Astrology is What You Make It

planets sun orbitA while back I was talking to a friend who is just beginning to learn astrology. She said that while she loved astrology and found it incredibly illuminating, it also felt a bit restrictive. She would see a harsh aspect in her chart or a tough transit coming up and feel stuck, doomed to a terrible fate. She was also concerned that people could use astrology as a crutch or an excuse for not improving their lives.

I replied, “You’re right, there are a TON of terrible ways to use astrology, just like any other tool. You can use astrology to constrict yourself and live in fear, or you can develop a philosophy that expands your life and leaves you feeling in control of your future. A good astrologer knows how to leave people empowered.”

“But how do you empower people when Pluto opposes their Moon or something else objectively terrible? Those situations suck no matter what.”

“That’s true. No one ever had a fun, lighthearted Pluto transit. I advocate acknowledging and validating the pain and darkness the person is feeling. There’s no use in pretending that it doesn’t exist. But the beauty of astrology is that it gives you the tools to help transmute that pain into something valuable that enhances people’s lives.”

“And how do you manage that?”

“By taking it to the root. Pluto is a necessary part of life. Everything needs to be transformed eventually. Steel needs to go into the forge before it is honed. And everyone has something in their lives that doesn’t serve them. By finding that thing, that root, you can help people to work with the transformation. And understanding that the pain has a purpose helps defend against despair. Imagine going through a transit like that without that understanding. It would be awful.”

To me, that really is the beauty of astrology. It places our joys and struggles within the context of our larger story and connects us to the world at large. It helps us to understand the purpose behind our experiences and pushes us to keep growing. It’s true that astrology, like anything else, can be restrictive if you let it. But it has just as much potential to set us free. It’s all in how you use it.

Has astrology enriched your life? Has it ever made things worse? Tell us your story!

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Astrology is What You Make It — 9 Comments

  1. I agree that pain has a purpose. I also like to look at life in terms of self-improvement. Without pain, we become complacent. When there is a struggle to overcome, it sharpens us. I don’t enjoy feeling pain but I always aim to come out stronger on the other side. I carry pain with me and believe I always will, but it doesn’t weigh me down because I consider it part of the human condition.

    Additionally, knowing when a transit is on its way allows me to mentally prepare to a degree. It’s a good way to develop acceptance of things we can’t control.

    I also like to remind myself, we don’t live in heaven. We live on Earth.

  2. The only negative effect was in the early days, like reading astrologers and not realizing they are people with their own perspective. Hangin on every word. Questioning myself. Like that Saturn square Pluto aspect I have. I need to obey authorities. No shit, that’s what the guy wrote. Ye gads. More like find my own authenticity would be more like it. If I would have followed the authorities in my family and in my job and in my community I would be a criminal. I have uranus in the 9th so I stay within the law of the land.

    Saturn is in my first house so that’s where I started. I think it was the same guy who said saturn square pluto, your death will be the result of mass karma. Whew! What a start on my astrological journey.

    I am to the point where I can usually understand why an astrologer would say this or that, even when it would not be my take for where I am at on my journey.

    I also think some of the astrology sites that I read for awhile where very destructive. Just nasty frickin people. I see it as a helping profession. They just grilled some of the bloggers. I found that to be very offensive.

    I always bought a Mountain Astrologer magazine and then one month they had some short stories from astrologers complaining about their clients relating it to their sun signs. I mean the comics were funny, they were comics. But those narratives were cruel. Last one of their magazines I bought. So yeah, astrologers are people, but it is a profession, and I would not get away talking like that in my profession.

    I guess it’s like anything, I have to take responsibility for myself and so yes, astrology has helped with that and enriched my life.

  3. I am waking up not only thinking about my friend’s spindly indoor potted sage plant and my sage bush outdoors, but also the enrichment because she is being forced into making changes due to her health. I know her mars pluto in scorpio drive to success success success stress. But what I love is her beautifully creative sun jupiter in libra. Her body completely broken down. She has become a zebra. The body has been mapped, the levels have been taken, the specialists are in place. And hopefully the infusions will show good results. AGL level?? The conversation we had, her journey, her transformation. The knowlege I have of the planetary elements deepen that for me. It is a deeply rich experience for me. So I guess what I know astrologically helps me to understand others better. It deepens my experience of life. And also tests my patience at time. Like my ol pal, may he rest in peace, said, I can’t handle people who don’t work their process. For me, if I hadn’t done this, my time on the planet would have been wasted. But then, that’s me. That’s probably in my chart too. Some of us, did we really have a choice about this?

  4. Yes Pluto transits aren’t a walk in the park. But you can always take a walk in the park to help alleviate some of the pain – that’s what I do. Transit Pluto 12H Cap trining Natal Pluto 7H Virgo.

    When Jupiter was transiting my 10H I took full advantage to make money, get rid of debt, and save all that I could. Made my financial world 100 percent better and I learned that it was the choices I made that put me in the mess, so I changed my ways. It wasn’t LIFE – it was me. And I am hopeful that when Mars goes retrograde in my 2H, because I got my shit together, I’ll be able to weather the storm.

  5. Yes! Astrology has enriched my life – just reading at EE has put me in contact with lots of cool people who have many things to say about life and their experiences (not to mention EE herself, Satori and Midara).
    When I’m down & out I think of all this, so many different lives and how to cope, it gives me hope.
    As for astrology itself, it’s a way of looking at life from many different angles. A way out of one-way vision that keeps people imprisoned in some negative ideas that might have been put in their heads.
    It’s not an instant remedy, but it helps for trying to find a way out.

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