Is There Something In Your Chart That Scares You?

Yesterday I met a gal who was freaked out because she has Saturn in the 8th house in Scorpio and she’s heading into her Saturn return. The transit is several years out. She’s concerned her father will die, she’ll be extorted etc.  This is not her fault.

I remember when I first started thinking about Pluto transiting my 12th.  I googled it and I got back a bunch of “you are going to be stricken with syphilis and what not.

This prompted me to write a few posts like this: Astrology That Scares The Hell Out of People to hopefully spare others! So here is my question:

Is there something in your chart that scares or disturbs you? Tell us what it is. Purge and be reassured!



Is There Something In Your Chart That Scares You? — 55 Comments

  1. YES! Neptune is about to oppose my stellium in Leo that includes Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and Mars. Everything I’ve read has said “You won’t be able to to any mental work (I plan on entering grad school) and your relationships will dissolve (I’m getting married!) and you’ll lose you sense of self completely and be stricken with mysterious illnesses and you might as well not even get out of bed for three years.”

    That is horrifying!

  2. As I said in another post, I’ve had so many major Pluto transits, nothing freaks me out any more.

    Pluto is finishing its square to my Venus before it goes out of sign…in fact, it’s almost exact by minute.

    Uranus and Saturn will be forming a t with Venus in the next couple of years. Ai yi yi.

    Not to mention I’m still feeling a bit beat up by Neptune opposing and Saturn conjoining Sun/Mars in recent years.

    Strangely, the recent transits to my Mercury (Uranus opposition, Saturn very recently conjunct) were very energizing and revealing.

  3. Midara, please don’t worry! I went through that same transit (Neptune opposite a Sun/Mars conjunction in Leo) a few years ago. While I DID “lose myself” for a while, I came out of it, stronger and wiser.

    To make the story quick, I have OCD, had it since childhood, but was never formally diagnosed. I had a very bad relapse in 2004, so bad that I feel into a major depression. I indeed “lost myself” for a while…but I got myself to the doctor and was properly medicated (Neptune).

    I also had a lot of relationship trouble, but no, it didn’t dissolve.

    This is how I look at this transit: There’s a lot of confusion going on, but anything that’s not leading you down the right path for your soul’s health is going to vanish.

  4. Well, I have Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th house, and am creeped out about Pluto’s move into Capricorn, which would 4th house, right? And then there’s Cancer on my midheaven…Not only that, but my sun’s in the 8th..pluto squares it..and this conjures all sorts of creepy feelings about my sex life..
    It is all so austere.
    Is my life going to be da bomb or just bomb?I’m thinking to myself, stay centered, I’m more self-aware than I have ever been in my whole life, just go for it…I can handle whatever comes up…or can I? Yikes.

  5. My sun in the 12th sometimes makes me worry, institutions and all,lol. My neptune in scorp in the 6th square my aquarius moon in the 9th. I was also told I had a couple yods in my chart invoving my moon,venus pluto, and uranus hmmmm…..

  6. Oh Elsa:) What an excellent initiative!

    The same thing happened to me when I first started posting my chart and trusting strangers to “read” it^^.
    Among other disconcerting replies was one who took the “insane asylum” approach to my 12th house Neptune… Not to mention my obvious brutality with Mars conjunct Pluto! Never mind that it’s in sextile with my very prominent Neptune!;) Apparently, that would make me disoriented AND brutal; a very dangerous creature. LMAO!
    Several years (and books) later I know better, thank Goddess;) and try to dissuade such astro-trolls as as best I can when the opportunity presents itself:)

  7. No not really.

    Saturn in the 8th house in Scorpio feared to be problematic at the Saturn return?

    I have Saturn in 8th in Scorpio, it’s intense in certain ways…and with a Sun/Merc opposition…my Saturn return is when my life turned around 180 degrees and started going beautifully for a change. Everything changed for the better. Also, it was the first time in my life I felt anything other than abject poverty. Don’t forget that the 8th house is another one of the money houses.

    I also do a lot of research in topics involved with the occult, and I study suicide charts and stuff like that. That is another function of Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th…researchers.. and those who study what might be said to be dark topics. I think Elizabeth Kubler Ross has saturn in Scorp like this; she studies death and dying.

    My father died when I was 15, more than a decade before that Saturn return happened… Pluto was spot on transit my 7th house cusp…there are too many other variables to consider in things like this freak out about any one variable

    yes bad things are going to happen sometimes and we all lose people we love sometimes. I don’t understanding freaking out…it is like, what, do you live in perpetual denial, thinking that nothing is ever going to happen that is upsetting? My father was an extremely impaired person the whole time I knew him, and it is relfected in my chart, but wow you should see his! Sun represents the father is what I have been told, among other things, I don’t think it is typical that Saturn represents father.

    Furthermore, it is hard to get extorted unless you really play into it or allow it to happen.

    Most of what I see, I see in hindsight. Like that great solar eclipse situation of Aug 99…would I have done anything differently, who knows, I hope not. Why not? I ended up enlightened..who’d want to change that?

    Man, if I worried alot about my chart my life would S.U.C.K.

    My next big Pluto pass with be Pluto square Venus. How did that go for you Lis?

  8. Well,I’m an astrologer so I should know better but when another “famous” astrologer told me “hhhmmm ,Pluto opposite the I.C.–some people actually die under that transit..”well, it did bother me now and again.Pluto is now past the degree of my midheaven by several degrees.. there was a big blow up in our family business that created a chance for me to RETURN to management of our business, which is perfect for this time of my life–and I am having lots of energies telling me to do public volunteer work–but I have not died, don’t expect to–

    Some days i’d like to forget all about astrology and just ‘live life!”

  9. I don’t mean to say I don’t get freaking out over losing someone you love. I mean to say I don’t get freaking out over it in advance. I know lots of people who predicted things like loss of a parent and the prediction was WRONG

  10. Hm. Pluto crossing my 0 capricorn ascendant. Neptune approaching natal Saturn and then Chiron in the 2nd house. Uranus conjunct Chiron. Progressed mars approaching natal uranus in the 8th house.

    Pluto in the first house in Capricorn. Marvelous.

  11. There are a few things in my chart that scare me. I’ve discussed a few of them here before, and found a lot of comforting words from all of you.

  12. Doomsday scenarios! Yay!

    Pluto hitting 3-4 Capricorn. It’s going to cross into my IC and hit my mars/venus on the way. I could pretty much already say what’s going to happen because I’ve seen what Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars do whenever they cross this axis… but then Pluto’s Pluto. I don’t know and shouldn’t make predictions just because Mars is an asshole.

  13. Eva you have some interesting dynamics also, hope you will be joining us in the class, maybe sharing your chart.

    I have that same transit, Madeline, I don’t know how exact it is because I have been given my birthtime from my mother’s memory and (that is all, but my rectifications suggest it is amazingly spot on). In addition to Pluto T MC/NN, it is also exactly opposite my progressed sun sitting on the IC. This (and more) is a very intense set up.

    Anyone could die, myself or anyone else I am involved with. Everyday I stand in front of my shrine praying to Shiva and the others, not asking them to spare my life, but telling God that I am totally willing to surrender any and all attachments to this life this worldly body and any-every-thing about any second in time.

    That did not start just this year but in 2000, but I hope it is a practice that continues until the time is right. Why wait to prepare?

  14. Well, no offense loonsounds, But I am NOT ready to relinquish my hold on my physical body or that of my loved ones, just yet. I actually lost most of my elders over the past 10 years already–

    So– still just hoping some interesting and dynamic areer moves will be the continuing–witht his economy it’s taking a LOT of effort for me to help keep our business prosperous–I expect that to continue.. but the exact aspect is over with–whew.. Here I still am..

  15. No offense taken Madeline, and actually I wasn’t recommending that anyone do things the way I do them, just saying what is up with me.

  16. ok imagine this – my 12yr old daughter has a Capricorn Ascendant 6, followed by Capricorn in the following order Moon 12, Jupiter 16 and Neptune 27. Add to that her Aires 4th house with Saturn at 0 degrees,Mars at 12 and Sun at 20 degrees, all ripe for the upcoming Uranus transit. As an astrologer myself I have been pondering this event for years. My take on the Pluto transit is that it will hopefully deepen her understanding of herself. As for the Uranus transit to her Aires, my biggest fear is a teen pregnancy. Anyone care to give there insight or experiences.

  17. Lis, thank you so much! It’s comforting to know that other people’s lives weren’t completely destroyed.

    I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just got through a major Pluto transit, and I’m so punch-drunk that nothing scares me too much. 😛

  18. After Pluto making a loooong square to my 6 planets in Virgo, spread up to the 28th degree, i am now with Saturn just passing the first round of Sun and Jupiter… Pluto Mercury Venus and Uranus are all lined up 🙂 At this point it´s just life! and i am starting to really enjoy it ! But i have Pluto square Chiron very soon, and that sounds all serious again.

  19. Pluto is conjunct my natal 4th house Neptune. I think I’m experiencing the effects of not being quite strong enough to handle the transit. But you know, if it’s not one thing it’s another.

  20. I do have Sun conjunct Pluto in my birth chart. Could it be that because I’m such a Plutonian person, various Pluto conjuncts, a couple of sextiles and a square I’ve had this far in my life have passed I’ve had this far have passed me unnoticed ?

    Saturn squares have been harder to deal with, especially the one to my Sun, which I happened to share with my ex-partner having a birthday only day apart (different year). I don’t think knowing the level of frustration we were going through then was due to Saturn would have saved the relationship, but would certainly helped me getting through that time. A couple of years later, when I had a Saturn square my Uranus-Venus conjunct waiting for a couple of months in order to see if the frustration I felt in a relationship would outlast the transit actually prevented me from walking out of a relationship that took time to build, but has turned out to be very solid.

  21. pluto, pluto, pluto! pluto is the one that scares me. have it moving through my 5th, opposing my moon (which sq. saturn in the 7th/pisces). my 4th house pluto transit was hard. damn hard. been reading elsa’s pluto/moon stuff for a good while now and i am more than a little nervous.

    i mean, i know, pluto cleans house. you’re better off afterwards. i got power from it and a lot of it. i also know it can kick your ass and am hoping for coping strategies to appear.

  22. Yes, my whole chart. But the greater the fear, the greater the thrill of surviving and conquering it. With my current pluto transit, I can’t say that much surprises/hurts me anymore either – I just expect it and adapt. Pain provides an opportunity to witness resilience and untapped strength. And THAT feels pretty amazing.

  23. Candela I have known some extremely powerful healers with that conjunction. Very charismatic personalities healer/helpers, for example, I am thinking of a healer I know who has Pluto conjunct Sun partile, almost to the minute (cazami to sun, POW erful).

  24. Laura, your daughter must be – or become – quite a go-getter with all those planet in Fire and Earth Cardinal Signs. Capricorn Moon would probably mean she has a very serious and responsable take on nurturing and motherhood. She does have a strong 4th room, but I’ve been close to several teenage Aries girls and still have loads of female Aries friends, and they’ve all wanted to “go places” before settling down. Often quite literally, by living abroad. So, the major “problem” here might actually be your daughter finding her typical, teenage life a bit limiting, when she really would like to go and conquest the World.

  25. June: “…just because Mars is an asshole” ha!

    I have three major lifelong progressed planets turning direct this year, including my ruling planet. Not scared but I defintely hear the distant hum of long-quiet engines starting to ignite..

    Saturn is about to conjunct three of my natal planets, one after the other. But I don’t really mind Saturn. Pluto already conjuncted my Moon and Mars through my 20s. I’m pretty much stripped and grounded down to the soul have never minded hard work.

    The only thing that has really concerned me is Uranus in my 7th during my present biological clock ticking years. And it seems to be doing exactly what it’s purported to. Ah well. Anyone with positive Uranus through the 7th stories? there’s a pair of open ears over here.

  26. Loonsounds–My transit has mainly focused on money issues. You know my Venus is conjunct Pluto, and this transit isn’t just about obsessive love.

    Well…that manifested as well. There’s someone who’s had a huge crush on me for the past 13 years (no sex involved, though he wanted it), and his wife found out. She suspected it for years, but chose to stick her head in the sand. Boy, that was a mess.

    …even messier, the guy is my brother-in-law. Yup. Taboo. Pluto. Gotcha. This transit put a swift end to it.

  27. I think the most difficult transit was
    Pluto conj the moon in sag 4th house.
    But there were other Factors

    My sun is at 8 deg Virgo
    Jupiter is at 14 deg virgo

    My moon is at 13 deg sag

    When pluto started to travel closer to the moon
    Jupiter was amplifying the entire transit.
    Saturn was starting its entry into Gemini squaring my sun and starting its trek toward opposing pluto and my moon

    While Uranus started to oppose my ascendant and enter my 7th house..

    Can you say Cluster!@#$%

    It was a combination of heavy transits.
    Alone Pluto will change your relationship with maternal figures in your family.
    Just use that definition and follow the messages that Pluto gives you.

    There are always other transits that can help you get through it.

    I survived these transits and I am still alive..LOL

  28. Heh, well, my dad did die during my Saturn Return. How twisted am I that I have always thought that was just kind of funny timing? (Esp. since he was also a Saturn in Leo, though his SR had passed.)

    As for me, Saturn squares/trines about oh, 80% of the planets in my chart….’nuff said. I’m not too worried about transits since none of the Big Heavy Three are going to hit any of my natal planets for a very long time, and I’ve still got several years before Saturn hits my ascendant. Yay Saturn in Virgo and me having no Virgo!

  29. moon square venus is most bothersome. it just is. I don’t worry about it, tho; what’s to worry about– I just deal with it. I suppose saturn in the 8th on the aries point could scare me, especially with pluto moving onto 0 capricorn.

    but hey, “chop wood, carry water.”

  30. Other than transits… I’ve been struggling with figuring out my Sun and Pluto square Midheaven. I had no idea how to deal with it and what it really means. (Does anyone else have experience with this, by chance?) All I’ve read was how greedily ambitious I am, how much low-self esteem I will have for the rest of my life, how authority figures will hate me or oppress me, how rebellious I am, or how I will have a life-long struggle with getting a career. Reading this, I was already discouraged. But, reading these comments, I’m starting to rethink this whole thing. Interesting. =) I like the fact that we’ve got other possibilities.

  31. Disturbing themes are these:
    Fixed star at 22 degrees Leo, “own worst enemy” seems fated
    8th house crowded
    cap rising
    cap jupiter (translated = no jupiter)
    mars in fall
    pluto conjunct sun
    mercury(virgo) conjunct saturn(virgo) at the same time living in a world of “how you think creates your reality.”
    YIKES! and it goes on…

  32. Me too, satori. I’m almost looking forward to it as Pluto has been conjunct my ASC forEVER and I’m getting FECKING SICK OF IT!!!!!

  33. I’m not looking forward to Pluto in Capricorn… right now it’s closing in on my Venus… and towards the end of its Cappy run it’s going to be aspecting both my moon and sun simultaneously… Not to mention that the second half of Capricorn is also the first half of my 11th…

    Not looking forward to it at all.

  34. I agree with what Lis says “As I said in another post, I’ve had so many major Pluto transits, nothing freaks me out any more.”
    My Sag Sun in 8th H square Pluto conjunct Uranus natally. So I was completely freaked out by Pluto thru Sag. But hey! I survived Ok.

    I survived Pluto square Pluto
    Pluto sqaure Uranus
    Pluto conjunct Sun – all from my 8th house. I didn’t loose anything I wasn’t prepared to.

    Now with all my personal Planets in early Cap (Mars, Mercury, Venus) the Pluto transit just doesn’t feel as scarry as what I experienced above.
    Would love to do Elsa’s class – but am unsure of the kind of time it will require. Any clue to this Elsa?

  35. Yah Pluto kicked my !@#$%

    but there were many great things that happened during all of those transits.

    I went back to college and finished my degree
    (Saturn Return)

    I bought a condo
    (Pluto conj moon)

    I revaluated my relationship with my mother and
    started making my own decisions
    (Pluto conj Moon)

    I went out on a lot of interesting dates
    (Uranus in the 7th)

    I traveled in Europe
    combo of Saturn return and pluto sag and eventual pluto conj moon

    The Saturn return started the process and I can tell you, I am so much better off as a person
    than before the transits..Yes Pluto was tough
    but how I feel now, I just can’t explain it.

    Have you ever had food poisoning been really sick and wanted to throw up but couldn’t and then you finally do ? Once you throw up you feel so much better.
    Well, its was kind of like that for me…

    And then you know, gee if somethings smells like that, I am not going to eat it…LOL

  36. “Would love to do Elsa’s class – but am unsure of the kind of time it will require. Any clue to this Elsa?”

    Totally up to the user! The information and the class will be there… you’re paying for access and how much you read or participate (as well as when or if you particpiate) is completely up to you.

  37. My natal Saturn opposing Venus…everything I read, everything anyone says, is that I will never find love…unless it’s when I’m very old, or with a very old man, and that I’ll never feel fulfilled in love. Something else, some marriage timing thing said that I wouldn’t fall in love until I was 43, which is effin depressing. I’m not made for waiting, and I’m not made for being alone. Well, maybe I was, but if I was, that’s effin depressing.

  38. While I’m not worried about Pluto going into Capricorn at all, take a look at this:

    Squaring my son’s Moon at 5 Aries.

    Squaring my older daughter’s ASC, 8 Libra.

    Opposing my younger daughter’s Moon/Saturn conjunction, 12 and 16 Cancer. (She’ll be a teenager by then. Whoa.)

    Squaring my Moon at 19 Libra. (Won’t be for a while, but still…)

    Conjoining my son’s Sun/Merc conjunction, 20 and 22 Cap. (He’ll be a young adult.)

    Conjoining my husband’s Sun at 26 Cap.

    That’s a lotta Pluto.

  39. Lexie

    Saturn opposing venus never find love ?

    Thats crazy oppositions are about Balance.

    Perhaps you are a bit more seriuos about who you choose ? Natal charts are a fixed point in time.
    There are so many other factors.
    It sounds like Elsa is doing a class on relationships and understanding your own chart.

    From what I have seen on this blog she has very good content, Maybe you should give it a try ?

    You can’t go through life believing in complete fatalistic astrology. Choice is what makes astrology. Plus there is so much dats in an astrology chart..According to what I have read a
    sag moons are the bachlers of society and venus in virgo is to prudent to even have sex.

    These two factors would have me to believe I should have joined a convent and become a nun…LOL…LOL..

  40. I look at posts like this from Lis and I just have to be grateful I don’t have children. I’d be a nervous wreck every second.

  41. Eldil reading your post with interest, I wanted to point out that earlier we were talking about Merc/Saturn as having (potentially) some strong positive and/or useful potential (depending on how you use it, it could be favorable actually) and for you… Merc/Saturn in Virgo! Wow!

    I mean, Mercury is totally happy in Virgo, Saturn can help Mercury with structing and organizing .. you could have a dynamic of precision, some kind of theme happening in your life in some area or another, and potentially also be majorly good with your hands, eye hand coordination, or any number of other pluses. I’ll bet there is something or somethings that you are really especially good at.

  42. Oh, and Loon, Uranus will be going into Aries soon…;)

    When Neptune goes into Pisces, it’ll be hitting all the Sag in my kids’ charts. Two of my kids have early Pisces Mars, too…

    The only one with the Sun/Moon/ASC there is my older daughter. She’s a Sag Sun. She’ll be in her teens/early 20s when that one hits.

    My daughters both have major Neptune aspects going on right now (Scorpio Sun; Leo Moon opposite a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius). They’re so young, though, that the scary traditional interpretations don’t fly.

  43. Well I have a Scorp sun conjunct Pluto in the 8th… sure as hell doesnt scare me but I do like that it may scare others *wink wink* ooooh I am ever so evil buhahahaha

  44. My whole childhood Pluto opposed my Aries stellium. I was just miserable, but it made me who I am today. How could a Cappy Pluto transit square be any worse?

  45. I have Pluto and Uranus conjunct my Sun in Virgo and Scorpio rising. In Capricorn he will be trine all my Virgo planets and Midheaven. I have started to develop quite a love affair with him actually. An acceptance of myself at the core. He has shoved me in the kiln over and over but I’m still intact.

  46. Pluto will be making a conjunction with my Moon, square my Venus/Mars conjunction as well as my natal Pluto, trine my Sun, Mercury and Chiron.

    Yep, that will be Pluto in Capricorn for me. So basically life will be BUSINESS AS USUAL for me.

    I worry a lot about the state of my relationship as well as my Dad dying. Providing I don’t lose anyone close to me for the next year or two I will be able to shore up my reserves and be prepared for this new phase of life.

    I’m going to spend the duration of my 30s with Pluto in Capricorn and I intend on making the most of it. I also intend to turn to my art-making more frequently when I’m depressed rather than letting it fall to the wayside as I’ve done in the past.

  47. for Loonsounds: Thank you for the peppy approach to merc/saturn. Guess my issue is to take the laser cutter off me and do surgery somewhere else!

  48. well there’s my venus in league with the dark side. but, even better, an 8th house chiron… read up on what people say about that! 😛
    (or an 8th house south node)

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