Interview With Midara, Writer & Consulting Astrologer

MIdara astrologyMidara has been around the site for about a decade. She’s now writing for the blog and consulting. She’s also writing the Monthly ‘Scopes.

You can find her in the forum as well. I thought I’d ask her some questions so we could all get to know her better. Enjoy!

How did you first encounter astrology?

You know, I’m not sure. Astrology has been on my radar since I was a child. But it really took off when I was a teenager and read Born on a Rotten Day by Hazel Dixon-Cooper. It was such a compelling, hilarious read that I just had to learn more. I started reading every astrology book I could find. A few years after that, I discovered your blog, and the rest is history.

Did astrology grow on you right away or…

Yes and no. I was immediately fascinated, but deeply skeptical. I’m an academic by nature and I wasn’t comfortable believing in something like astrology until I was absolutely, positively, 100% sure that it worked. So I spent several years studying and reading charts, and it eventually became undeniable.  My entire life has been devoted to understanding why people do what they do, and astrology is the best, most consistently reliable method I’ve ever encountered.

What made you decide to pursue a career in this field?

I want to help people. I think astrology is how I can do the most good in the world. I really believe that I was put on this earth to do exactly this. When people tell me how I’ve helped them better understand themselves and their loved ones, or helped them find their path, it is gratifying beyond belief.

As counselors, we tend to attract certain clients at certain times. Are there any patterns that have emerged in your consulting practice?

Yes, it’s really uncanny. Every time I learn and master something, whether it be a new concept/skill or a life lesson, clients appear who need exactly that. That’s one of the things that motivates me to keep learning – I want to help as many people as possible! And there’s a real comfort in knowing that any personal trials I experience will ultimately be tools for healing others. It’s never failed, even once.

Do you any special interests or areas of expertise when it comes to consulting?  What about things you’d like to avoid?

Yes! I really love working with people having outer-planet transits, creating a roadmap to not only survive but to get something great out if it! I also like working with people in difficult or confusing relationships, and I have a special interest in helping people in abusive relationships of all kinds (verbal, financial, physical, etc).  Due to my personal history, I am able to approach these situations with understanding and absolutely no judgement.

What do you most want people to know about you?

That I’m here to stay! My chart is very fixed, and once I commit to something, I commit. So expect to see me here for years to come!

Also, in addition to my areas of specialization, I can help with a huge range of issues. Just since I’ve been here, I’ve had consultations about relationships, career, health, and clarifying aspects in the natal chart. Outside of the blog, I’ve consulted about education, friendships, mental health, family, gender and sexuality, and more. If it’s human, I can handle it.

Tell us a secret. Just one!

Oh man. Well, one is that I think I’m secretly a ten-year-old. I have a ridiculous collection of Legos, Barbies, stuffed animals, etc. When I’m home alone, in between writing, reading, consulting, and caretaking, you’ll find me singing along with My Little Pony. But hey, everyone needs a little levity, right?

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  1. Yes, she did, particularly with the challenging Saturn-Pluto business.
    Love the disclosed secret ?. It’s fun engaging in kid like behaviours, it can lighten us adults up.
    I really enjoy your input Midara.

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