hell! to past lives.

    But make no mistake, you are participating in what you fear and despise the most, and no wonder you feel tortured because that goes against the Sag’s emotional grain.
    And trust issues seem especially hellish to deal with, don’t they?
    I believe one hundred percent that jealousy is TRANSCENDABLE!(a great Sag word, no?)

    And you can transcend this behaviour, too! But I think some more help is in order, in the form of a counsellor. It really is too hard dealing with trust issues alone, IMO.

    Good luck to you, I wish you well.

  4. Who the hell else but elsa would have a picture of a horse in a hole?

    I have to ask, which came first the analogy or the picture?????

  5. The fact is, if all this happened, it would get you FREE. Isn’t that funny? Because if he did all this… you’d just up and leave him! And further, you’d have a hell of a story to tell wouldn’t you?

    dude – I don’t even have THAT many planets in sag, but mars, and I’m an aries rising, is there, tightly conjunct neptune. you described me. to the letter. am I scared? hell yes. do I hesitate? sometimes. but do I go for what I want? and do I go ridiculous? yes, yes I do. why? because, at worst, I’ll have a fucking amazing story.

  6. Thanks Elsa. This is going to take a little bit of time to think about, but I think you hit my fear right on the nail. I do fear all that! And much more! My bf actually mentioned it today. He’s aware of my ‘issues’ with trust, and Christine, you’re kinda on the money there, reading your comment was like having my thoughts read, just a little. Regarding the trust issue, especially. And the past relationship issue. This has happened to me TWICE, that I know of. With two different guys, one also a Sagg and one an Aries. One did screw my cousin and one was attracted to my sister, ha ha! These were first two serious relationships that left me so broken that I thought life was over. I had given up before this one! Imagine that, at 23 I had given up! And now I just try to control, and it sucks.

    Thanks for the rest of your comments, and thanks to you again, Elsa. I actually cried while reading this because it rang too true and I really need to get on with this issue.

    (P.S. I’ve had this comment written for days but couldn’t decide on posting it or not).

  7. God, I snoop like that as well. If I don’t snoop, I am not content, I need to know every little thing that my partner is doing, going to do, might be doing, could do all the time. I am not scared of being cheated on though, like Elsa said, it frees you and that’s that. And Christine is absolutely right about this:

    ” I suspect part of the reason you can’t stop reading your lover’s emails is because you are fulfilling your own prophecy (Sags love prophecies)! You are your own proof people cannot be trusted to not cheat. ”

    It’s almost scary, right on.

  8. There is a reason the sag lady snoops in her current boyfrinds email. She either cheated on her previous husband or boyfriend. Now the green eyed monster has got the best of her. I say if any person has that much mistrust in their partner Get the HECK! out of the relationship. My guess this sag lady has cheated on every man she’s been with good luck!

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