January 2020 Horoscopes For All Signs – Build Something Great

Riot kissWell, this is it. The time we’ve been waiting for is finally upon us. The long-anticipated conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is finally coming to fruition. And to really underscore the conjunction, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter will also be making their way through Capricorn. It’s about to get goaty. Think hard work, lasting changes, and real progress. Also think consequences and comeuppance.

But there’s more to the story of this month.

We’ve also got Uranus finally turning direct, prompting us to really get moving on our projects and to make the changes we want to see in the world. Shortly thereafter Mercury will move into Aquarius, where it will square Uranus. The Sun soon follows suit. So after all the slow, plodding progress and the doling out of predictable consequences, expect to see something a little jarring to shake us out of our stupor.

And I don’t expect it to be bad. Mercury performs exceptionally well in Aquarius. And on top of that. Venus will be moving into Pisces, where it exalts. When you have love and communication running smoothly, what is there to fear?

Look at it like this. Yes, there are sometimes disasters. Yes, sometimes we are buffeted by forces outside our control. And yes, sometimes the worst does happen. But sometimes it doesn’t. And even if it does, that is when people come together. Earlier this year, my city was impacted by devastating tornados, heart-wrenching hate rallies, and a deranged mass shooter. And in the wake of those tragedies, I saw a side of my city I never knew existed. We rose up. We stood together shoulder to shoulder and declared that nothing could take us down. Yes, the pain lingers, but we are stronger because of it. That’s not a platitude. I live it every day. I see the hopeful rebuilding, the new roofs going on homes, the communities of former strangers still getting together every week to work on grassroots action. We came together to work for a greater goal, and we are achieving it one day at a time. And so can you.

So kiss in the streets. Find beauty in the ruins. Build each other up. And love harder than ever.

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January 2020 Horoscopes For All Signs – Build Something Great — 16 Comments

  1. So Beautiful and rallying, Elsa.

    And SO 8th house…finding something beautiful in the darkness.

    I hope to be strong enough to follow your footsteps…my moon in 8th. 2nd Saturn Return coming March.

    A goaty New Year to you too Elsa!

    From your “rather gleeful about the hard work bit” Virgo

  2. SO sorry Midera. Read too fast while rushing out the door to work… :-O
    Happy Goaty New Year to BOTH you and Elsa 😀

  3. Tornados, a real thing, and “heart wrenching hate rallies”, an opinion?? Please explain why what other people think is so important to you….

    • Hate rallies are far different in energy than other rallies and marches.
      Hate is an energy that doesnt dissipate like anger. It simply goes underground and rears its ugly head once in a while in a hurtful and destructive ways. And while it seems directed at one person or group, it eventually spills out into a community and can morph into something that poisons the well of the whole village.
      Like anger it can be misguided and misdirected.
      Despite our best efforts at being islands unto ourselves and not caring what other people think, we forget that it goes both ways…other people not caring about what WE think and therefore boundaries can get trangressed and disrespected.

      Its heart wrenching that our culture dehumanizing and dismissing other peoples feeling or boundaries to such a level as to dismiss the actions of others as not THEIR problem.
      Until it becomes their problem.

  4. Thank you once again for your work (Elsa) and (midair’s), I am thankful that Midara has mentioned for Capricorn that ( the Pluto/Saturn) information from many astrologers has become overwhelming with mix advise. ( how true) who or what data records After such a long time (for Pluto/Saturn 225years ago) to visit Capricorn’s could possible share advice on how how it will effect 1 or the earth.
    I going to say this. Australia is on fire fire destroyed and death has unfolded. Up comes Saturn and now the structures have of army/navy and medical support and government support are now kicking in. That ‘s because Saturn is the boss and hopefully Saturn time with Pluto will slow the fires down while fast approaching Jupiter will bring the wet season soon.

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