Interpretation Of The Solar Return Moon In Each Sign

moon Edward EgglestonWhen we think of the solar return, we think of the Sun and our birthday. But the solar return moon offers insight into our emotions, home and family life, birthday to birthday.

For example I learned to can food with my solar return moon in Cancer. I baked all the time as well!

Here are mini-interpretations of the solar return moon in each of the signs:

Solar Return Moon in Aries

You have an emotional need to start something new this year—to make a fresh start somehow. Impulsive decisions characterize the period. This promises to be an active and energetic year in which you feel renewed self-confidence. You are more assertive and enthusiastic, and also more willing to let go of the past.

Solar Return Moon in Taurus

You have a greater than average need for security and for establishing roots this year. You focus on acquiring things, especially for the home, and stabilizing your domestic environment. If there are any difficulties this year, you have the emotional strength to face them without cracking under pressure.

Solar Return Moon in Gemini

This is a year of emotional adjustments. You may feel pulled in a number of directions, and you could find yourself very busy and perhaps in demand. If the Moon is afflicted, you may feel behind schedule and you may have difficulty keeping up with the pace of your life.

Solar Return Moon in Cancer

Your heart is with your family and your home this year. This position is sometimes associated with a birth. If the Moon forms mostly challenging aspects, there is a tendency to dwell on emotional hurts from the past.

Solar Return Moon in Leo

You project a more confident and warm manner during this period of your life, and could very well attract romance into your life. You feel more playful than ever, and you look for opportunities to “play”. This can be a highly creative year, and whatever you do is colored by at least a little bit of drama.

Solar Return Moon in Virgo

This is a busy period in your life when you might work behind the scenes. It will be easier than most years to stick to a diet or health regime. Keeping “on top” of things in terms of staying organized is likely a focus. More responsibilities than usual are likely.

Solar Return Moon in Libra

You are emotionally tied up in relationships, partnerships, and issues of cooperation and collaboration this year. Your power of attraction is stronger than usual. You may be more socially active or do some work with the public. If the Moon is mostly challenged, you may experience some problems in one-to-one relationships that you actively work on in order to restore harmony and balance.

Solar Return Moon in Scorpio

Your emotions are intense but controlled this year. You may feel somewhat like a warrior on an emotional level, able to handle problems perhaps better than ever. You are not as given to quick emotional reactions. Rather, you can sit back, watch, and wait. You are likely to be particularly perceptive when it comes to sizing up people and situations.

Solar Return Moon in Sagittarius

You are emotionally restless, looking for new experiences. You are more able to have fun, and you seek out new adventures. Restlessness is probable. You may feel somewhat unsettled this year, and travel is possible. Legal matters may need to be attended to. If the Moon is mostly challenged, you could be struggling with indecision about where your life is headed.

Solar Return Moon in Capricorn

Focus this year is mainly on work. You might withdraw on an emotional level within your family and home life, either to focus your energy on work or because of increased responsibilities with work or the family itself. Your desire for a certain level of solitude and your emotional reserve this year might be cause for concern for others around you, depending on your usual personality. The condition of the Moon by aspect can suggest whether your reputation changes for the better or for the worse.

Solar Return Moon in Aquarius

The need for emotional “space” this year is evident. You are emotionally curious and somewhat detached. Your emotional reactions this year may be quirky, but you are not ruled by your emotions as much as other years. New friendships or group activity, or changes in these areas, may be part of the picture.

Solar Return Moon in Pisces

This can be a year of endings of some sort, especially with regards to something that has become very much a part of everyday life. You are more sensitive to your environment than usual, and you may not feel quite as “equipped” emotionally to handle the ups and downs of life. You are more sensitive to others as well. If the Moon is mostly challenged, emotional chaos may be the theme of the year–feeling “put upon”, ignored, or deceived by others.

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Where is your solar return moon?

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Interpretation Of The Solar Return Moon In Each Sign — 18 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for your solar return moon interpretations Elsa. For the 2013-2014 solar return, my Moon will be in Pisces in the 12th house, and it is true that I do feel like a few “endings” are coming. Is there a way of dealing better with emotional ups and downs in that situation, other than just “having faith that things will work out” (knowing what I learned from Pisces transits…)? Fortunately, I think Jupiter in Cancer as well as the Scorpio and Capricorn planets will help support my solar return moon.

  2. Solar Return Moon in Sadge, V House, in little over a month. I’ve been feeling restless and unsettled for the past few weeks; it’s like sometimes I feel trapped. Overall it’s a well-aspected Moon, though.

  3. A Scorpio moon in the SR 8th house conjunct SR Saturn *and* conjunct my natal Neptune are in the works. Natal Neptune is the focal point for 2 interlocked aspect patterns ….its been a year of milestones and change. More coming, I’d guess — I’m a late May birthday.

    Thanks for this – a pleasant reminder to stick to my meditation and spiritual practices. Stay centered for the ride!

    x o

  4. My upcoming SR moon is in Taurus. Unless things change drastically I won’t be acquiring things for the home — more like the opposite — but very definitely trying to stabilize the domestic environment. With transiting Saturn moving through my fourth house it feels like it’s time to simplify and pare down my possessions.

    SR Moon last year was in Capricorn tightly conjunct Pluto on the descendant and your description definitely does describe my experience, focused on work and not much socialization. As a matter of fact, when I had to leave work a month ago the HR person said people had been worried about me because I didn’t “look the same” (because of illness). It was news to me that anyone cared.

    Thank you for your interpretations of all the SR Moon signs!
    Do you find that the solar return influences start to “fade in”, so to speak, a while before the solar return date itself, or that it’s strictly from the solar return date to the next one? I have seen reports that suggest overlap of about three months and have always wondered about that.

  5. “Do you find that the solar return influences start to “fade in”, so to speak, a while before the solar return date itself, or that it’s strictly from the solar return date to the next one?”

    Absolutely, yes.

    • I am looking at the solar return report you just sent me a few days ago, and this stands out — it’s part of the interpretation for Sun trine Jupiter:

      “If you are involved in some type of litigation or legal process, it will be settled in your favor. Your sense of justice will increase along with the desire to acquire more knowledge. You will seek out new experiences and will have a strong desire to travel this year.”
      There are other paragraphs in the report suggesting resolution within the solar return year of the above.
      Together with the consultation you did for me, this solar return report is heartening (and I will be rereading it from time to time when becoming anxious about the issue). Thank you. 🙂

  6. Just took a look at my solar return chart…oy vey! Explains a lot about the past 4 months. I need to order a report from you on this soon, Elsa.

  7. I just found this. Very informative thanks!

    My solar return this year has moon in Aquarius in the fourth. Everything you said about it sounds attractive to me. Emotional detachment sounds so refreshing right now.

  8. Great article! ? My last birthday had Aquarius Moon and the upcoming one will have Cancer Moon. I indeed feel somewhat detached and need more space compared to other years even though I’m Fire dominant natally. I’m looking forward what the next year will bring, Cancer Moon sounds a lot more promising. ?

    • A solar return is a chart cast for the time when the sun (solar) returns to the exact place it was when you were born. This can happen on your birthday or one day, before or after.

  9. My 2021 solar return began at the time of the full moon in Scorpio.

    SR moon Scorpio in 11th. 2 degrees from natal Neptune also in 11th. Opposing my natal Tauras Sun and Lilith in 5th. Opposing solar return Taurus Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, and Lilith in 5th.

  10. Thank you for the SR moon interpretation! ?

    My SR moon is in Leo in the SR 12th house.

    Recently I’ve noticed an increase in creative inclinations. Also, I’m taking a class (virtually) so I’m creating from home. Which makes sense too me.

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