The House Of The Composite Sun Shows The Purpose Of A Relationship

sun-astrologyI thought it would be interesting if people who were partnered noted the house of where the Sun falls in the composite chart with their partner along with a sketch of how it manifests.

The composite sun shows the purpose of a relationship, where the people shine, where vital life energy is expressed. Not surprisingly, my husband and I have a 8th house composite Sun.

Correspondingly, we live (and shine) in the shadow. People are attracted and repelled. We are comfortable in uncomfortable places and attracted to them.

We deal in depth, we are intensely loyal and we lack interest in anything superficial. We live for transformation via exchange of energy and thrive in 8th house realms like death and psych, healing and regeneration.

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Where does the Sun fall in the composite chart of you and your partner? How does it manifest?


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The House Of The Composite Sun Shows The Purpose Of A Relationship — 82 Comments

  1. I completely agree with Orlando. 🙂

    I did the composite for me and my ex – 5th house Sun, and I don’t think I needed software to tell me that as we both have 5th house Suns.

    I can say that when things were superficial (romance level), they were great. But attempting to get the real relationship stuff done is where it all fell apart.

    Maybe if we would’ve had children we would’ve had something to solidify our relationship on…and then ended up divorcing anyway when empty nest syndrome kicked in 20+ years later. Both individual charts and the composite chart have empty 7th houses, and only Pluto in Libra. Though he has Uranus in Scorpio conjunct the DC. Can such a pair make it work when there’s little astrology supporting investment in relationships? (I realize this may be a whole other topic)

  2. My guy and I also have an 8th House composite Sun, in Cancer.

    We comfort each other. A lot. It’s a very loving relationship and nothing at all like the kind of love I’ve had with previous partners.

  3. Oh brother, I just realized we have a stellium in Gemini/7th House. Opposing Moon in Sagittarius.
    blah blah blah blah

    nota and now you have a baby! I love your photo:)

  4. My ex and I: 12th House, in PIsces. Conjunct Jupiter. We were lost at sea together. Would have been forever unless someone pulled the drain out of the sink, I guess. Damn.

  5. composite for us is: 9th house, Leo Sun. Sag Moon (1st house), scorpio rising.
    Not sure how this works. It’s hard to miss us when we are out.

  6. Fourth house Aries composite sun. We were family from the moment we met and moved in together very soon after. We’ve moved three times since we met nearly four years ago and would love to move to Ireland together. No matter where we are, we are home as long as we’re together.

  7. 6th house composite Sun with tight conjunctions to Venus,Mercury, and Mars. All 4 in Sag. We met at work and became friends. Got together a few years later, he transferred out so we could marry and not have a work conflict. After we married, I started work in the same large department. We finished our careers 20 years later.
    Other 6th house stuff: we have several animals; we both run errands for our widowed mothers. There’s probably more.

  8. In tenth house, in Scorpio, conjunct moon – we both have 10th house suns. Don’t know enough about this to know what it means – we did meet in college (career?).

  9. I looked for my ex b/f — We had sun, moon, mercury and venus (in cancer) in the 10th. He was like a parent to me (still is a little bit, but getting less and less) — and had tremendous influence on my career. Does this mean I did the same for him? He changed my life for sure.

    Saturn in 6th, btw. Restriction in daily life, absolutely.

  10. The only guy I have right now that I feel is viable is SuperScorp.

    We have a Libra sun in the second (in a nice grand air trine with the moon and Saturn, and in the middle of a Libra stellium). I can definitely see the “civilising” effect (Libra) we have on each other, but even though my natal sun is in the second I can’t grasp it. Neither of us are very materialistic, though we do enjoy comfort.
    Maybe it’s something to do with the values we express? Or maybe we’re just fuckin’ muleheaded. (Hint: we are.)

    Had a 12th house Virgo sun with the ex. I can’t grasp that, either. Yay? 😛

  11. My friend Capricorn douchebag and I had a 3rd house Pisces sun, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. He changed my taste in books and everything. I’m surprised that we have Mercury/Venus in Aries in the 4th house, we do love to talk, but we also fight like crazy.

  12. Oh — snapdragon. A composite chart takes the midpoints between two charts and recalculates them into a new chart. A synastry chart lays the two over each other to see what aspects are formed.

  13. @Snapdragon: as far as I have read, synastry is the overlay of one chart on top of another to see where their or your planets fall in their or your houses. this is how you act with each other. the composite chart is a midpoint chart done with both of your birth data and is one chart describing the bottom line of the relationship.

    I have a 8th House sun with a guy that I met on line, and we carried on kind of a secret relationship for a year before I met him. We comfort each other a lot and seem to thrive in the realm of our friendship being separate from the rest of our lives. I thought it would mean rockin’ sex…but that came to not. But we both are interested in many subjects and can talk and talk and talk. I love him with the breth of my soul…we are kindered spirits. The ruler of our composite is Neptune and we both admitted that we forget we are so far away from each other.

  14. We have our composite sun, jupiter and mercury in the 10th house pisces.

    Venus and Mars in the 9th house, but venus is in the pisces portion of the 9th while mars is in the aquarius portion.

    In the 7th house capricorn, we have the moon and neptune. While the 6th house has uranus and saturn in Sag. Pluto is in 5th house scorp; Chiron in the 12th house Gemini.

    N.Node 11th house Aries.

    He definitely helped me a lot in my career, or rather… I’d say in the extraverted expression of myself to society.
    We met and got into the relationship while we were both pursuing a higher education outside our respective home countries….

  15. We’re both Tauruses with Composite sun in House 2 (but also Venus & Mercury conjunct the Sun). We “belong” to each other. He’s mine, I’m his. He’s all over me, I’m all over him. And it’ so good. It’s physical and extremely erotic (we both have Venus in Gemini, and we do exchange a lot by phone – at all levels…) and I feel so much emotional security with him. He loves me so (his Leo rising overwhelms my aries moon and sadge ascendant), yet accepts who I am. First time I feel my emotional needs are fullfilled. Don’t know if this will last because there seems to be so many mountains that stand between us (or maybe I chose this deliberately because I’m committment phobic)- Composite Uranus in the 7th. It’s certainly a very unconventional relationship (like my friends would say “hey Missty, what the F*** are you doing in this crazy relationship, get a grip), he is unconventional – (and I have natal Venus trine Uranus) – met on the internet, lives 700 km away, has 4 kids (and I have 2) I booked my plane ticket to meet him only 2 weeks after we’d made connexion (crazy?!) It’s been 6 months now – and we only met 3 times – but our bond is so strong. I can’t let go of him, even though I know our relationship is unrealistic. I don’t know what the Saturn in Libra transit has in store for us…

  16. Elsa and others, do you use equal houses for a composite chart?

    Also, I discovered that now allows for composite charts calculated between more than two people. Fascinating! Anyone here tried doing composite or synastry between 3 or more? The one chart I looked at for myself, my husband and someone we both love was just stunning and very much reflected the dynamic between the three of us.

  17. Yes, I use Equal houses for everything. As for combining more than 2 charts, there was a guy here local who used to do charts of football teams in that manner, predict the winner of a match and had his articles published in the local paper…

  18. I prefer equal houses too and it seems to make more sense to me with composites as well.

    Very interesting about the football teams. What sort of results did he get? Cool gimmick at the least though.

  19. I’ve done several composite charts for myself with The Man, using our most likely rising signs (combos of Scorp and Cancer for me, and Scorp, Gem and Leo for him). They all have our joint Sun in Libra, in either the first, second or fourth house.

    All the potential combos show a potent mix of very good and very difficult aspects and placements (which sounds about right!) with strong emotion and sexual attraction made problematic on account of our propensity to challenge each other, and to misunderstand each pother emotionally.

    In all of them we have Venus conjuct Moon, with Venus on the Ascendant in some and squared in others! In all we have Sun conjunct both Mercury and Neptune in the same house.

    The fact is, whatever The Man’s time of birth, he still has a very strongly Leo chart (ego and stubbornness) with an Aquarius moon and Venus in Gemini, giving him a need for freedom and a distanced emotional nature hard to reconcile with his strong sex drive – which will always be hard for any woman to deal with

  20. This is very interesting as Shannon just helped me post a composite chart for me and my hubby in the Advice tab for our new business… We have a 11th Taurus sun. Does that mean we’re friends and co-workers in a social cause? We’re both pretty crunchy-granola, tree-hugging, neo-pagan-ish types… We have some great exchanges of humor. Most of the time we crack each other up! I’m most curious about the composite chart now and want to read all about it!

  21. Hmm… In an astrology forum I used to frequent in, I was told that my composite chart with my partner is a cause of alarm.

    We both have a composite 9th house (equal system) in Capricorn with a whole lot of aspects hitting it…

    – conjunction with MC (in capricorn)
    – conjunction with mercury (in capricorn)
    – Venus and Moon in cancer opposing them.

    We both met in an advocacy group. When I spoke to my bf about this later, he said there’s always been attraction from his end but I was being “snobby” (lol!). I always found him attractive but I was interested in someone else then. We did develop a very strong friendship and four years later, we started dating. We’ve been together for 2.5 years now.

    I guess that’s the “Capricorn” part – we took a LOOOONG time until we realized we had feelings for each other. But I was told that 10th house is all about the “public face” and that the relationship could not be of substance? Because this is not true as it was based on a very very solid friendship.

    It’s probably one of those doom and gloom astrologer types 😛

  22. Well, our composite Sun and Venus and ASC are in Leo, which sounds promising.
    But eww, that Sun and Venus are in the 12th, which seems bad if you google it!
    Funny because of all my relationships/marriages, this is the one that is the best for my getting what I want out of life. For him, too. Both of us feel we have possibilities being with each other that we wouldn’t have with others.
    So– perhaps there is a positive spin to the 12th house somehow.

  23. My ex and I had a composite 10th house Sun, along with the Moon and two other planets. We were not 10th house people though, so never got that. We were all about being at home and cooking dinner, and going for hikes. Head scratcher. Our birth times are both correct too. All those planets are in Taurus however, and these are all Taurean activities. The 10th house doesn’t really work well here though, unless we had a ‘reputation’ we didn’t know about or something.

  24. We have a 4th house sun in Pisces. I knew we were home with each other immediately and was impatient to get on with it, maybe that’s the composite 6th house Aries moon, eh 😉

    We married quickly and I was sent back to school to finish my degree which was by far a 6th house experience for me versus the traditional school is a 9th house thing.

    It was like “ok, so you’re home now, you can finish your work! HURRY (aries)”

    Do the planets in the composite take on gender roles or does one person seem to act out certain planets more?

  25. My husband and I have a 6th house Sun in Aquarius. It is tightly conjunct Venus and Mercury. All 3 are trined by Pluto which must be pretty good. Pluto (in 2nd House Virgo) is “technically” opposition to the 8th house Pisces Moon, but it is literally minutes away from being out of orb completely.

    We seem to have a mix of hard and easy angles.

  26. Okay, thanks Eva and Dawn. It almost seems like a composite chart is more valuable than a synastry chart? Anyone have any thoughts?

  27. “It almost seems like a composite chart is more valuable than a synastry chart?”

    I’d like to know this, too, snapdragon. I’ve heard that both are important. Also, that the composite tends to take on more importance the longer you are with your mate.

  28. Sun, Moon and Mercury all in composte 8th house in Scorpio.

    Very, very painful experience.
    We strat this relationship when he was still married but he said that he was divorcing process..and that was not the I would say nothing good comes from this position of planets in Composite.

    My previous relationship has the same.
    Only Venus was also there. He was much younger than me so our relationship was a secret.. damnnn 8th house composite!

    just how i have experience it.

  29. Depending upon which chart service I use, within 1deg orb before or after the ASC, but in either case, directly on it. Mars is in the VIIth house (not in opposition).

  30. I have a 6 house relationship (not romantic) and I was surprised to see that yes one is in a helping/teaching role, moon there conjunct sun too and venus conjunct jupiter in the this is looking good except i’m a little worried cuz that sun/moon/mercury conjunction is in capricorn I HATE SATURN

  31. Our composite sun is in the 7th (Aries) conjunct Juno and Mercury. Ceres also in the 7th. Composite moon is in the 4th in Sag.

  32. 8th house sun/stellium and 10th house moon /stellium . we have both transformed, and also have worked side by side on our careers for 13yrs…. Very career motivated couple.

  33. First House Capricorn Sun/Venus/Mercury/Jupiter. Neither of us have planets in earth natally & this relationship keeps us both well grounded. We recently paid off our mortgage & own our property free and clear.

    Other people see us as a strong, happy couple who make a good team though not particularly romantic . . . *grin*

    • my boyfriend and i have an 8th house composite sun in Virgo, 3rd house moon in Taurus, Capricorn rising. we were together for a year and right now he is taking space to figure out his career and if he can compromise and have kids sooner than he planned (i’m 34 he’s 28). instantly transformational connection, painfully so at the moment yet beautiful…we cry together. i agree with Neith since neither of us have personal planets in earth this is a very grounding relationship. Jupiter just entered our 7th house so i look forward to some levity and rejuvenation. mostly we just need Pluto to get out of our 12th house. with a yod between uranus and sun-mercury anchored by our communicative moon in Taurus, i know this partnership has some serious staying power despite current appearances. we’re figuring out together how to answer a higher calling. just call us Brangelina! 😛

  34. 2nd house capricorn sun conjunct mercury. and for sure the focus is on building material stability and a legacy.

    we’ve got our ascendant in sagittarius conjunct uranus, so people so us totally different than what we actually are. people think we are just rebellious and free spirited without any structure or focus.

    obviously, this is NOT the case. we have taurus moon in the 6th house!!! LOL

  35. 11th house composite Capricorn Sun conjunct Mercury.

    Not much into group things, but we are solid (Cap) friends (11th) who can and do talk (Merc) about everything together.

  36. Would this work with non-romantic relationships too, for example with friendships, family relationships etc?

  37. Going to have to look more into this. I have 8th house composite, Virgo with my guy. We love the weirdness of life, but I want to learn more about the Virgo part? Service to…

  38. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read The Curious Wanderer’s comment about the composit fifth house Sun.
    That is exactly what happened to me and my husband (we have the Sun in the 5th, too). Romance – great: love, devotion, intimacy, fun, everything! After the wedding we just couldn’t follow through, it’s like we couldn’t grow up. I, too, thought, that maybe if we had had children, then we would have been forced to get real. We are in the middle of a divorce.

  39. Composite 12th House Sag. Sun conjunct mercury. We’re destined to live alone in a house in the woods, pushing each other’s buttons until the end of time.

  40. does a composite or wedding chart take precedence in a relationship? Just curious ‘cuz our composite chart says 12th house Cancer. Wedding Chart says 8th house Cancer. I see a little of both in us. We’re emotional, shoot ourselves in the feet with that emotion on occasion…very dreamy/loving but occasionally delusional. That’s 12th house. But we are also great at surviving tough situations. We’re great at changing and evolving. We’ve got a ninth house moon that’s dedicated to learning in the wedding chart. I’m curious which one is the real us?

  41. 10th house stellium here, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Aries Asc, Moon in 8th!!!

    Business, business, business (10th) and deep private, healing emotional depths behind closed doors. (moon in 8th)

    Our home is our cave. The Business(es) all in the Sun.

    Together 23 years. Love at first sight.

  42. Well the only relation I have had, is with Venus sq sat guy. ohhhhh…my v/s…
    We have stellium in 12th Virgo- Sun,moon, mercury, juno and Saturn all conjunct with eachother. WE did start out as a clandestine affair and have pretty much stayed that way, execpt for 2 outings and 3 attempted outings, but they always fell through. Jupiter is in 5th though. And little Venus in the 2nd.

  43. Thanks Elsa. I’ll take a look at the composites with friends and family that I have birth times for tomorrow!

  44. Sun in Gemini in 11th house Taurus. We’ve been friends for a long time, and we took our sweet time in coming together; this is at the core of everything. My moon is in Gemini, so how could I not feel comfortable with this one. We definitely have a Taurean kind of trust.

  45. I have exact birth times for only two of my friends.

    My Aries friend who I met in high school and have been friends with for 15 years now – our composite Sun is exactly on the cusp of 8th house, and Venus and Mercury are in the 7th. Libra Moon in 1st house. Our friendship has not always been very communicative, meaning we don’t call each other every day or something. But it has always been characterized by fairness and reciprocity. I confide in her, she confides in me. I rely on her during difficult times, she relies on me. It’s fair and balanced. There’s no taking advantage. Interesting… it seems to reflect our composite Moon even more than our composite Sun. But we’ve always been very open to each other. She was the first person ever who I told about the abuse I endured with the ex.

    My Virgo friend who I met only 3 years ago, our composite Sun is in 8th house. Venus and Mercury in 3rd. We talk a lot and we have fun communicating, that’s for sure. We play with words and engage in witty laughs. And there is a certain compulsive quality to the friendship. Fatedness, if you will.

    Thanks Elsa. It seems that an 8th house Sun in the composite seems to be a pattern for me.

  46. I ran across this thread and like it alot. Doesn’t the 8th house and 12th scare anyone? Or am I only looking at the negative?
    What are your thoughts on it? Also Saturn, is Saturn always “a downer” of a planet?
    Example..Pluto in the 12th house..I seen that in a composite and I instantly got worried, also Mars and Saturn in the 8th…instant uneasiness.

  47. Scorp 6th house wife, Pisces 8th house husband. 7th house is our composite and we are partners in every sense of the word. He is the provider and I am the home and manager of it…he does all the work in the world and I do all the work in the home, from the finances to the lawn to homeschooling my 3 kids. We have turned our partnership into a well-oiled machine 🙂

  48. I was born 3/11/64 at 3:07 pm my x girlfriend was born 9/16/62 at 5:33am both cleveland Ohio, We both known each other since child hood and im crushed over our breakup, can anybody help me figure this out?

  49. Spouse and I have a 4th house Taurus Sun. We have lived in 11 homes in 16 years, owning 5 of them. We have an Aquarius Moon in the 1st house and live in an Aquarian state (per founding date of state). We are homebodies. He likes to buy more upscale appliances and creature comforts for the house than what I would have purchased on my own.

  50. Hi Elsa,

    A pretty packed Aquarius on the 12th House cusp – so that old mover-n-shaker, Uranus, rules the house of the collective, the hidden, spirit. The Sun is in Pisces, conjunct tightly with Mercury (<1 degree)…a curious one. The house ruler remains at the front of my thinking, so Aquarian themes rule.

    Food for thought, talk and action.

  51. My latest ladylove and I have Sun in Capricorn in the Ist house of composite AND Davison. In the “older” style composite our Sun conjuncts Saturn right on the CAP ASC. Yes, we are both Saturn in CAP, but a complete cycle apart. We have a lot of fated transits and synastries.
    Any not-so-obvious thoughts or ideas from you?

  52. Addendum: Our composite ASC is 12CAP within the same degree of Saturn, and our composite Sun is 13CAP w/in one degree of Saturn. My Eros is 13CAP, and it is the midpoint of our squaring Suns, mine 28SCO and hers 28AQU conjunct her 26deg Moon.

  53. Depends on which chart we’re looking at. In the midpoint composite, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo falls in the 11th. And in the Davison, it falls in the 5th. Same axis and the energies fit both

    Yep –we’re the best of friends. We’ve been ridiculously affectionate and lovey since day one. (We met under the last Jupiter in Leo cycle) Yep–we have a whole gaggle of babies who bring light and joy to our lives. We lucked out. Doesn’t mean life’s without challenge (far from!) but it makes it a *whole* lot easier to share a life with someone you have a strong Sun with. ?

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