Is Blogging A Fad? The Astrology…redux

sun zodiac scarf vintageThanks very much for the great comments on the Astrology of blogging bit. I have a few other thoughts, strung together from various sources so I’ll throw them out here in hopes of provoking more dialogue, because this really is a very interesting topic to me.

In spite of the comments, I still hold that blogging is a Sagittarius thing. I am certainly preaching from my soapbox on a blog and I have been since 2001. And what comes to mind is the power (Pluto) the collective (Pluto) has with this ability to broadcast (Sadge) around the world.

A primary example of this is when blogger Drudge of the Drudge Report, reported on Monica Lewinsky in 1998, nearly bringing down the American President in the process. Now that’s impressive.

And now it’s 2006 and we have the Gawker Stalker reporting on the movements of celebrities in near real-time. And technorati collates information and updates very quickly…meaning Joe Shmo can get the word out…any word out, in no time at all and that is power! And consequently, we don’t need the paper anymore. We can get better news, faster and cleaner by reading blogs.

So the other night I was talking to an astrologer who contacted me after reading my blog for two days. And man, was he interesting. I won’t identify him because it was a private conversation and I don’t have permission. And he can surface in the comments if he wants.

But he mentioned the problem the Internet poses for a politician (guess) who might like to spin the news. There is considerable control exerted over the traditional media but the Internet is a problem. If things get dicey, might they shut it down? He wondered. And with Pluto in Sadge, I don’t think this can be counted out. We’re all standing here on our soapboxes shouting into out megaphones (Sadge) and the whole thing goes black (Pluto). Hmm…

But that is all conjecture. What is real, for sure is this: All these men and women around the world, recording what they see and think and feel is enormously powerful. I know that blogging has changed my life completely and irrevocably.

And what about you? Has blogging changed your life? How?



Is Blogging A Fad? The Astrology…redux — 19 Comments

  1. wouldn’t various blogs also serve various functions, too? and different functions at different points? the bigger picture and the micro-picture, i guess.

    i’ve got strong mercury in the 3rd house, so writing works for me. a year or so ago, pluto 4th house transit–and i ended up having secondary, private blog to deal with other issues i was struggling with at the time. in black, of course. 🙂

    and yeah, i think blogging has changed my life. and will continue to. i depend on it now, to process, process, process. i write through difficulties and learn what i’m thinking, what i need to do. it clarifies. plus i’m doing some of my “work” through the writing, trying to help others too, and that’s growing. i don’t know where it’s going yet, but i believe it’s leading me down a good road, though.

    always interesting, elsa. always interesting. thanks!

  2. I blogged for almost 2 years and it changed my life in many ways… I got to put myself out there and atract people like me which was incredibly valuable, also served as therapy alot, and helping to not be afraid to show my true colors. I have a sag moon, and so I need sag things, and this was something i needed, to show the true me, and the more I did it the more I needed it, it became a big part of my life.
    Writing really help to figure myself out, I ended up learning alot from my writing exercises. A few months ago I decided I was too exposed and too many wrong people were getting access to precious things of my life, so I felt stupid, and closed the blog.
    I’m thinking of starting it again but in a not so personal way, as soon as I figure out what to write about.
    I think true bloggers will remain.

  3. the web grabbed me in the eighties. it gave me such a huge basis to grab important info (to me at the time)and share with like folk (mountain bikers). i love the internet and all the connections. it’s cool and it continues to be cool to me.

  4. wikipedia

    Blogging as a medium is traced to an unknown date in 1995 when both Pluto and Uranus made their first ingresses into Sg and Aq respectively(and in close aspect to each other).

    Everybody gets to be ‘right’. (but hard data never hurts) I suspect these preferences for Pl or Ur are rooted in natal affinities.

    “The term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997″

    This event chart show an equal emphasis on Sadge and Aquarius. Notably, the closest aspect in the noon chart is a sextile between Uranus and Pluto. The Moon(public) contacts both.

    Astrologers who use modern or esoteric rulerships will find the chart disposes to Aquarius. Traditionalists will note the disposition to a mutual reception of Mars and Saturn. These planets tradtionally rule the signs now given by moderns to Ur and Pl.

    Again, everybody gets to be right.

    I suspect Elsa is alluding to the ‘irrevocable’ change of Pluto in your writing/life, but I personally interpret all trans-Saturnian influences this way. My own major life change on this level came on listservs rather than through blogging. ‘Old-timers’ often date their ‘change of life’ as online astrologers back to BBSs. These transitions can be traced to the great conjunctions in Capricorn(SA|UR|NE).

    Drudge was founded in 1994 as an email report, it is now a web page that is updated daily. It doesn’t take the form of the weblog medium, so I don’t consider it an example of the blog ‘revolution’. It’s a form of self publishing – webpage, not weblog. This is really an internet revolution in journalism that is a precursor to the Gawker Media, not a part of it.

    I don’t experience blogging as Plutonian, nor do I think it operates that way as a medium. Speed of delivery is Mercury then Uranus, not Pluto. The subversive possibilities of the bolg and the net are Plutonian, but the vast majority of gossip, political and diaristic blogs are hardly subversive, radical or even revolutionary in content.

    IMO, a Plutonian signification for blogging would have to be on a par with or exceed the changes brought by the new mediums of film and photography(Neptune). IMO blogging has yet to demonstrate that sort of power.

    *(The internet itself is having its opening Pluto square. These early event charts are the place to look for suppression of free speech online astrologically. )

  5. i can see the pluto in sagittarius point as far as blogs’ general personalities go. however, as i remember it, they were popularized to the masses (not just the technologically inclined) specifically when jupiter and saturn went into gemini. perhaps those jupiter/saturn oppositions to pluto in 2001 had something to do with that? hmm. or perhaps i’m confusing the issue.

    also, let’s not forget uranus in aquarius – the individual masses trying to reach the collective (via the internet). there was that sextile to pluto in 1997. blogging pretty much belongs to the internet.

    i brought much of my writings online in 2000, right when everybody else started to do the same. i don’t “blog”, i “journal” or simply “write”, but the concept is the same across the board. it was probably the best thing a 9th house gemini with a loaded 1st house could ever do. i had always had trouble with expressing myself clearly in words, and that one event really turned things around for me. now i just need to work on exercising a little, uh… oh fuck, what’s that one word where you don’t say too much at once? 😉

  6. I’ve been blogging since 2002, when we found out that my husband was going to Iraq. It has confirmed my suspicions that I’m actually sane — who knew? — and that I’m really not alone with some of the fears I have held over the years. I find comfort in my online blogging experience, and even when I go on hiatus, I always come back!

    Doesn’t hurt when I meet people like you, either!

  7. Hi,

    I am the aforementioned astrologer referred to by Elsa. I can’t remember if this is my first post or not – too many irons in the fire.

    I do not remember how I came across this blog but am glad that I did. I really like your style E. You know you resemble Monica Lewinsky a great deal!

    No time to call right now so will just ask here if you have found and downloaded my software.

    I had just posted the following to an astrology group shortly before coming over here. I hope the formatting comes out ok. And I hope my post is not too disjointed for all of you to follow.


    I have been wondering if astrology sites, politicaly oriented blogs, anti-war sites,
    in short, any internet sites that are critical of the Bush administration in any form might be shut down or possibly the entire internet in the U.S. might come under government control in August or September of this year.

    Use the birthdata posted by ***** above for astrologicaly connected sites, newsletters, etc., and see how many will recieve a direct hit from the upcoming Saturn opposition to Neptune. I have done this for about 5 of them and each recieves an exact hit on a planet or to an angle from that
    opposition. I have not had time to do more of them.

    As most of you might know, I do my measure ments in right ascension. The opposition has Saturn at 140d 25m and Neptune at 320d 25m on Aug 29, 2006, about 1 1\2 days before the opposition as measured in longitude.



    My post was in response to the following information:

    Civil Rights/Human Rights

    RANK CENSORSHIP: On orders from prime ministers department and police: Australian web site shut down
    By Richard Phillips
    Mar 24, 2006, 00:13

    Editor’s Note: We published John Howard’s Confession, a piece of political satire authored by well known friend of Axis of Logic – Richard Neville on March 13, 2006. Now we learn that the Australian government has shut down Neville’s site. There can be no question about their motive. Neville exposed John Howards culpability in the
    slaugter of civilians as he participated with the Bush regime in committing Australian troops to the war against the people of Iraq. – Axis Editors
    23 March 2006

    One week before the third anniversary of the criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq, the Australian government forced the closure of a satirical web site that powerfully exposed several key lies told by Prime Minister John Howard to justify participation in the US-led war.

    Authored by Richard Neville, former editor of Oz magazine, a well- known satirical publication that challenged British censorship laws in the 960s, the site,, was suspended after a high- level intervention by the prime ministers department and the federal police.



  8. bob – I have downloaded your software from

    I have not had a chance to play though. My kids are out for Spring Break. I am glad you surfaced. Thank you. You make me think and I like having you around, a lot!

  9. I do not seem to have the birthdata for your blog. Do you?

    Glad I could brighten your day a little. 😉

    Peter is one of my favorite list owners in spite of the fact that our charts have many stressful aspects between them. I posted as much to his “Astrologers Home Page” site several months ago. I have been posting there for years, have probably uploaded about 100 charts to that site though I do not post there much anymore.

    My software is freeware so anyone who finds it can download it, use it, pass it on, or whaatevver.


  10. bob – I do.

    The first post? Feb, 1, 2005, 6:52:29 PM, Aurora CO

    And we went public – May 31, 2005, 11:12 PM. New York, NY.

  11. Hey y’all,

    I didn’t mean to silence the room, just wanted to post what I thought was some relevant material. I am as hooked on Elsa’s stories as you all are. And I eagerly await your responses to her blogging.

    I am an addict and my addiction is getting worse not better. No haircut today, the laundry still sits waiting, as do the taxes. I have ordered out for the third time in four days or is it the fourth time in five? Maybe I should hire a maid, a cook, and an accountant. Nobody can get me on the phone anymore because my line is always busy. I hate to go offline even to order out. The computer desk is right next to the bed (Within 3 feet). Why bother to get dressed – there’s no need to answer the door – ignore them and they’ll go away.

    With a click-click here
    and a clcik-click there
    Here a click, there a click
    everywhere a click-click

    Has anyone else ever clicked on so many links they got lost? Forgot where they started from?

    Now what was I going to do before I started this?


  12. well my comment was not at all extreme and therefor I can’t see why it is awaiting moderation.

    anyway, speaking of history and origins of blogs:

    Dave Winer (b. May 2, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA) is a software pioneer who created or was a lead contributor to several of the most popular XML dialects and APIs related to web publishing, including RSS 2.0, XML-RPC, OPML, and the MetaWeblog API. He is also the author of Scripting News, one of the first weblogs.(wikipedia)

    dave winer started a weblog in april 1997 and came out with weblog software manila/userland in the summer of 1999 about the same time as blogger.

    dave was born with mercury in taurus sextile to uranus jupiter in conjunction in cancer and mercury also squaring pluto in leo and also in opposition to saturn in scorpio and mercury also inconjuncts neptune in libra.

    all the mercury aspects are all within 3 degrees of each other except for saturn at 5 degrees orb.

    anyway, the idea, thrown out is since he has a weblog history since 97 and also other histories, it would be interesting to see whether significnt transits occurred while he was creating inventing what he did that had a major impact on the internet such as rss synidication.

    looking for transits from the outer planets around 23 degrees is when his creations ought to have occurred.

    are transits real, I really want to know.

  13. Interesting to read this thread considering the dates. A dozen years later the question is still valid; some blogs come and go. I came to ElsaElsa in 2008 and here it remains. I started my first blog that same year and keep blogging to save my life. It works for me and I’m glad of it!

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