Is Showmanship Out of Style?

showmanThere’s currently a thread in the forums called “Distaste for Show Offs.” It’s a fun thread, and it dovetails well with something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. With the current pile-up in Aquarius, is showmanship out of vogue?

Showmanship is all Leo, which is the sign that opposes Aquarius. Aquarius is more concerned with communities and humanity as a whole. One thing I’ve noticed in several communities that the people who attempt to exalt themselves and their own image are being dragged down by the collective, while those that support the group as a whole are praised. Some of the people being taken down certainly deserve it! But sometimes it feels like the crab-bucket effect, in which crabs in a bucket will pull down any other crab who tries to climb up and escape. I’m not one to rail against “cancel culture,” but there’s a difference between accountability and communities turning on their own.

But I also see that people with real, original ideas are often ignored if their ideas don’t fit within the framework that the group has decided upon. For instance, there is always tension between different schools of astrology. Right now much of the tension is between modern and traditional Hellenistic astrology (my own practice incorporates techniques from both schools). Traditional astrology is currently en vogue, and if someone expresses anything too modern, especially if they are also promoting their business, HOO BOY do things get heated. You’re allowed to express yourself as long as you color within the lines.

In the US, we’re coming off of 4 years of a president with Leo Rising. Setting aside the politics for a moment (please!), there’s no doubt that he was a pure P.T. Barnum-style showman. For some people that has created a distaste for that kind of brazen self-promotion, while others were obviously left wanting more.

From where I’m standing, it feels like the pendulum has swung so far in favor of Aquarian energy that we may run the risk of overdoing it. Every sign’s energy can be harmful if allowed to operate unchecked. With Aquarius, what we gain in community we lose in self-expression. What we gain in equality is lost in creativity. But at the same time, what we gain in self-exaltation, we lose in community! There has to be a balance! But right now, it seems like the world has lost its taste for Leonine style.

So I leave it to you!

How do you feel about showmanship?

Do you appreciate a little razzle dazzle?

How do you feel about the abundance of Aquarian energy?

Do we need more balance, or should we run with this Aquarius phase as far as it will take us?

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Is Showmanship Out of Style? — 20 Comments

  1. I love your posts! Maybe Aquarius is more interested in a full ensemble cast than a one man show? One man shows get boring! Leo has great qualities that are still very enjoyable but Aquarius knows you don’t make it anywhere in life alone (and that we’re never truly alone). Plus right now, I think people are so tired of the cap stellium energy of going it alone that they’re willing to lend a hand or accept a hand from a stranger. I’m excited about this energy. It’s a nice change and my Aquarius moon appreciates it.

  2. How do you feel about showmanship?
    I love a good performance, and know it takes a lot of guts to go public in whatever fashion. Going overboard with Leo can be taxing, and we have that crab-climbing metaphor in my Hawaiian culture, too. I’m an elder whose crossed many hybrid-bridges and felt the separation and the shuns. Still, over the long haul it’s worth the show if even an ounce of humility can weave itself into a new version. Sometimes it’s important to not disappear.
    Do you appreciate a little razzle dazzle? I do!
    How do you feel about the abundance of Aquarian energy?
    I’m loving the counter-balance. My progressed sun is in Aquarius coming from Scorpio natally. The many ringed circus is a great image. Many young writers like Sophie Anderson (The Girl Who Speaks Bear) and Kathleen Rundell (The Good Thieves) are feeding this old woman with Aquarius energy is story. Fantastic stuff!!
    Do we need more balance, or should we run with this Aquarius phase as far as it will take us? One of my favorite teachers (Susun Weed) says balance is the the phase right before death. Dynamic Disequilibrium is what she chants!
    Sharing the limelight, I’m for it. Thanks for the prompts, Midara.

  3. It’s not me but I have a little leo who gladly volunteered to play the piano for her grade school class in the last few minutes of their music class (virtual school). Interestingly she has an aqu moon and Scorpio rising so I imagine she’s not the showiest Leo but the confidence…I love it.

  4. I think the dirty little secret about Aquarian energy is that it is really very intolerant. Sure Aquarians are concerned with humanity and all that….just so long as you see things their way.

    No one Aquarian will admit this. They believe they are on the cutting edge of doing all the right things.

    And I saw this as an Aquarian myself who has lived with a triple Aquarian for 30 plus years.

  5. I don’t mind if someone is show-offish, brash, or even egotistical! I don’t mind, I guess it’s the intention, after all, at the end of the day.

    I like Leo’s golden, and bright, lights. I believe that sometimes people who keep accusing others of being showoffish are a bit unconsciously envious, and jealous!

    I like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, and they both have Leos in their charts (Leo rising, and Sun in Leo)!

    • In the entertainment field nothing better than a Leo !! Humanitarian,not so much. I appreciate what Leo has to offer but can only take so much. One has to be able to disappear in their Light. They can suck the life right out of ya.

      • My daughter, a wise Gemini helped me understand the fascination with Trump . My First Husband a Leo with a 6 planet stellium blinded me with all his charm,energy and drive.I married him in 3 weeks. The dark side came out a month later. Alot of people have never been exposed to that kind of personality. They dont know a narcissist. I was very much aware of what he was. My daughter as well.

        one must be willing a better word.

  6. I love showmanship, and the way its energizing, engaging, expansive, personal momentum can unite and mobilize exponentially. I hate conformity, even for a worthwhile motive. The de-humanizing blandness stinks no matter how many layers of BS try to disguise it. It stifles individual creativity, produces only mediocrity at best.

  7. I have a lot of Leo in my chart. My big concern is the damage that’s been done over the last year to creative industries. I am a huge fan of live music and independent cinema. Enjoy live theatre as well. I want to have these things in real life and not all filtered through a virtual medium. It’s just not the same. Smaller venues around here are barely hanging on and some have closed permanently. And I feel like a lot of people don’t care about that kind of thing anymore, unfortunately. I know that many do, but I’ve posted about this here before and it always feels like I’m talking to myself.

    To your larger point, I’ve thought about the idea of pursuing a creative career (not quitting my day job, just making efforts in that direction) but I see what you’re seeing here and it makes me wonder if that would even be worth it anymore.

    • Space Cadet, keep blowing on that spark of creativity no matter what. Art is always hard. Difficult that too but it’s always worth it. Small or big, the worth is in the creation. I wish you sparklers that keep you lit!!

    • No idea what climate you’re in, but small outdoor venues like live theatre-in-the-round and concerts or film screenings in parks could revive the industry without sacrificing safety and thus appeal to those unwilling to risk circulating indoor air. You could take on the challenge of creatively orchestrating these opportunities…

    • It’s definitely worth it and a good time to try it while everyone is online. I’m a performer but have moved into film and soundtrack work for now. A performance at home or self- filmed in an empty studio could work – sure it’s not the same but you could use the limitation to make something beautiful and immersive.That’s what art is about, you will create no matter what the environment. Maybe it’s just confidence you need right now. Get your Leo on. Good luck let us know what you decide!

  8. My Aquarian sun in the 12th is loving all the additional guests in it’s house; particularly Jupiter. What extraordinary dreams I have been having, not to mention psychic insights.
    I adore the colourful and the bold. Everyone needs to let their Sun ? light shine. Makes the world a happier place.

  9. If showmanship is out of style, I pray it doesn’t last long! I don’t have much Leo in my chart. In fact, it’s my N. Node so I tend to go with the Aquarian energy a little more. I can sometimes find Leo abrasive. However, who makes us happy? Makes us laugh? Knows how to have a good time? Who has a big heart and is plenty generous? Leo!

    My 4 year old is a Leo and he recently got a box of Girl Scout cookies. He tried them and said how delicious they were and then offered them to everyone else because “they’re so yummy!”

    The showmanship comes so naturally from that. He doesn’t mind being front and center. He wants people around because he likes them and wants to share in things. And through all of that he gets plenty of attention without even trying. I don’t think we can resist this over time. Leo is just SUCH a focal point. You can’t help but look at Leo. And yeah, they love it. I have a lot of Leo types around me. Occasionally one annoys me ?

    Maybe in politics people are sick of the show. I know I am, but for different reasons because I found a lot of Trump’s antics amusing more than anything. There was something funny about him, probably stemming from the Leo rising. And the Gemini – hilarious combo.

    The negative side of showmanship is the pure ego and I get tired of that. Like “here we go again. It’s all about you. Yawn. Find a different topic.”

    But otherwise Leo is so warm. Aquarius can be so cold. It loves data and “equality” (which is impossible – Leo will revolt). I think anyone with a soul would grow tired of that after a while. It’s like being in a lab analyzing something to death and then you finally just need sunshine and dancing and laughter. The pendulum will swing back.

    (Note: I don’t mean to be dumping on Aquarius because I really like the sign and the positive expressions of it. I think I’m noticing an increase in the negative expression of it right now and it’s definitely based in a number of my own fears.)

  10. I have Venus in Aquarius. I like individuals who are a bit different but don’t seek the limelight. I have a saying ‘Good Aquarian, bad Aquarian’.The good ones are generous, have a clear eye and enable others without expecting thanks or reward. Then there are the bad ones who can bully while feeling removed, and use their gift of overview to further their own agendas. The negative side of a sign can start to look like their opposite number. Just like politics. My husband has Venus in Leo so I get that vibe. I find Leo energy best experienced at a distance. I can smell ego a mile away which means Leos tend to avoid me. And I reign in my own as best I can with a major stellium in the 5th. Too much of anything especially when it’s an extreme expression of the energy is just one big turn off.

  11. Great post! I agree with everything you said.

    I think more balance is needed. There’s too much emphasis right now on equality (Aquarius). It’s a beautiful ideal, but the downside is that no one can be recognized as a star or rewarded for being the best (Leo). Maybe Pluto‘s transit through Aquarius will get us to look at the dark side of it and change what needs to change.

    On the plus side, I’m trying to use all this Aquarian energy to set myself free in various ways.

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