Intense Effects Of The Current Stellium In Virgo Ahead Of The New Moon

Virgo dollThe sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are stacked up in Virgo today, ahead of tomorrow’s new moon. I underestimated the impact of this stellium.

Specifically, I didn’t think about how Mars in the middle of the stellium would set everything on fire, racing.  The energy is frenetic.

  • Minds are racing .
  • Worry is off the charts.
  • Verbal attacks, threats, challenges.
  • Computer attacks, usage spikes on my server!

Virgo is concerned timing and regulation. I can nearly feel my heart race.

People are interrupting each other. I’m doing it myself.

New moon in Virgo 2019There is an upside. Minds are sharp. But jeez, did you have to say that?

If you want to be smart about this, you may want to curb some of your impulses. Because the faster you go, the more mistakes you’ll make.

You’ve got to admit that stellium is impressive though.  Problem is, a person only has two hands and one mind.

Here’s the Stellium & New Moon In Virgo Effects by House post if you want to narrow your mental focus, which is not a bad idea, actually.  Focus like surgeon as opposed to waving your knife around, slashing whoever!

How is this energy manifesting in your life?  Do you have a channel for it? 



Intense Effects Of The Current Stellium In Virgo Ahead Of The New Moon — 15 Comments

  1. It’s interesting. Stellium is in my 10th house and I’m on vacation now. Heading to Greece in a few days, but things are happening at work. Huge changes are going on and I’m glad I’m not there. It’s going to be chaotic. don’t know what situation i’m gonna get back to.

  2. lol, that’s funny. Yesterday afternoon I went to a new doctor. I could tell he wasn’t from around here because he talked too fast. He even said I’m going to ask you a series of health questions real fast, and please answer as fast as you can. I did, but when I stumbled over one question taking a moment to consider, he said oh that’s ok, it’s not all that necessary-lets move on. I have never been to a doctor that moved that quickly..his waiting room wasn’t crowded so not sure what that was all about but it made me laugh seeing this post today!

    • That’s hilarious!

      I was on the phone with tech support today, the guy talked non-stop… for 90 minutes, while he worked on my server.

      It’s fast though now… wow! 🙂

  3. This afternoon someone wants to make use of me. Tried to do so. Tricks! : – ( By a woman connected to a love one.
    I managed to prevent a booming fight, I was diplomatic.
    What saved the friendship between the loved one and myself.
    I was prepared by everything you wrote about this stellium.

    Thank you again Elsa!

  4. It’s still in my 10th house. I keep playing phone tag with a lady who wants to talk to me about a recent job application.

    I have no idea what will happen when this stellium enters my 11th house. Perhaps former friends will return? Perhaps I’ll find love with a friend? Uranus is trining Venus and Mars…

  5. I see people getting pushier about Virgo things. One client has a family member, from out of town, basically turning their home inside out right now to get it decluttered and organized.
    Another one had me take his van to a car spa to get it washed, waxed and detailed within an inch of its life!

    As for me, I’ve been busy tying up loose ends with the move and also trying to get back into home cooking to save money and reduce eating out. I feel an internal PUSHINESS kicking in. If something needs fixing, I want it done yesterday, but rushing is causing me to trip over my own feet so I’ve had to slow down. Yesterday I was mailing a package and in my haste I had the wrong form sealed into the package. The lady at the counter had to reopen it and switch papers. She wasn’t amused. ?

    SLOW YOUR ROLL. That’s what I need to start telling myself til October.

  6. Wow! That’s something to see! I have Moon in Virgo at 0 degrees so these have all passed it but as the planets lined up I got a “check!” from everyone! One day I felt my mind was in a blender it was going so fast a hyping up my anxiety. Then I got reemed over a minor mistake (minuscule really in my opinion at work-my moon is on the cusp of the 9 & 10th)- then I heard some totally unexpected news at work again that could effect my job- then a few days later, my SO got furious with me over plans I agreed to too hastily and regretted after. On and on! You can’t make this stuff up. Do I have an outlet- yes. Meditation ?‍♀️ and Yoga. Walking in nature which I live in. Hang in there everyone!

  7. I am exhausted and catching up on sleep. Too much energy comin at me does that, exhausts me. But it’s a long weekend and I’ve got my list to focus on.

    The cool thing that happened today is that I made new contacts. My forester left the area and is sorely missed Today I ran into a new one by chance. Woo hoo! Also the guy who snow plows my driveway is no longer doing that. His equipment is old and so is he and he is not replacing his equipment. Found another local guy who does that. Woo hoo again.

    As long as I stay rested and don’t get caught up in the ca-razy energy, it all looks crystal clear. Just have to avoid sliding down those sa-lippery slopes of nonsensical confusion where everything is balled up. Untangling whatever that is is impossible because it is a lot of nothing tangible, just nuts energy and a waste of life.

  8. I did have an Instagram hack which locked my account but other than that it’s just avoiding others who ARE more critical and testy. Thins have been a little dull and I could use some oomph! I am searching for spare time volunteer work though to use that 7th house Virgo energy and got the pets checked out. Health has been really good along with one on one dealings.

  9. I’ve got the five transit planets huddled around my AC. lol I’ve already got a Virgo stellium. So far it feels pretty normal but then again, my husband has been traveling this week, just got home. Got up at 3 am to drive husband to the airport on Monday, then MIL went into afib and into the hospital for a cardioversion, I had to go up to get the dog to dogsit, did the yardwork, then had to (gently) guide a bird out of the house right before bedtime. The rest of the week settled down though. We’ll see how long that lasts…?

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