Invitation To Send Questions About Astrology & Life!

Émile FriantI want to invite readers to send questions. The questions can be on any topic.  Astrology questions, philosophical questions, questions about personal problems, curiosities…whatever you’ve got.

I want to challenge myself, but I also want to challenge you. We have many interesting discussions around here, I’d like to get more of this going.

It’s best if you keep your question concise. Just think of it showing up on the blog. You want people to read it and be immediately engaged in this thing you’re passionate or curious about.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post all questions, but I’m going to try! You’ll be anonymous (but you can identify yourself in the comments, if you please). I also may edit what you submit, for clarity and brevity.  Please use email!

It’s also nice if you include your location. City, state, country, whatever. Culture is important. This adds interest to these posts.

That’s it – lets have some fun with this! EMAIL


Invitation To Send Questions About Astrology & Life! — 102 Comments

  1. There is a generation that has saturn-neptune conjunct in libra. Were we just meant to have difficult people in our lives?

  2. Saturn/Neptune conjunct in my 7th house.Always believed in a “knight in shining armour” and for the most part, my husband has lived up to a lot of my fairy tales.. I like being a queen, too.. as we have aged,some of the gleam is a bit tarnished but overall, but we both expect a lot of each other..I believe our mutual support through thick and thin,of one another, has been my saving grace in this lifetime.Abandoned mostly by my parents, but had a wonderful loving grandmother raise me.Security and the dream of an “ideal family” has always hounded me, and i got married young so I could GET ONE of my own.. . Of course I don’t believe so much in fairy tales any longer (2020 and the past few years have certainly changed a lot in my life..) but overall,I believe in Love.

  3. how do intercepted planets and signs unlock?? I have at least four planets intercepted and feel their energy is so weak.

    • I’m sorry, Sofia. I use Equal houses… where there is no such thing as an intercepted planet.
      I’m sorry you feel your planets are “weak”. I don’t think this idea is real.

  4. Are there mutual receptions between peoples charts?

    Example: Uranus in Scorpio for person X

    Pluto in Aquarius for person Y

    This is hypothetical because Pluto is Aquarius only babies now.

  5. what is the effect of pluto in trines and sextiles?thinking about what will pluto in Aquarius effect be on Aries, Sagittarius, libra and gemini

  6. How can we use our natal charts and astrology regarding health? Are there resources to check into? I know I have Hygeia in Leo/5th House but how do I put that into context with the rest of the natal chart?

    • I’m not a medical astrologer so I may not be the best person to ask…

      But I look at the 6th house and the ascendant (the physical body), always.

      I also consider the planet that rules the problem area. Teeth and bones/ Saturn for example.
      Good luck!

  7. I would like to know more about abandoning your friends in favor of a flavor of the month type relationship/addiction. For those who cannot do 12 step programs or stuff like that. I know you say certain problems solve themselves but I figured I’d ask anyway. How does one find deeper meaning in “the chart”

  8. I’m a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon married to a Virgo stellium. If trines are supposed to be good synastry, why the hell does his aloofness hurt so much? My Capricorn Moon needs reassurance and he just can’t seem to give it. He was so loving in the first months of our relationship and now it’s like pulling teeth to get him to acknowledge me. I’ve tried everything I can. All I can think to do now is to let him initiate contact and to let him lead. Maybe that’s his Leo Moon throwing the wrench in what are otherwise supposed to be great dynamics. We’re busy, we’re in a long distance relationship, so there’s a lot in the way …. but he can’t be bothered to acknowledge me every day or two? Something’s wrong here.

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