Invitation To Speak Freely

sagittarius17I got a request for a consultation today, the gal told me that she would hear anything I had to say. I loved reading that.

It’s not that I withhold from clients. I don’t! I don’t think, well, this is my opinion but I’m not going to tell her that.

My husband often criticizes me for this. He thinks I am way too forthcoming.  He’s got a Scorpio Moon, so you can imagine how little you can get out of him.

It’s often a challenge to convey things to people, when I a pretty good idea they won’t like what I have to say. Libra hates being unpleasant. However, deeper down, I think people do want to hear what I think. Though I’m sure it happens on occasion. it’s rare that I’m hired by mistake.

I am going to be candid regardless. But it’s so easy when someone says something like this to me. I understand, they are really looking for an outside person to flip all the lights on, for whatever reason.

Sometimes it’s because they’re just sick of low light!  It’s funny, isn’t it? Like asking your husband if your butt looks big in your pants.  There might come a day when you think, no really. Does. My. Butt. Look. Big? I’ll ask, Elsa. She’ll tell me.

As often as not, the person’s butt is normal-sized.  And there is something truly remarkable about this process, though I don’t think I could tell you what it is.

I do know that Saturn is going into Sagittarius soon. The unadorned truth is coming into vogue – I’m sure to be fully booked.



Invitation To Speak Freely — 7 Comments

  1. The unadorned truth is a funny thing. I have been offering that all of my life , even as a very small child. I have a sense that it is mostly not recieved well and that I am a negative person. I just do not think certain things need a sugar coating. The core flavor is what it is, why do I need to make it palpable.I do not do this with everything, just what needs to be said that there is no recognition of where there needs to be. Where people are in the dark I get a sense of what is behind or underneath. I have a libra moon so it bothers me quite often when others are taken aback by my approach. I wonder what planet or planets give this ability to see beyond and overtly state that which is present that seems to be so uncomfortable to people. I do not enjoy it necessarily but I must call em like I see em. Maybe it would be mercury in leo on my mc, I am not sure. Many times I wish I could be less free with the truth .

  2. Love this. I often tell the unadorned truth and folks seem to appreciate it a whole lot more these days. Of course, one has to consider the surroundings and timing. Unadorned truth is one thing cruelty is another.

  3. This is funny to me. I too am prefer to tell it like it is and am amazed how often direct honesty is dubbed as “rude” I have also been accused of being “intense” when in reality I was just being directly honest and unwilling to dance around the truth even if the truth was unpleasant. I am a Libra 10th house Sun with a stellium in Libra but my Sag rising tells it like it is every time 🙂

  4. im sun leo moon Gemini aries asc yep I am brutually honest. being told to butter things up, mmmm not me. someone asks for my opinion I give it honestly hehe.

  5. I just read a description of Sagittarius looking more like a Tea Pot; also an older image as a half goat( not horse). Have interpretations by the archetype changed any , relating to the other images?

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