Is Scorpio Compatible With Scorpio?

A reader asks:

This question has been racking my brains now for many weeks, you see, there is this wonderful and caring friend of mine. We seem to get along really well and both understand the things we as friends both need. We rarely disagree with each other and we have NEVER had a fight.

But I just wonder how that is possible because I am a Scorpio and she is also a Scorpio. I have heard that two Scorpios don’t get along at all and they just make disaster when they are with one another, is this true? Do Scorpio and Scorpio get along??

Yes Scorpio gets along with Scorpio because they understand each other. But as far as romantic relationship, while I have read that Scorpio frequently partner with each other, I have not seen it. This is a gross generality but I think Scorpio is cagey enough that they are more comfortable in close relationship with a non-Scorpio

In my experience, the Scorpio wants to be the Scorpio. Basically, they want to be the one holding these specific power cards, so while there is a definite respect for other member of the same sign, there is a tendency to maintain some distance. It’s like a turf thing!

This is not to say two Scorpios cannot get together and last a lifetime.  I am sure there are plenty of examples out there but I have personally never seen a (long or longish term) Scorpio/Scorpio couple in my life and I think this is why.

Does a spider build a web to catch another spider? Er… no.

Anyone else got ideas?

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