Is It Ever Hopeless?

Jupiter postcardIt may be impossible for you to get someone else to do something!  But if you’re working with your own chart, your own life and your own behavior, you can attain things you’re never managed before (like a relationship). It’s not hopeless!

Matter of fact, often long term problems are solved very easily with the slightest adjustment. Do you Expedia changed one data field on their site and earned an extra 12 million dollars? Phenomena like this exists in nature and what is your life if not nature?

It’s possible to make a small change in your behavior or your attitude or your ideas and see problems that have dogged you for years, absolutely unravel before your eyes.

Do you believe you can overcome your problems?


Is It Ever Hopeless? — 24 Comments

  1. You are so right! It is amazing how, just the slightest shift can make such a huge difference! I’m definately am paying attention to this Jupiter/Uranus action- especially when it hits Aries and is ignited by my Sun!

  2. Wow Elsa! Great Post!!

    I so see your 9th house transit at play in some of these posts. I am a very 9th house type you know I feel ya!

    Saturn is in my 12th squaring my 9th house saturn and I have set a goal to make me a believer by the end of these transits. Ofcourse I think believing is the inherent challenge to a 9th house saturn.
    It will be a tuff winter, because saturn will station 2 degrees sqaure venus and one conjunct pluto.
    Using the sag energy thats coming up to help with transits.

  3. Super timely today. I have Capricorn and I need to refuse to go down. My small adjustment would be remembering I’m built to withstand challenges that seem too overwhelming to face.

  4. YES YES YES YES YES!! Thank you for this … I have been working on my trust issues, and feeling my emotional self purging fear, its so cathartic and I’m left with realizing that I must nurture myself in order to find a nurturing relationship. And love myself the way I choose to be loved. Open !
    “Forget about what you can and can’t have. Tell me what you want and I will tell you how to get it.”

    You must believe in the yellow brick road to see it! :):)

  5. “Forget about what you can and can’t have. Tell me what you want and I will tell you how to get it.”

    Wow, Elsa!!! I want the money to get a reading from you!
    (And I’ll get it!)

  6. my favorite movie, my favorite song, and i always try to follow the yellow brick road, but so much easier without fear – which i just released from my life ….

  7. I never in my adult life thought I would be driving due to personal fear and circumstances…but I have been envisioning buying a car for at least a year now and low and behold..I found the one for me…and now wiht Jupiter and Uranus in my Fourth House, I have been able to move into a great place to live that normally would not have been available or easy for me to live at, have found a new sense of independance and an now visit friends far and wide on a whim!! Now the question is…where down the Yellow Brick Road do I want to go NEXT? *clicking heels three times and envisioning*

  8. This really resonates with me today. I have a lot to work on, am very isolated and much of the time feel incredibly overwhelmed (to the point of anxiety attacks when I’m trying to sleep).

    My birthday is coming up. Perhaps instead of spending my money on items that won’t really make much of a difference in the larger sense, for a birthday treat, I’ll invest in myself and get a chart consultation.

    Thanks Elsa, for some food for thought tonight. 🙂

  9. My Libra Jupiter is conjunct Chiron, and squares my Sun, Venus, Mars and Saturn: massive T-squares.

    But I also have a lovely trine to Uranus in Gemini, and somehow always find I can make the imaginative leap to transcend and to move forward, however long it takes me, and however much courage it needs

  10. it’s the only way that really works. for me, at least. although it often takes a lot of work to figure out what small change i’m looking for.

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