Interpreting Midpoints In The Natal Chart

Vintage zodiac paper dollsMidpoints are in interesting study.  I have not written about them much, but they are valid and they do come up in consultations.  Some people pay attention to specific midpoints such as Sun/Moon or maybe Moon/Venus.  In whatever case, they are sensitive to transits and play heavily in synastry as well.

If you have a natal planet aspects a midpoint, there is an effect. There is very little material out there as far as interpretation goes. I was researching this yesterday. I was very impressed with what I found.

Here are some of my midpoint aspects. I’m sure you’ll recognize me!

Asc. Conjunct Moon/MC

Your attitude towards life is governed by your feelings and you tend to seek cordial understanding with others. You have the ability to perceive other peoples’ spiritual needs, and trusting your judgment, they are likely to come to you for advice.

Moon Conjunct Mars/Pluto

You are hard-working and tend to work till you collapse. Forceful and aggressive, you come on strong and have a tendency to be abusive when frustrated. You must learn to relax in order to avoid suffering total emotional or physical exhaustion.

Sun Conjunct Moon/Pluto

Your emotions are very intense and you are excited quite easily. Love is very important to you and you are constantly seeking emotional fulfillment, but you will not waste time with casual relationships.

Sun Conjunct Mercury/Uranus

You may be a bit high-strung and over-zealous in the pursuit of your endeavors. You always seem to be in a hurry and have the ability to evaluate situations quickly. You have a brilliant mind and possibly could invent something.

These belong to my friend, Ben, all in regards to his Midheaven

MC Conjunct Sun/Saturn

You seem to lack confidence in yourself and worry about being compromised or exposed. You may feel that you are unable to defend yourself and tend to withdraw from others. It is more important to you to do the right thing than to be popular.

MC Conjunct Sun/N. Node

You have a natural ability to integrate with groups and could very well form your own associations or groups. There is likely to be a special soul-link between you and the friends you choose. You also have a tendency to fight other people’s battles.

MC Conjunct Mercury/N. Node

You have a desire to teach other people what you know and may be interested in a career that serves the public through some educational programs. You are a very stimulating companion, but want to be the central figure in discussions.

Great, right?

From now on, I’m going to include the midpoint conjunctions with the Natal Report. I have updated the sample report.  Get yours here – Natal Report W/ Midpoints

Do you pay attention to midpoints in your natal chart?



Interpreting Midpoints In The Natal Chart — 19 Comments

  1. I also have many interesting midpoints in my natal. Sometimes I’m still discovering more, for example because of this article my DC=MC/Moon. I didn’t consider midpoints with axis’ or other calculated points, but I also had not the impression yet that my other midpoints would be of much relevance. Some say the Sun/Moon midpoint is like another DC, but in my case the Sun/Moon midpoint is exactly conjunct my DC. So how could I ever know?
    Most people, who use midpoints, use only hard aspects to the midpoints and only between planets and midpoints. Some use only conjunctions. The magi astrologers use their whole set of aspects and even from midpoint to midpoint. Of course different astrologers use also different orbs. This choice of methods make it far more difficult to figure out, whether midpoints are of relevance.
    Most midpoint interpretations can be found on John Sandbachs old blog:
    Whenever I search the web for the interpretation of a specific midpoint, then I add the term ‘twinkletwinkle’ to the search.

    • And sometimes I make miscalculations. Should have left that to a computer. My Moon/MC is thirteen degrees away from my DC, rather conjunct my Pluto if two degrees of orb are allowed.

  2. I have Mars, moon and chiron in my MC and Saturn and Uranus opposition thise planets in my IC. My Mc is still an enigma to me. I do not have a carrier, I’m 30 years old and still a uni student. I’m not that ambitious etc. So I get very frustrated when MC is so associated with carrier and work and one can’t find that much of good info about this midpoint.

    • The MC isn’t a midpoint. Although conjunctions, if we’re talking about conjunctions, are also conjunct their midpoints. It looks like you’re quite undecided about your career.

  3. This is so interesting I had never paid attention to midpoints before. I just calculated some of mine:

    Sun conjunct Venus/Mars

    Part of fortune conjunct Sun/Mercury

    Venus conjunct Mercury/Pluto

    Saturn conjunct Moon/Neptune

    Sun square Moon/Mars

    Juno conjunct Venus/Jupiter

    Mercury conjunct Mars/Pluto

    North Node conjunct Mercury/Uranus

    Is there a specific orb for the midpoint conjunctions?

      • Three degrees are tight for a midpoint? It’s the most generous orb, which I’ve ever seen for a midpoint. But I would love it because then I would also have MC=Mercury/Jupiter. With this I could have success becoming a professional writer. But without I would probably only become a starving artist and better do something different.

        • I wasn’t very clear. Just was thinking, a three degree range, rather than three on each side, a six degree range.

          When I am thinking about then in consults, in terms of transistors dynasty, I see the midpoint so be sensitive, and there is a range, like anything else.

          Example, if the midpoint is 18, it will be activated at 17.

          • One and a half degree of orb is no longer generous. But I still have a few (Neptune=Sun/Mercury, Venus=Mars/Uranus) and don’t see their relevance. What is a transistors dynasty?

      • How about that Part of Fortune? I got the advice on another astrology website that calculated points shouldn’t be mixed with other calculated points because this would be (sorry for the pun, I don’t know to express it better) pointless.

  4. My Astrology program uses a 1 degree orb on Midpoints, I think on each side of the actual point. It also includes the nodes as part of a midpoint.

    I always include the Midpoints in charts. I see them as indicative of something very specific in a chart, good or bad. It adds further explanation on how the planets involved play out.

    I have my Ascendant conjunct my Mercury/Pluto midpoint. I look at everything, in depth. I’m a great detective. I love to research things and won’t stop until I find the answer. In my natal chart, Mercury and Pluto are square, so there is an obsessive quality about this for me. I used it in a positive way in my life by running computer networks and doing tech support for a living. It was an asset for me.

  5. I use less than 1 degree. I like my midpoints: moon/jupiter on mc, jupiter/uranus on mc, jupiter/neptune on mc and of course, sun/venus with mercury. Venus/Jupiter on the asc. Yesterday someone told me I have a kind energy, which just made my day to be honest. But I am sure I come as a self-involved dried pea online. What can ya do.

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