Is Luck On Your Side?

My husband has no luck, this is well and widely known. He feels I do have luck and bingo I agree.

Is luck on your side?

Why do you think some people have luck and others do not?


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  1. I think its my jupiter conjunct mars in the 8th. If he wasn’t there, I’m scared to think how some events could have turned out! And he trines and sextiles the most important things. But it seems top be little luck as he does square SATURN…WE can’t have everything.

  2. Astrologically, I’d say the house and aspects to Jupiter, Venus, and nodes; planets in and aspects to the second, fifth, ninth, and twelfth houses (OK, maybe not Saturn); diminished by aspects in the opposing houses and Saturn’s placement. I believe everyone has luck of some sort…most of us describe luck as a material or physical occurrence, not thinking of mental or spiritual, or karmic. You have described your husband as having avoided impending disasters…the tree falling only on his room and computer…better than his head! He has a military background that he survived. He finally married you and I think you stabilize him. I’ve had times in my life that situations/happenings that I would describe as luck when they occurred, really were not upon retrospection!

  3. Uranian influences like taking chances, exploring options, and being vulnerable to possible change helps a lot, too! I’ll probably find more luck, if I don’t sleep 24/7.

  4. I do have luck. I think it’s often because of a natural optimism and seeing things as opportunities to make choices. I rarely feel my life is a product of whims of the universe.

    If I continually had bad luck, though, I might see things differently.

  5. One last entry here…too much coffee this AM! I saw a documentary about Asian men that were prisoners of war and brutalized by their captors, beaten severely every day. They all visualized rain as their meditation during the beatings as a means of survival. One man they interviewed for this documentary said that he felt very fortunate and lucky to have experienced so many different types of rain in his lifetime, as this was all that got him through the beatings.

  6. Of course some people have luck, and some don’t. With games of chance I mean. Jupiter aspects probably, and Uranus. My grandma won almost every contest she entered. My cousin is the same. Oh, and Ozzie Osbourne has it too. I was talking to his bodyguard at work one day, and he said that Ozzy was the luckiest man he had ever met. He wins at Vegas every single time. Ozzy is a Sag, that’s all I know.

  7. Sag rising = optimism. I think it has to do with your outlook. I think positively (most of the time) and life seems to go my way.

    My Sag son is the same way. He floats through life. He wins at everything.

  8. Jupiter in Capricorn exactly squaring Pluto in Libra. In some ways, I’m lucky. I really am. But as far as pure straight up comes through hard work, acting with integrity and often it causes a great deal of transformation.

  9. @Elsa, He has no luck eh? He has you, right? 😉

    I am quite lucky knowing there is more to the physical. Pisces Sun conj Jupiter trine Scorp Moon

  10. I do feel lucky. Not lucky at the casino kind of luck though. I’ve got Jupiter at the base of my chart conjunct my IC opposite Uranus. I know that I’m capable of bouncing back even when the rug is suddenly pulled out from under me. I think it’s pretty lucky to look forward to the adventures in life than to fear them. 😉

  11. I think it’s the condition of one’s sun, jupiter and venus and even mercury that can affect the experience of “luck” which I believe translates into a person’s perspective, basic disposition, ability to relate, their level of faith, and observational skills. Meaning: “Honey attracts more bees than vinegar” Sunny, optimistic, likeable people seem to attract more opportunity and come to expect opportunity. After awhile, they can literally see opportunity — everywhere! That experience along with keen observational skills and the faith and patience to wait and trust — Bingo. If you throw in some harmonious Neptune — voila! Magic. Folks who have alot of Saturn or Earth (especially Virgo) may be overcome with doubts or will analyze a thing to death. Carpe diem is not their way at all. But, what they build and work on does tend to last; where luck can come and go…

  12. I think I have the worst luck ever, but a lot of my friends and family say that I’m lucky. I do live on the edge a little bit and I think when you live there you get more concentrated amounts of luck and misfortune. It’s much more acute.

  13. I’m pretty lucky. It’s definitely more like Josi’s though. I also have Jupiter in Cap.

    I know a couple of people with incredibly bad luck.

  14. As a real life example of some people naturally being more lucky than others… My sister has been working at the same Bingo Casino for a dozen years. She’s observed that there are certain people who always win, whereas there are others that continually come in, play and rarely ever win.

    She also plays herself and admits she’s in the ‘lucky’ group. She’s won the same jackpot 5 times ($10,000) each. 😉 She’s got Jupiter conjunct her MC.

  15. I have no idea if I’m lucky, my life has been going fairly well but I’m only at the beginning of life. Certainly, I’ve had it worse than most of my peers, but I took it as an opportunity to build character, and I’m blessed with much faith in myself and optimism for the future. My Jupiter makes only a square to my Moon.

    What makes people lucky/unlucky? I have no idea.

  16. Yes… A Jupiter transit and a North Node transit in Sagittarius that is trine my Sun, so yes I feel luck is on my side. Otherwise, things would be a lot worse.

  17. I don’t believe in luck at all. Everything is a matter of reflection. Quantum physics is nullifying concepts like probability and statistics, btw.

    Jupiter conjunct Pluto makes it appear like my son says, ‘going through a world of *crap*’ only to come out ‘smelling like a rose’. But those are only appearances.

  18. Hi Elsa, I agree with SunnyP about your husband’s luck. To be with you after all that might have happened in between is big luck!

    I think each of us has their own, personal luck, and it depends on where we are focused, on the beat or on the rain.

  19. I’ve had both. Jupiter conjunct Uranus is a doozy. Amazing luck, shocking downturns.

    There are times when I believed all lights would turn green for me, and there have been times with nothing but red lights.

  20. I appreciate that people think my husband is lucky to end up with me. It’s very flattering! I asked him what he thought of it and he said they was no luck involved. It was “hard motherfuckin’ work of epic proportion”. He did, however, say he was grateful he wound up with me…and I him.

  21. For some reason, it pains me more to see men, with bad luck, maybe, I always imagine my Dad. He was a Capricorn, and sure had his share of defeat, but it never got him down, never, when maybe there were times it should of.

    The Grand Cross in my own chart, has been a pretty heavy thing to tolerate, along witha Grand Trine, which bacsically gives me the ability to escape, the Grand Cross at times, In the long run, not as much is achieved as I would like.

    That’s pretty funny Elsa, what he said about “work of epic proportion.” Your husband must still be fairly young, I hope his luck is just around the corner : )

  22. A prominent Jupiter or Venus-Jupiter, I think. I’ve seen someone with that natally and life is like a never-ending party. They also have an innate confidence and joy knowing this sweet spot is in their life at all times. They are naturally optimistic while others have to work at being positive. They get a lot out of very little work.

    I am lucky to be alive, but I’m not lucky in the dumb luck/ windfall sense. It looks that way to some people based on comments thrown my way, but that’s only because I do a lot of work behind the scenes that they will never know about. So what looks like luck is careful and diligent stepping. Although someone did say that it’s luck because lots of people work hard but not everyone gets things in the end…I guess I’m lucky to have had the time to pursue it, but that’s not luck in my mind at all when sacrifices were made.

    I think your husband is incredibly lucky to be brilliant, have incredible stamina and mental strength. I’m sure he’s worked hard on his gifts to keep and improve on them, but it has sustained him to be able to count on himself or his faith.

    We all have Jupiter somewhere.

  23. I have Jupiter in Pisces 1st house natal chart, but it’s retrograde. Don’t know if it being retrograde affects it negatively.

    Mars Sextile Jupiter and Moon Trine Jupiter

  24. Also my Uranus is in Saggitarius 10th house and is my ascendant’s ruler. Jupiter is square Uranus though 🙁 Uranus conjunct midheaven, sextile venus and sextile ascendant

  25. My Jupiter is totally banjaxed – the focal point of a load of t-squares and conjunct Chiron.

    I don’t think Libra’s a good placement for Jupiter – we’re too scared all teh time of offending people esp in my case with a sq to Saturn/Mars Rx!

    Caps are not known for luck in life: on the contrary we have to work for what we get, and my chart by aspects is around 50% Saturn 🙁

    I’va young friend who makes a ton of money on the horses – he’s a Scorp but has a stellium in Sag as well. It’s not all luck though – he works hard at getting it right.

    The soldier has survived a lot to end up with Elsa – but his survival in the Special Forces must have been down to a lot more than luck – ie training, intelligence, preparedness, courage, speed of reaction and all that stuff. To a large extent we all make our luck. I don’t think it’s ‘luck’ which has brought Elsa and the soldier together.

  26. Another Jupiter in Cap who believes you make your luck.

    But my totem is a chipmunk and I have Mars/Venus in Cancer, and plenty of Saturn – so in my case luck is having 4 backup plans and supplies for all of them, I think.


    Interesting topic – thank you!

  27. I’m a Jupiter in Cap too, it trines my Sun. I agree with Shannon and those who say “you make your own luck”. Having it trine my Sun helps a lot I think. I can really focus on what I want and get it to come into being one way or another.

    That being said, I think we have to be really careful because you don’t always want what you think you do.

  28. My jupiter trines half my chart; I’d say some amount of luck has always helped me. But I’ve worked hard too – I’ve made many, many sacrifices.

  29. As a Sagittarius ASC I am Jupiter ruled and luckily (ha!) my Jupiter is well aspected. I feel very lucky but know that my standards are different than they are for others. I’m not wealthy or well-positioned but I am very healthy (Jupiter in 6th) and loved. Those are the most important things to me and I feel lucky that I have them.

    I don’t know why others don’t have luck. I can’t even pretend to know why…it’s a mystery (says my Jupiter/Neptune).

  30. my luck sextile 9th mars conjunct 11th pluto is often limited thanks to saturn 11th. i have uranus and venus conjunct on Asc. what type of luck is that??

  31. but i have 1st house scorpio sag cusp so yeh i am more paranoid about jealous people..because I am lucky but in a way I am reserved so little cobwebs on me

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