Jarring Day

jar of marblesI rolled over and saw the clock this morning. 4:37. We’d overslept! My husband has to be up by 4 am. It was a jarring start to the day.

I’m trying to get my car repaired after that accident a couple weeks ago. I was expecting to here from the body shop. Ultimately, the repair will be delayed but something fantastic came of it. My neighbor fixed my car for a price we were both thrilled with. I have air conditioning again, after a year without. Big difference!

I had a consultation today with a gal who just raped. It makes me sick. She’s been a regular (on and off) around here for a number of years. She was drugged so please, please be careful out there! Don’t forget what can happen.

I also know of a man, left by his wife after 35 years. He was just bewildered by it. Everyone was.

She came back, recently. No one knows why because no one knows why she left either. In whatever case, she’s left again. More bewilderment.

I’ve tried to be productive today but I can really tell there is a grand cross and a t-square in the sky, can’t you?



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  1. yes..I’m out driving in home state I havn’t lived here for years.it was fun getting lost and then finding familiar road and finding my way again. But I went shopping to all the little antique shops and upscale shops and spent money I don’t have.i am not sure how I can fix this.but it sure was fun.

  2. Nothing quite so drastic. But timing was all askew today from what I was hearing from people. Change of work schedule, change of seasons, were some of the reasons I heard. After I left the house, I was like did I lock the door, did I turn off the coffee pot, until I realized it is what it is. Door was closed and locked, coffee pot was off, but I left the lights on in two rooms. Chalk that up to leaving earlier. My training shift this week is an hour and a half earlier than my normal schedule.

    Continued my investigation of the mars uranus situation. Test situation provided the info I needed, not exactly happy with the results. And if her looks could kill, I would be dead. Not sure where to go with it from here, she’s got the guns to back her up it seems. I am slowly being censured. Too bad. The team had a good thing going there for awhile. They are reading it, they are supporting me, but not much they can do about it either. I am the new target. I am not buying it, but I do need to tread carefully. Her guns are loaded and pointed.

  3. My brain is officially out to lunch now.

    I am finding other people to be jarring at the moment. Nerves jangled. Online, it’s fine. IRL, ugh.

  4. Sagg perspective at you Elsa.
    The entitlement thing is so on,we feel as if our intentions alone, give us liberty too permit ourselves or grant our selve freedom of Will. That of self righteous action toward
    our personal needs.
    Then, always reflecting on lessons learned
    of cause and affect
    Or refrain , by moral judgement

  5. I cried all day. I felt a lot of sadness and despair. I barely made It through work and I had to cry in my car.

    My neighbors have become threatening and I’m going to have to move.

    After the crying thing, I came on the site bc I figured there was a grand cross hell hole in the sky and I was right.,.. It feels tense and ugly.

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