It’s The End Of The World – What Would You Do?

The other day I was talking to the gal in the gym about Armageddon, I guess you could say. You know. The world is ending. There is blood in the streets; people are savage, fighting over food or what few resources are left and boy was I surprised when she said this:

“I know what I’m going to do if that happens,” she said.

“Yeah, what?”

“Well I have a big bottle of sleeping pills up in my closet and if that happens, I will kill my whole family. I won’t put my kids through that. We’re just all going to go to sleep.”

What do you think of this and more importantly, what would you do and why? Can you see your tendency in your chart?


It’s The End Of The World – What Would You Do? — 40 Comments

  1. Work for the best and act with goodness to others regardless. I’m also a brown belt in tae kwon do, have been learning to shoot at the range, have bird dogs to hunt with and am preparing for the unknown… πŸ™‚

    Nothing wrong with preparedness eh?? I’m an art school drop out and majored in anthropology…so who woulda thunk it? And I am a pacificist in my own reality.

  2. Maybe it’s my natural revolutionary/leadership tendancies on my South Node end (conjunct Mercury/Mars in the 5th house) with all that trine Neptune in the 8th house of the apocolypse and my Sag North Norde in the 11th house – but I would undoubtedly be on the front lines of survival and helping others to do the same through both a practical and spiritual perspective.

  3. Yes, I’ve thought about this scenario before. And it’s one of the reasons I left So Cal – too many people in too small an area with very limited resources in such an emergency. Do I want to have to deal with that scenario, NO! I like my indoor plumbing, hot & cold running water & electricity. Could I do it?! Reluctantly but yes… though I reserve the right to bitch about it!! πŸ™‚ Mars/Mercury/ASC/Jupiter in Scorpio

  4. People have been in a panic about the end of the world since the BEGINNING of the world. I got in the habit of telling my clients… particularly around the August 99 eclipse Nostradamus talked about and again around Y2K… “Always bet AGAINST the world coming to an end. You’ll only ever be wrong ONCE.”

    Having said that, if the world HAS to end… I want to be the guy pushing the button. πŸ™‚

  5. hell no, the human creature is adaptable and if the species has survived this long i’m gonna’ give it credit on keeping going, as long as we’re willing to try to protect what matters to us.
    hopefully people will realize that’s something other than things.

    eh, i’ve had post apocalyptic dreams since i was a kid. there’s always something worth living for. more often, someone.

    besides, i’d rather not reincarnate as a cockroach, really. πŸ˜›

    i got some important stuff in the 8th house. aries. and a heavily aspected saturn.
    and then there’s the aquarius moon where i expect i have to stick it up to power to have space to live, one way or another. or is that saturn square uranus with the mercury thrown in?

  6. I think that was a scary answer. I can think of many scenarios that might seem like the end of the world that actually isn’t. Me, I have a car and I know how to get the hell out. I’d be most worried about my cat who refuses to eat anything unless it’s crunchy. Maybe fried rabbit is crunchy enough for her? I always think I’d have a hard time with having to kill animals myself to eat, but if I had to feed my cat, I think I could do it.

    Interesting point though. I had a dream once that I was a soldier on a military base and I had literally 30 seconds to get to a nearby bunker that was stocked with enough food and supplies to live 10-20 yrs. In the dream I knew it was nuclear holocaust worldwide. When I woke up I wondered if it would be worth surviving like that, knowing that everyone else in the world was most likely dead.

  7. Gem, that’s interesting. I wonder if this “pacifist, but prepared” attitude reflects in your chart.

    Hard for me to say what I’d do under such circumstances. I’m not prepared at all. Most likely I’d be passive (Mars in Cancer) and if I choose to commit suicide or fight to live depends also on what sort of death awaits me – a violent death or dying of hunger are not very appealing. Going to sleep and never waking up is painless and dignified when the chances of survival are slim anyway and involve the loss of all moral values. It’s important to me to preserve not only my physical existence, but also a sense of who I am and of my most basic values, otherwise I loose myself even if I get to physically exist another day or two. Here’s how people with a strong Water disposition make their decisions: ‘How am I going to FEEL if I do this or that?’. Could I live with myself? Am I going to feel extremely guilty and horrible? But that is very easy to say as I sit in front of my PC screen, taking another bite from my chocolate bar and lighting myself a cigarette. Can hunger and a really strong desire to survive trigger me to commit real acts of violence? Very hard to predict. Of course it would be different if I had kids. I’d kill for my kids. I might painlessly kill them only if they’re facing a sure and immediate horrible death.

    I’d say my most likely course of action in such extreme circumstances would be to try and leach onto someone that is stronger and far more aggressive than me that will defend me and share his resources with me, however he gets them, because he’s emotionally and sexually dependent on me and needs me for small services of convenience, such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of his wounds, sewing warm cloths for him and so on – now that is truly Cancerian all the way πŸ˜€ (that is not a moral or a rational recommendation, but a realistic predictive evaluation of my choices in a very extreme situation).

  8. I am no more preparing for the end of the world than I am for peanuts to start talking. I hate “fear monger” shit! First the Soviets were going to kill us all, then it was swine flu, Aids, Ebola, SARS, bird flu; not a matter of if, but when people. Weapons of mass destruction. Blah, blah, blah. What a bunch of crap.

  9. Melody (#4), the spiritual perspective might be really really difficult in such trying situations. If you know any real survival stories from Nazi concentration camps. Or even if you get to see homeless people in the street fighting over a warm blanket in winter. The questions of meaning and purpose are really hard to tackle if you even get to them – the questions of why live and what is the meaning of your existence? What’s the meaning of surviving another day when the end is near and sure (assuming it is the end of the world) and the cost in moral values and in effort and suffering is so high? What is the value of life and of human existence when you are faced with both the worst in human nature (loss of all moral values) and the greatest most moving acts of mercy and sacrifice (even if it’s the smallest thing in our current concepts like someone handing you a piece of bread or a cigarette, or extending a hand to prevent you from falling in a long hard slippery walk when you’re hungry, malnourished and weak)?

  10. If something like that were to happen, or even begin to appear to be coming soon, I would do whatever I could to move my family out to the middle of nowhere, far away from cities. Then I would start stockpiling food, water, and ammo. We mighth ave to go survivalist for a while, but that’s ok.

    Erm, 8th house stellium in Aries… 5th house Cap Moon… I think that explains it, but I’m not positive.

  11. Tam (#9), I agree, I don’t believe that I will live to see THE End of the World, with a capital E, but it is interesting to contemplate it hypothetically – I mean how are you going to act and think and feel in the most extreme situations?

  12. Responding to Debby – possibly what you say is true – I haven’t survived an apocalypse so I really don’t know. However, there is enough to read in both books and the internet to firmly support the theory that if this civilization were to end in an apocalyptic manner, it would not be the first time. One can then have the discussion of whether it was indeed just such a lack of human spirit in it’s purest form that would cause this, and what characteristics the survivors may have had. On an emotionally and spiritually younger age (which many are regardless of chronological age) we could have a “Lord of the Flies” scenario. And, as Victor Frankl wrote about in “Man’s Search for Meaning”, meaning can be found in the worst conditions. He was a concentration camp survivor and saw that some did not give up their meaning or spirituality – in fact it kept them alive. He said, “The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose ones attitude in any given circumstance.”

    I hear you on the fact that it’s hard to ponder the deeper questions of life when hungry and in despair. My father was a missionary among the very poor in third world countries and his philosophy was always to feed, clothe, and teach how to make life better, etc. before “preaching”. However, as to the question of the value of life, it sounds like you are saying that if things got that bad it would lose all value. I just don’t see it that way and hope that I would be prepared to help myself and others get up and try again.

  13. Well I don’t know that the end of the world will happen anytime soon, but we aren’t as a species taking care of this planet by overpopulating, overusing and under appreciating. Things result from this and we need to be accountable…and sometimes it’s not pleasant.

    I don’t like thinking of apocalyptic things and the learning to shoot guns comes from my pisces fiancee….water??? It’s a recent thing, but quite fun at the range. I’d only used starter pistols with the gun dog traning I did with my puppers.

    Anyway, I’m going to play with my dogs…and dream pleasant things.

    Oh, leo and gemini stellium, aries rising.

  14. I’d either a) run and hole up with my family. b) try to find the fastest way to escape it (even if that’s death) or c) If a and b were not options, I’d find the group of people combatting it best and side with them to fight for what good is left.

    The multiple options are definitely reflective of a Libran mind.

  15. I’m with seekingzen: survivalist mode. Round up my family and head for the hills with food, water, and a full arsenal. Aries stellium in the 5th and Cappy Moon in 2nd.

  16. Hmmm I couldnt really say til the situation happened but I know that I wouldnt give up without a fight to survive and making sure my family is safe and alright. Even if it meant doing it tough. I wont like it but if I have to do it, i will do it and I would get though it, nothing is going to stop me, even if I die trying. As long as theres a will theres a way.
    Scorpio Sun, packed 8th house and Cap moon.

  17. End of the world? Would be my end, too. In my last hours I would really really appreciate good sex (PLEASE!!), apart from that IΒ΄m ready to go at any time. I love life, but basically because itΒ΄s got a definite ending.

    Surviving the Apocalypse? What for? Well, I could tell the other survivors about the good sex ;-).

  18. I had a boyfriend who was really into survival preparation. It always made me feel slightly uneasy because maybe he’s intuitively aware that something really was going to happen. Then I realized that it was just his favorite escape fantasy from THIS reality and I relaxed and let him indulge himself.

    I’m all in favor of betting against the world ending, but if it did I would most definitely be a survivor. I’m a highly adaptable Gemini with a whole lot of Scorpio determination.

  19. Someone asked me something similar the other day – i said i’d move home (in the country) and raise some animals etc.. The last thing i’d do is kill my family – i need them to survive lol.

  20. My roomate Geoffery (pisces) gets all excited about this about every two months. See? He’s going to go a’huntin and put his survival skills to the test. He figures people’ll be dying left and right but he’ll get through because he’s clever and he can eat that left over take out thats been sitting in the fridge for an unhealthy amount of time. And I always tell him I’ll kil myself because I like comfort! I like my soft bed and my take out food! I like money in the bank and knowing thats all I really need! And then he tells me how he’ll take me along in comfort cause I wouldn’t be as useless as I think, unless I was and then he’d abandon me after a month or two.

    Really I’d find a way to survive. I got no interest in going before my time not while there’s still stuff to see and places to go. It’d be an adventure. I guess its all my Saturn/Jupiter Capricorn/Sag 1st house/9th house stuff. I know I can work hard and that that’ll help me end up on top whenever I want to make the effort. And that really when things get too intense all it takes is a couple minutes with my eyes closed for me to 12th house neptune escape, and then bam! Right back at it.

  21. I hate preparing for anything. I think I’ll be the bozo they find admist the rubble holding a can of coke and a cigarette saying “I dunno how I survived the last 10 years. I just, uh, did.”

  22. Wow good question. I’ve always answered this thinking of it without the people fighting over food aspect. If it’s violent, that changes things. Considering I don’t like violence but am very competitive, I’d probably turn it into a game or think of it as an action movie and try to be all stealthy and get somewhere safe. And it could go either way for me – I do something stupid and end up dead, or be the amateur who managed to magically survive. This is probably my Mars tied up with Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th, but I’m not sure.

  23. The “world has ended” lots of times already to a lot of societies. Like that is going to stop, just because we are in modern times? LOL

    I’d get my neighbors together to try to help each other out, I guess.

    I wouldn’t do what that lady imagined though that’s for sure. I don’t have kids though.

  24. I have hypothesised about various situations in my life and told myself and others what I would absolutely definitely do should those circumstances arise. On every occasion I have done something entirely and completely different. I cannot tell you what I would do come the apocolypse, because then I would be a liar and that’s not a nice thing to be at the end of the world!!!!

  25. I pulled this up because I came across it of course, but also I noted that at the time I originally posted this, I have little idea my answer personally but now things are quite crystalline.

  26. I think that was a terrible answer. Kill her whole family? Control much? That reminds me of the guy who lost a lot of money in the stock market or something and murdered his whole family. Including the horses.

  27. errr…get to high ground. bury some important books. build an arc…oh wait, thats been done before!

    now aliens coming, that another story! lol

  28. life is brutal. give the kiddos a chance to prove their inner strength. what sort of people would we be if we gave up trying when thing got ugly?

    weak, is what.
    well, we could use a few less weak (of character) people.
    but, seriously, the kids shouldn’t have to pay for their parents’ inadequacies.

    jonestown self obsession, that kind of thing has always felt like…. and it’s the number one reason parents kill their kids. makes me want to vomit.

  29. what would i do?
    well, i’m already working on the house in the mountains. planning on getting myself licensed to carry. more to the point, trained to shoot a gun well.
    orienting myself more towards learning how to garden, etc. would like to engage in green tech as a route to self sufficiency… ooh… i have plans. just stuff takes so darn long to put in place when you have to put food on the table…

    i have a great number of people with survivalist inclinations among my social group. have always been drawn to them… a cancer 11th house? hm.

  30. I just love any sentence that starts with “The other day I was talking to the gal in the gym about Armageddon….”

  31. so, to those that chose to judge the woman: does it make any difference to find out that I have said that?

    I am aware of all the “buts” mentioned above. I’m highly intelligent. I’m good in a crisis. I’m talking worst case scenario when all else has failed and my children are starving to death, facing grim violence, or gravely injured. I want ALL options open to me. that doesn’t mean I would exercize them prematurely.

    it’s easy to make judgments about someone else– it takes a lot more imagination to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  32. satori, granted it would not be an easy decision to make. It sounded, however, like she was giving up before all that happened.

    Well I have a big bottle of sleeping pills up in my closet and if that happens, I will kill my whole family. I won’t put my kids through that.

    So yeah. If my kids are starving to death or they’re injured beyond all help, then sure. But before that? Nope.

  33. Good Lord, I’d just lay down and die. I mean, seriously, can little old PixieDust wrestle and win against THE END OF THE WORLD???

    It is just so laughable!! And at that point, death might be a far more enticing prospect, and the afterlife kinda interesting. I’m gonna die anyway, right? Might as well go out before it gets too ugly. Did you ever lie there and wait for general anesthesia to take over? That’s what I imagine death is like.

  34. I don’t know if this relates to what the question is, but when I was 10 yrs. old, my brother 12 and my younger sister, 7 we were living in Central America at the time. My parents had come up to the States because my mother was having complications with her pregnancy with our youngest sibling. so, the three of us were left in Honduras with our housekeeper who was in her 50’s. In those days, we only had ham radios to communicate and a very, very poor telephone service. Needless to say, my parents left on a sunny day with no idea of what was to happen while they were gone. A category 5 hurricane came through our town and destroyed almost everything and everybody. Whole villages were washed out by rivers that ran straight through our small town. We had to leave our house and get to higher ground…my brother at 12 made the decision for us to leave the house at 2:00 am…..water was breaking through our house and flooding it….we left in my parents car..he had just learned to drive….and only went a little ways before the car died in the middle of trying to cross a river that was running through the main streets. All the housekeeper could do was pray really loud and she was panicked because she didn;t know how to swim. We (my brother and I) decided we needed to get to the highest place….that was the convent run by the Sisters of Mercy across town. The strongest people made a human chain across the wide boulevard that was now a major flowing river and were pulling people across….we all clung to each other and made it across the river…we then walked for over 2 hours to get to the convent in torrential rains and fierce winds. On the way, we found a cave, where we hid because the debris was flying in every direction. We eventually made it and found that the convent had been literally cut in half by a huge oak tree, but the nuns had sectioned off an area for shelter. We stayed there for two days and decided to walk back to our house after the storm to check on our house and see if any of our pets, (4 dogs, 3 cats, a monkey) were alive. It looked like a war zone…there were dead people, children littered in the streets and hanging in the trees…people who could not swim and drowned…cows and horses….well, it was horrible.

    Electricity and water did not come back for a couple of weeks…there was no telephone service and it was days before we could finally radio my parents in Miami that we were all alive and okay. That in itself was a miracle, but we had another one waiting for us when we made it to our house….we had a treehouse in the backyard that was pretty high up….I still don’t know how, but a hand from GOD, all the animals were up in the treehouse and alive and scared to death….it was such a beautiful sight…my brother and I started crying for the first time since it had all began. There was an instinct in each of us to make it and pull each other through….as young as we were. I am a CApricorn with lots of planets in 5th house….don’t know if that is it, but I am a fighter and I can withstand a tremendous amount. That felt like the end of the world to me….I still remember it vividly….

    • What an amazing and miraculous experience, Dena! I hope you’ll share this with the whole world in a book or film someday, perhaps include bits about other survivors you encountered during and afterwards. Riveting!

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