Is Everyone A Stranger?

I went to lunch with a friend yesterday. I told her about being all hopped up due to this hack. “I feel energized,” I said. “I like it!”

She’s a Leo with a Scorpio moon. She had no clue I had anything to do with computers. “So there you go,” I said. “Another piece of my secret life.  Every time we meet, I tell you something weird, you’d never guess…”

“Everyone’s life is secret. Does anyone know anyone…except maybe your spouse?”

I was struck by her comment, first because she’s been married for forty years!  But besides that, I’ve been finding this out myself.

You think you know someone, then you meet people who know who you know, but they don’t know who you know, they know a different version of the person.

Comprehending this, coming to terms with it and accepting it has been really challenging for me.  I think it’s my Venus Neptune. Merge!  But am what I am merging with a figment of my imagination? It’s pretty weird.

Comments anyone?


Is Everyone A Stranger? — 19 Comments

    • Yes, that’s what she said. That’s why I was surprised. She’s been married her whole life!

      And then I think about people who want their “soulmate”…how far off might that concept be?

  1. Interesting topic! I often reflect on the way I interact with people…( on a one to one basis). Recently , I came to realization that we only can tell others little bits of our life story at a time… I’ve met some people I really high places… and really low places. I think they would be surprised if they knew they had ‘me’ in common. ? I guess the part parts we play to others no matter how big or small are what is important. The only person who gets to know ow the entire story is ourselves.

  2. We probably like to tell ourselves that we know people so that we feel safe. It might be an ancient part of us. But I think it is more interesting to suddenly learn something about someone we have known for years. But that might be because I am Mutable.

  3. You know those moments you have….out of nowhere your husband says something and you look at him like he has two heads….yeah, those still happen after knowing him for 30 years. Not often, but they do.

    My kids….they came out of my body. I always have wanted to say I know them better than they do themselves…..but do I? No, I do not.

  4. I have been writing about this issue and am finding it surprisingly freeing. ‘Secret’ was my family middle name; we kept ’em even though most of the secrets were known and kept by others (for us?) Transparency is an awkward truth but it is creating such space. Saturn moving through Sag is changing the way I feel about friendships/partnerships. My husband said the other evening, “I learn something new about you every day.” We’ve been together for 22 years.

  5. Oh yeah, I deal with this all the time. I met some people who knew my friend, and they knew a totally different version of her. I don’t discount their version, but I know how they act, in particular to me. People show different facets of themselves to others, not necessarily to mislead. For example, my mom found out that her friend of 10 years was part of a gun club because I was talking to him and somehow, we started talking about guns. She knows nothing about guns, so it never came up between them. She never knew he was such an avid collector. Surprise!

  6. I have the Venus-Neptune aspect as well, a very tight sextile….Actually, I prefer my illusions about people to the possible reality!

  7. I feel that’s the illusion part of Neptune. It’s so pure because there is no other. We merge with our version. Who knows what the other is.

  8. This resonates with me! People can surprise you everyday. But to some extant it’s our own perception of people that changes. If i think i now someone today, does not guarantee it will be the same tomorrow.

    In the end we are all individuals. Everyone is different, and astrology gives us some clues about how vast this differences might be. And does anyone really know himself?!

  9. I do believe we can merge with a true person (although in cases where absent-mindedness and ‘mechanical’ relating takes over, truthfulness ceases to breathe), but it’s one that gets created thru the merging, just as we get to be created thru the merging process . . I think the person we are merging with wasn’t fully there before and he/she won’t be there in static form down the line . . it’s a constant exploration, of who we are becoming, who are they becoming, with us and simultaneously with all the other people they are interacting – that’s why it’s so hard to pin relationships down, I guess, they make me think of chaotic systems where things evolve and influence each other in unpredictable ways

  10. I’ve w/ my husband for many yrs and he’ll say something that I had no clue about every once in a while. Like where did that come from??

  11. i find that i surprise my parents more as i’m not open with them as i am with my husband, they seem to disapprove of things i like to do. so i just keep my distance in something like that, like for example if i want to write an erotic novel. Even my mother in law would be surprised. I told her over dinner one time i had this idea for a novel and she told me it would never be good, although my husband laughs and said it’s an awesome idea. I just find older figures in my life always disapproving so i just don’t get really close. I know my husband pretty well and he knows me, so i’m not really surprised of what comes out of his mouth either.

    • the novel was not about anything erotic, like 50 shades of grey. lol it was about world war 2 though, so it was historical but it’s still disapproving. lol

  12. Scorpio Rising over here. In my opinion we’re interacting with projections… We project an identity or and idea of who we are based on our past, our perception, our experiences etc. Internally, we are an ever changing landscape. It’s changing so fast all the time. By the time you convey thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions or even process and communicate an experience it’s already in the past. How can you know in real time everything? You just can’t. It’s impossible.

  13. That was my Scorpio grandmother’s favorite saying. “You never know anyone no matter how long you think you have known them.” And yes, she was married to the same man for 59 years until her death and she still said this. She was a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon and was married to a Taurus with an Aquarian Moon. I agree with her.

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