NO VIRGOS! Is There A Sign You Avoid Dating?

virgo earringsThis is some guy’s Craigslist ad:

“Oh Hay Chronic Craigslist Readers,

Just looking for a nice girl to watch bad comedies with, drink wine and pass out together.

Deal breakers: no Virgos. My psychic told me to avoid them”

Is there a sign you absolutely will not date? (And what do you want to bet this guy gets responses from Virgos?)


NO VIRGOS! Is There A Sign You Avoid Dating? — 73 Comments

  1. Today I`d say never say never, but then again I do not have experiences of all 12 signs. I´m usually an Aries magnet (my dsc in in Aries), but have I dated even a Virgo man who`s sun is exactly opposite my Pisces sun. For some reason geminis and libras haven`t ignited me so far, then again I can`t see myself dating typical overly-emotional Cancer guy or overly-dramatic Leo. But still, I never say never 😉

  2. I can’t imagine discounting someone due to their astrology. One thing I have found studying astrology over the years is that there are layers beyond the sun sign. Then again, I’m a Libra Sun/Scorpio Asc perhaps I just want a good time and hate to think I would miss out by limiting my options.

  3. @ariesgal, thank you for understanding! I think scorpio energy is touted as very deep, but I am also deep without the manipulation and the tendency to be jealous.

    I just find it *so* petty when a guy plays little mind tricks on me. Buddy, I can tell. I’m a leo, which apparently makes me pompous and shallow (hehehe), but I can see THROUGH you. And just because I act gregarious or kindly towards you, does not mean that your “depth” and “darkness” can be the boss of me.

    I once dated (briefly dated) a VERY attractive scorpio/libra mix. I knew he was into me – but wow oh wow he just had to test me repeatedly with his little jealousy tricks. I think I was the first woman in this manipulative man’s life to have refused to play. I just plain refused to participate. Then I watched him unsuccessfully attempt to “play” me back into his life. A very straightforward acknowledgement of your bad behaviour suffices. Sad how a very charming scorpio heavy guy (with libra sun) just plays himself a loss. You play, you lose. And he was 30 already – that’s just plain sad…

    Sorry. totally had some bad experiences with some not-so-evolved scorpios. (the worst of their kind are good looking, too).

  4. P.s., I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my above scorpio rant. My first boyfriend was a scorpio/libra mix and I just remembered that he was such a morally upright guy. (Good looking guy, too :P).

    Of course, stereotyping signs and discounting someone’s potential at getting along with you can be unfair – but as the above testimonials suggest, many of us do have some deeply intrenched issues with some astrological signatures. 😀 Hope I didn’t offend.

  5. I’m a Virgo, and I’m a bit leery of Pisces, Gemini and Sag men.

    But what I’ve learned from the ElsaElsa site is that you have to look at a person’s whole chart in order to get the “big picture.” I would not judge someone *just* by their Sun Sign.

  6. I am Áries/libra aquarius moon No taurus pliissss.
    Too dull, too slow.
    Leos, sags, other aries, gemini, aquarius, libras, virgos (great smiles) are wellcome. Cancers not So much, Never dated caps or pisces. Would love to! 😉
    Andre vive lá difference!!!

  7. Del: “Also, aren’t Virgos too smart to go to some Craigslist stranger’s house, get drunk and pass out?”

    Damn right, countless good reasons to not do that. But I could see Virgos amused by Craigslist :).

  8. ….Scorpio Sun, Merc, Venus, Jup, Nept in 10th (midheaven) opp Saturn, ascending Cap Moon, Pluto in Virgo in 8th, Libra Mars and Uranus….

    I am currently separated from my VIRGO husband. Although I probably wouldn’t EXCLUDE a potential partner based solely on sun sign, I’m pretty sure I’d think twice about dating another one.

  9. Taurus should be great for me, as I have a Taurus moon… I’ve been involved with three Taurus men, and none of them worked out. All were too distant, everything seemed like a game to them… But that physical attraction was major!

    My longest relationship was with a Sag, but the “friend” element was very strong there too. He was a sneaky one, though, not trustworthy. Although, I wasn’t either, in that relationship. I dated another Sag briefly and just no chemistry. Was slightly involved with another and it went nowhere.

    With a Scorpio now, sometimes the intensity gets to me a bit but hey… with every person you can be involved with, there will be some sort of issue. It’s just deciding what issues you can deal with/work with, lol. Just my experience! 😉 And I’ll take the intensity over flakiness any day, although that wouldn’t have been the case a few years ago!

    To answer the question… no, not one sign I’d avoid. They’re all just different, and their aspects bring out different aspects in myself. And some are better than others, lol. Although, I don’t think Sadges are good for me romantically, but I love them as friends. 🙂 I wonder if that goes for Gemini too? Never dated one, actually don’t know very many, but the ones I do know I love dearly, non-romantically.

  10. Can we drop the stereotyping please – some of us are old enough to speak from experience here! I’ve had two serious affairs with Taurus Suns and have two good women friends ditto, and not one of these four is in the least bit slow, lazy or dull!! – very far from it

    I don’t get romantically involved with Scorp Cap, Cancer, or Gemini and rarely a Pisces either. All for different reasons – the mix of energies if they are Suns just doesn’t work (and I’ve tried… but only briefly). I’ve had pretty good relations with all these Moon signs though

    I’ve seriously dated a few Libra Suns and that doesn’t work for me either! – never a Moon though.

    I’d never turn down a date purely due his sign though – I’m curious and optimistic, and I just love going out with men!

  11. “Damn right, countless good reasons to not do that. But I could see Virgos amused by Craigslist ”

    I must admit that this Virgo (me) sometimes likes to read those Miss Connections or whatever they are called under the Personals section. The Neptune/Venus in me secretly hopes an admirer will leave me one. 🙂 Of course I would NEVER respond to it if some did — how creepy would a person be to see me on the EL or something and leave a message because of what I looked like? Craiglist can be scarey! I am too practicall for that – might be fun to respond too!

    And that reminds me I haven’t looked at them in a while. Hm…..

  12. @barb – i’m with you at looking at triggers. My saturn is in Cancer, and venus in Cap. I’ve always had a penchant for both. I used to also love pisces (my moon is there – but thankfully outgrew that phase, as found it too confusing)

    Interestingly ALL my partners have had a martian moon – initially aries but in the last 2 years all scorp moon. And no blissfully happy with a cencer sun (conj my saturn) and scorp moon (conj my asc)

    Great question Elsa x

  13. newsl4ng, am a Leo/Libra rising. Have to agree that ‘awareness’ by Leo’s is a MUST, we can’t help being like that so if we find someone who is self-contained enough to tell us to get some perspective, you would be pleased to find a die-hard friend, a good discusser(less cussing)and a person that loves to find fun in almost all endeavors.

    The Libra rising does make me hard to believe that I’ve found the right girl…never doubt that a self-respecting Leo(is there any other kind, LOL?)isn’t judging themselves until it makes us just as driven to improve ourselves as those that we observe. Speaking for myself as a serious critic OF myself.

    Hope you do meet a good Leo guy, they do exist. But make them work for every ounce of your attention, Libras need fairness as well as adoration.

  14. Geminis… I’ve dated so many, but I have had my last for sure. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass on air all together at this point. Friendships, perhaps, but nothing romantic.

  15. I have a scattered chart that places my energies all over the place. Moon/Venus conjunction in Gemini (variety), Mars/Juno conjunction in Taurus (stability/financial security, potency), Sun on Gemini-Cancer cusp (sensitivity/homebody), Jupiter/Leo rising (pride/fun)conjunction so it didn’t work those any of those signs. However, when I began dating a Virgo whose sun was conjunct my NN/Saturn, it was like fireworks in London– Holy-smokes! He has a delicious Libra rising (good looks) conjunct Moon/Venus(sensitive/romantic)with a good work ethic/unchanging/successful (Virgo Sun/Saturn). And Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 12th with his rising sign with my Pluto –need I say anymore??? 😀 Our chemistry is insane! His tenacious steadfastness made an honest woman of me! In our composite, we have an 11th house stellium (plus Mercury as ruling planet)–the core of our relationship revolves around having a very deep friendship and our composite Juno is on the cusp of the 7th. Beautiful. 10 years later, I still pinch myself bc I can’t believe I got that lucky after having such a bad run there. I wish you all the best. P.S. In general, I think Virgos in general are very sexy. I haven’t found a one that isn’t 😀

  16. Well you’re one of the lucky ones who got one who’s sexy (duh that’s a given) Cameron Diaz, Alexander Skarsgard lol and they’re a good person …..romantically that is. Sadly I met some not so great ones who saw me as a toy to play with until it went insane. They can be a hard pill to swallow.

  17. By all means never ever date a Libra or Gemini they love dominating women and women that don’t think. When they fail they will play victim and treat you like a cheap piece of carp. Cancers really are the cry babies and have no self discipline what so ever I’m not mothering them. ARIES OR SAGITARIANS ARE EXCESSIVELY SELF ABSORBED CHEATING SCUMBAGS. THEY ARE ONLY GOOD FOR WALKINH AROUND. PISCES SERIOUSLY AFTER I SAW HIM CUT HIS WRIST BECAUSE I SPOKE TO A GUY THAT EVENING AND HE FOLLOWED ME TO ALL MY APPOINTMENTS I HAD BEGUN TO WORRY ABOUT HOW OBSESSIVE AND CONTROLLING THE CREATURES. BEST LOVERS IN THE WORLD THE TAURUS AND VIRGOS CANCER IF THEY CAN JUST GROW UP.

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