Internet Clutter

The internet is slowly and methodically becoming more bother than it’s worth. I’m talking about having to deal with all the pop-ups, blocked content, paywalls and just plain annoying junk all over every page, all the time.

I used to be able to easily and efficiently get around on a tablet. I find myself having to back out of something I clicked on, more frequently. It’s gotten so bad, it’s come to this:

My husband will yell from the bathtub, “Look up, X!”

“No,” I say. “It takes too long to find anything; it’s not interesting enough to bother with…”

And that’s that. I just don’t care what someone stupid has to say, especially if I have to wait for it. And then there is all the stuff that makes me think of Darth Vader in the first Star Wars. Part machine, see? Darth Vader was limited.  Gasping for breath… gasping for life. Trapped.

I am not going to put that crap on this site. If you are one of the people who support my effort to maintain this site, the forum and my newsletter – thank you!  If you’ve never kicked in before, it’s easy to do. Support ElsaElsa!




Internet Clutter — 18 Comments

  1. Are you using Samsung products? This used to happen to us with our Samsung Tablet but never do I have this issue with any of my Apple products (Ipad, IMac or Iphone).I find what I want without a problem and fast.

  2. Just had the same experience. Couldn’t navigate a story which held my interest for pop ups and drop down blocks, so I just closed the whole thing.

  3. I didn’t expect such complaints here because most people here had already lived without internet. The less people need the internet, the better they get along with it. This is my impression. I can’t live without internet, but I learned some media competence before I became an internet user and this helps me a lot. Usually the internet is seen as belonging to Aquarius, not Gemini, so it’s no surprise that you need to keep up with the technology. At least a pop-up blocker should be installed and meanwhile it’s integrated in every browser. But for avoiding junk will you still have to use your brain, exactly like: »“No,” I say. “It takes too long to find anything; it’s not interesting enough to bother with…”«.

    • I said Gemini because I am a Gemini and there were so many interesting things. Ad blockers aren’t working well enough to make the experience enjoyable anymore.

      • I’d guessed that you’re a Gemini. Internet gives a much better experience with an ad-blocker and switched off JavaScript. For many web sites I also switch off loading images. You can also overwrite web site styles with probably every browser. A Gemini should easily figure out how to do that. But there are still web sites, which I neither recommend nor use because they’re in spite of all measures very annoying. There’s anyway not enough time in the world for visiting every interesting web site. So if some take themselves out…

  4. I cannot agree more. I have no patience anymore for all the click baits and ads and idiotic stuff like that. Glad to see I’m not the only one. I just wonder when will the reality of it all dawn on the people responsible for proliferation of it.

  5. Last night I was asked to choose between a 30 second interactive commercial and a 3 minute block of them. I was trying to watch, Dance Moms, which I still LOVE, if you can believe that.

    Anyway, I chose the 30 second option…malfunctioned over and over. I did stick with it, because this show…it entertains the hell out of me. But I won’t go through anything like this again, until a year from now when the next season is announced.

    What I don’t think content creators realize is people are more fickle than they think. The Internet IS like cocaine. But I snorted cocaine when I was young. And when the cocaine was no good; consistently no good AND you realize it’s not good for you anyway, your addictive days are numbered. And once you quit something like that…well, you go on to other things.

  6. The internet has become a multi-lane freeway. There are still some great scenic routes though, including your blog, Elsa! 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

      I wish I could instablock certain sites. Sites with pop ups or pay walls. I want to know before I click if I am going to need to back up.

      Sites that constantly link stuff like this, I am also learning to avoid. It’s really becoming gridlock but the content is simply not worth paying for and once you realize this, it’s a matter of time before you keep clicking.

      It makes me think of K-mart as it put itself out of business with clutter!

  7. What makes me mad is when I go to a scrap browser to watch a video that won’t play with the adblocker on then I can’t scroll on the page because of it jerking me up and down the page and things popping up in my face. I say very bad words at that point. Some websites I won’t go to at all anymore. My life is just fine without it. After a day of frustration at work, I am not coming home to deal with a frustrating web page.

  8. The problems seem to be mainly about videos. The web is certainly not made for watching videos. Early users, I belong to them, of the world wide web do you only make upset by linking a video. Can’t understand why people are so stubbornly insisting in really annoying things. This even when they know that the things are annoying, like shown in all these comments.

    • When many people insisting in having stupid and annoying things in the web, then they don’t need to complain that the internet became in big parts unusable clutter. The same people caused this!

    • Paywalls are something different. I usually ignore such pages. But if it’s something important, then there are often people, who link you to a workaround.

  9. This is about to get dramatically worse.

    Google ads are pushing “auto” function which places their ads where google thinks they should go, which is EVERYWHERE.

    Combine that with the spammy links you click to be greeted with popups.


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