Intense Mercury Retrograde Period: October 13 – November 3, 2020

vortexMercury in Scorpio has been opposing Uranus in Taurus, upsetting people all over the world as information comes up from the deep. The planet will turn retrograde in on October 13th.  Rather than clearing out, the retrograde motion will keep this aspect live for another ten days or so.

I’m not sure when you might land here to read this so to be clear, Mercury will oppose Uranus throughout all of October, 2020.

Most who read that will be attracted and simultaneously repelled. Get sucked into a vortex did you? Oops! Mercury-ruled, Gemini and Virgo can expect their sleep to be disrupted.

You’re probably obsessing over something and you’re likely to continue to go back over it during the retrograde period. Mercury will re-enter back in Libra in time for Halloween. This won’t help much though. The planet will back up far enough to engage the stellium in Capricorn which includes Pluto.

Mercury will turn direct on November 3rd at the HOT HOT degree of 25 Libra. Yes, that’s election day.

Once direct, Mercury will ingress back into Scorpio on November 11th to oppose Uranus in Taurus some more.  This intense stress will ease towards the end of the month as Mercury into the later degrees of the sign, breaking it’s bond(age)with Uranus in Taurus.

Mercury will hit Sagittarius the first week of December. At that point, the mentally stressed should be able to catch a breath!

This will be hell for a lot of people. Some will like it but most will be drawn in, sort against their will.  That’s Scorpio, folks. What can I say?

How do you feel about being unable to look away from whatever train wreck has you captivated?



Intense Mercury Retrograde Period: October 13 – November 3, 2020 — 9 Comments

  1. Elsa,

    Hell is an understatement! Lol. My sun is at 25 libra and I have scorpio rising. Dental work, depression, body aches, rumination to the max, etc. I’m ready for the new year, but arent we all. Lol

  2. Yup, it’s October 13, it’s the 14 in some places, depending on your time zone.

    I think it’s 9:04:52 PM Eastern Time Zone (In the USA)!

  3. The degree of retrograde (11* Scorpio) is interesting to me because the very next retrograde of Mercury will also be at the same degree (11* Aquarius).

    Different perspectives on the same issue or a continuation of a theme? Whatever the case …

    I don’t think I am going to be bored!

  4. Must address this, as the planetary placements WILL bring about the battlefield mentality and most especially the projection of THEM vs. US currently taking place in the USA and around the World! Emotional content will take over for a more proactive approach to the reality that we consider as ‘The Real’. Remember, more than anything, ‘Whose Behavior Can You Control? (Answer: You’re Own!!) Be proactive. Do not not be stunned into the belief that you have NO CONTROL. Your belief and the power of your Heart may be called into question on occasion. Other peoples thinking does not necessarily negate your own. Remember that, PLEASE!


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