Introduction To Synastry

satori kidsSynastry is quite simply chart comparison. The synastry charts that computers generate twine together two charts in one space, one laid inside the circle of the other. In this way we can see how the placements of one chart aspect the placements in the other. This seems simple as it is one chart, however when we analyze the synastry chart we are really looking at two, each individual chart with the placements of the other superimposed.

Elsa said the best thing I’ve ever heard about synastry: that another person’s natal placements are “like permanent transits to your chart.” This is why we’re looking at how the other person’s planets aspect those of an individual. You’ve heard Pluto transiting your moon is tough? Well if this person’s Pluto conjuncts your Moon, interacting with them will feel like a permanent Pluto-Moon transit. Some people have charts where they already experience a similar energy and they can handle it. For others it’s just too much.

Of course everyone is looking for the “good” aspects, perhaps a Venus-Moon contact where the esthetics of the other feel good. They like the same things you need. Would it surprise you to hear that most astrologers I’ve read cite Saturn aspects as the most indicative of a long-lasting relationship? A lifelong Saturn transit doesn’t sound so dreamy but it can be the glue that holds things together. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But without any stressful aspects Jack’s not likely to get off his duff and get to the finish line either.

Synastry can be used with the charts of partners, parents and children, heck if you know your cat’s birth info I don’t see why you couldn’t do that. I’ve done the synastry between my daughters trying to figure out why two such lovely young ladies would interact like rabid wolves. You can also do a sort of synastry between your chart and an event chart, like a wedding chart. It’s not exactly the same but it’s the same principle. It’s just like assessing transits, comparing them to your own chart. Because that’s what synastry is, in nuts and bolts, assessing the transit-like energy you encounter when you are in any sort of a relationship with another.

Have you ever compared your chart to someone else’s?

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Introduction To Synastry — 12 Comments

  1. I have done the synastry for my last two relationships. The one lasting 3 years explained our relationship to a T and confirmed everything I felt about him/us– the third “person” (not literal) we created as two was still a little hard to understand.
    The r-ship that lasted 1 year I couldn’t relate at all to our synastry chart– but his own chart didn’t match up to who I thought he was.. so looking back I think his birthdata had to have been wrong or I just read him completely wrong.

    i think it is a great tool to use but dont’ think it is a good idea to use or even look at at the beg of a relationship. Someone on this blog talked about how you really could project all sorts of things -about someone you barely know- by doing that and I agree!

  2. “Because that’s what synastry is, in nuts and bolts, assessing the transit-like energy you encounter when you are in any sort of a relationship with another.”

    Satori, what a great way to describe it. Thanks!

  3. I”ve looked at my husbands and mine’s synastry and composite chart. The main thing that is shows is his vertex conjunct my venus and descendant. It’s funny because we have alot of squares in our chart and Venus trine’s Saturn from both sides, his Venus and my Saturn and his Saturn trine my Venus. Our composite chart sun is in Aquarius, which explains it all. lol!

    You always post such interesting subjects.
    Thank you Satori! 🙂

  4. Synastry especially fascinates me; looking at my chart in conjunction w/someone else’s somehow highlights everything so much more clearly to me (maybe because I have a 7th house Sun! And Venus.)

    I’ve recently become friends with someone much younger than I am and we have a lot of mutual Pluto and Saturn + inner planet trining and sextiling (why does that sound so suggestive, LOL?!) which I would take to mean a good mutual support system; we’re both due for heavy Pluto traffic all through Capricorn and Aquarius so maybe this means we can really help each other? That would be cool.

    Oh, how I’d love to do the synastry with me and my cat! I don’t know his time of birth but I do know the day. Maybe I should work up the charts!

  5. My hardest relationship was the longest… 8years, and with the worst aspects ever… i do those synastry charts… but i know that the hardest stuff brings more joy :p

  6. I’ve done some between me, my mother, and my grandmother and its interesting to see how some aspects play themselves out between us. For example my Moon is conjunct right between my mom’s Sun & Venus, and my Grandmothers Moon is conjunct my Venus, (opposite my Moon & Mom’s Sun & Venus…) We are all very close to one another but I usually have to play mediator when Gma gets catty with mom who becomes unusually sensitive!!

  7. Yes–a lot. My mum and I both have NN in Libra, 1 degree apart. Dad’s Sun is conjunct.

    My Dad’s SN is conjunct my Moon. His Moon/Mars conjunct my Sun.

    My sister with whom I had a torturous relationship as kids–her 8th House Moon/Chiron is conjunct my SN.

    Tons of family aspects in synastry.

    Right now I’m dating a man, his Sun is conjunct my Saturn. He says I push him to not give up. That’s nice:)

  8. Looking at the synastry in my family is just amazing, it really proves astrology for me. There are tons of shared degrees, conjunctions, oppositions and shared aspects between all of us. It’s like it had been all planned out…hmmm;-)

  9. Yup, but it all looks pretty greek to me until you mentioned what Elsa said. I can read chart A and chart B and compare each in relation to each other, but I never recognized the relation to transits. Now I have a more concrete understanding of what it means when when the other person’s planet is in your House.

    When I was first trying to figure out what the heck the synastry meant, I was going through planets and saying… if his Saturn is conjunct my Sun, that means he’s Saturn while I’m the Sun or what does it mean if he’s Neptune and I’m Mercury.

    For that matter, transits are pretty complex as well. I only look at 2-3 things in my transits, while the rest I have not really sussed out.

  10. @BlessedPlace… ouch!!! I’ve been through that & you said it… lethal. You LIKE that person so much but you just can’t get what you need from them. You’re left high & dry. I hope you can work it out somehow =)

  11. This kind of fits with this philosophy I have that you dont know people you experience them. I guess thats what synasty is transits that you experience with someone <3

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