Is Romantic Love A Psy-Op?

Have you been deliberately undermined when it comes to finding a loving, devoted partner?  I think the answer is likely, yes.  Let’s discuss!

Finding Your True Love & Soulmate (class)
Finding Love With Astrology (video class)

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think you’ve been influenced by things of this nature?


Is Romantic Love A Psy-Op? — 9 Comments

  1. That show! it used to be on cable TV here as well. I can’t watch anything and not notice that flaws (just watched the new batman movie and they analyze a crime scene/dead body with flashlights just so they won’t ruin batmans dark appeal in the movie:p how’s that for reality!). I guess you’re on point, and it’s just not relationships that are subject to this “makeover”. I’ve recently signed up for an international date app, just to get to know different people, and who knows. Although I put there some pictures and useful info about me, as well as a specific target (people my age 32-41) I do get a lot of interest from older men (45 or 50+ or even 60!). I do know men tend to prefer younger mates but here’s the thing, I also been told by some of them straight off the bat what they wish for I a partner. They lie a bit about their age to get the ball rolling, but then they clearly state what they look for. Whereas men my age or younger not only color their intentions, they also put up pictures that are more deceiving. So I tested out to see what kind of pictures women also put up and I was not surprised to see I’m normal or even below average I’d you compare the pictures that are up there (I don’t even wear makeup for instance). People just fell for the mirror and filters, they don’t know whats real anymore nor are they real with themselves. Yes, it’s been a psy op since the times of Shakespeare I guess. If there is a way out of this, I think Pluto in Aqua might make it worse before there’s any chance ig gets better… Im still in awe and fairly disappointed with where this is going nonetheless. Like the Beatles song, “all the lonely people, where do they all come from” – the internet and social media!

      • yes! interesting thing I just noticed is that most men on that date app that I come across (and sometimes I check profiles just because) seem to be… Aquarius. A scorpio or a Virgo here and there but ALOT of Aquarius. It could be the uranus tr in my 1H drawing me to these in particular, still…?

  2. Ha! Neptune comes to mind here. Fantasy and rose colored glasses wherever it lands in the chart. Mine is at the very tip top of my chart on the 10th house cusp. My partner and I give the illusion of a perfect couple in the world, but we both have enough earth energy to ground us into the realities of each others farting, flaws and f*ckups.

  3. I usually skip reading posts like this because I actually married my McDreamy. There’s that Sound of Music song “I Must Have Done Something Good.”..well that is my love story cause I feel I karmically got to meet my soul mate early on and it’s the biggest blessing in my life. I certainly have other challenges.. like late bloomer in career, overly empathic, some illnesses in family to deal with, and a cold hearted Mom, but a warm and loving grandmother who made up for it. Neptune and Saturn in 7th in Libra.. My rosy colored glasses are still on..i still love him like the day I met him. He knows I never stop needing the romance. But I get it.. the world is a harsh place just now and I have many single,divorced and otherwise friends.. fairy tales are not usually true in real life… I chalk my experience up to my personal karma.

  4. Meeting your soulmate is an extremely important event in your life…But he/she is not necessarily available in this life, and you have to understand that you will not be with he/she every time, and behave in a sane fashion…Which can be tough..

  5. You got the nicest voice girl it calms me down I think that’s why I pick up my phone sometimes the phone can have the reverse reaction but you’re my star ⭐️ great voice and your chosen thoughts and words great for me to listen and think about

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