Is Your Personality Well Defined?

italian girlI  notice some people have personalities that are very well defined.  In some cases this might be because the person has developed their character but in other cases, it indicates the exact opposite.

For example, some people have a stellium in a certain sign, or they may have a configuration that dominates their chart. They may have honed this energy until it’s expression has become distinguished, in which case their energy is purified.

In other cases a person plays one note but it’s because they’re decidedly undeveloped.  They maybe acting one side of an opposition in their chart, or living in an easy aspect, like a grand trine, while failing to exercise or even be aware of their own depth or nuance in other areas.

Some people do not have strongly defined personalities but this does not mean they’re not evolved. There is a gal around here who comes to mind when I write this. I have seen Pisceans flow around like they’re not even there. Other people are full bore, full time.

How defined is your character?



Is Your Personality Well Defined? — 38 Comments

  1. I think I have got a distinctive personality. Doesn’t come on very strong, but once you know me my quirks are hard to miss 🙂 I have stellium(s)- Everything is from Scorpio to Pisces in my chart.

  2. I think I am living out my Pluto Opposition to my ascendant but I believe this will change once I become more independent because it is wrapped up in family patterns I am physically living with. I have planets traversing the upper half of my chart with only one notable conjunction (not counting asteroids). Those areas could use more definition. Haven’t even touched bottom part of my chart yet.. it gets activated when I come in contact with folks with planets in Taurus – Libra.

  3. I don’t think you need me to tell you – I have seven planets and a few main asteroids in Cardinal! My Cap stellium is the prime mover and I believe it shows

  4. fairly defined, a few t-squares dominating your chart with not much left on it’s own will offer that up. 😀

  5. I believe I have a well-defined personality. People tell me I have a strong presence (even though I feel like I’m lurking in the background)and that they know exactly where I stand on certain issues. I have a stellium of four planets in Gemini in 9th house and three planets in Virgo in 12th house. Up until my early thirties, my Libra rising accomodated and excused too many people. My progressed Scorpio ascendant (and age/experience) has put a stop to that nonsense.

  6. I know I get confused a lot, so I am very grateful (Elsa) and all of you have patience with me. This time I don’t understand what a “defined” personality is.

    I understand “developed” and I understand “integrated” but I don’t know what “defined” means?

    Does it have anything to do with being the Dot in the center of our chart, instead of a bunch of separate parts, symbolized by the planets?

  7. “In some cases this might be because the person has developed their character but in other cases, it indicates the exact opposite.”

    That’s interesting….

  8. eighth house stellium
    mer, Leo, venus, Leo, uranus and pluto in Virgo
    I have a very strong personality, I can come on really strong, even if it is really not my intention, people either like or hate me, no in between unfortunately

    I have learnt to accept myself though, life is too short to really care what people think at this point in my life

    I am earthy, thanks to my Asc – Cap and Taurus Moon

  9. Virgo/Capricorn stellium all day, everyday.

    I’m really glad to have sun trine moon in fire signs and an exalted Jupiter to offset all this dry, gloomy earth.

  10. I think a perfect example of well defined personality would be this cringe-worthy interview with Thom Yorke around the time of Kid A:

    Just solely going by this video one can easily tell he has some very strong Virgo and Scorpio influence. Funny thing that he happens to have a stellium in both. Quite shy and often is heard saying negative things about himself.

    The guy was very depressive early in his career, but something must have happened to have him to a complete 180–it’s like he woke up and found a purpose in life that makes him happier now.

  11. I don’t know, either, mostly because I don’t know how to define it–I just feel like me…I have Uranus in 11th and I am surrounded by strong personalities, that’s for sure.

  12. I am told I have a strong personality with 8th stellium in Virgo. My thing: “We all get a turn, stop pushing you jerk!”

  13. With Jupiter and Neptune in the Scorpio 8th, a Sun in the 4th and a Leo stellium in the 6th I feel my character is pretty fixed and predictable. However my Pisces Asc opposite Pluto on the Desc seems to make me invisible or unheard on many occasions. I am not quiet or bland but I seem to fire up others till they overtake me! There is always someone MORE dramatic around.

  14. I think “personality” is an illusion, but then I have Neptune.

    Character is what counts. I am sorry and glad to say that doesn’t change. Or not without extreme pressure.

  15. I *think* I have a very well defined personality. Not trying to come across as egocentric at all, it just seems to have always been the case. Not sure if others would neccesarily agree?

  16. Interesting. My personality is not very defined, although sometimes it appears that way. I have a Pisces Sun and Moon in house 8, so while I’m slippery and adaptable, I continually transform unwanted parts of my character.

    There are some traits that stay consistent in my personality though. One trait I have always had and probably always will have is perseverance. My mom told me I have always had a strong will from the time I was born.

  17. I don’t think I am very defined. I have that scorpio stellium in the 12th and then all that Sag Moon, venus. I can come across as having a very soft ,weak character. but then If my family or someone I think is an under dog comes under attack I can become vicious.
    I think having my sun in the 12th does not allow me to see myself clearly?

  18. It’s hard to separate the differences . When I think of my personality , it’s my energy towards others more than it’s my own will. Writing it down seems super manipulative ? , but I think of my “personality “ as a toolkit. Maybe I’m playing the same notes, I can relate to that , but more because I’m withholding a private personality that might not flow with who I’ve been to others before. It’s also because it’s less demanding. That personality has certain borders.

  19. Ive been told that I have a strong personality. All my planets are kinda bunched up together. Ive only got a few themes in my life, its very focused.

  20. I’m not sure that I have a well-defined character.
    Part of me is restrained (Sun conj Saturn), another part is held back (Mars in Libra in 12th), and my Moon (opposed by Sun, Saturn & Pluto) is in the pits.
    Then again, perhaps this gives me some sort of blatant non-personality??? The person who isn’t really there?
    It’s not obvious!!! (literally)

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