Integrity, Even If It’s Ethereal

elsa in desertI have been aware for many years, it makes no difference where I live. Growing up where I did (pictured) and being a Saturn Neptune type, I have been ethereal for as long as I can remember and it just doesn’t matter where I live.

This came up after last night’s stark conversation. While the soldier has been dead set on out moving back to the desert, his friends would like him to move back home and he does have pangs. I told him if he wanted to move there instead it would be fine with me because it just doesn’t matter. I explained I am not stuck in the world anyway which is true.

Today, I worked with a client from Saudi Arabia, another from Hong Kong, one from Iran and one from California. It is almost impossible to do this and feel I live in Colorado. I live in the world.

The odd thing is, this does not discount that fact I am an American with Italian roots.

What matters is I have integrity wherever you put me so it does not matter where you put me.

“This neighborhood has become dangerous,” I explained, “but it is hard to realize that when I am working in Hong Kong.”

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Integrity, Even If It’s Ethereal — 5 Comments

  1. We have moved 7 times in the past 25 years, once across the world, and once from east coast to west. Early on in our marriage, my husband gave me a sign that I’ve hung up in every house we’ve lived in. It says “Home is where you hang your heart”. It’s true.

  2. I have lived quite a number of places and yes it is true that home is where you the heart is. I have also found that some locations just are irritating especially if you feel like you can’t leave for whatever the reason be it job, money etc… I am currently in Texas for some reason Texas and Lousianna just don’t seem to fit right. However at this juncture I am not able to leave due to family and job obligations but since I have lived so many places I am not sure where I do want to live should I have the oppertunity to move. I am sure I will figuar it out.

  3. I feel similar. Realized that what I need are the tools for making a life and home anywhere I go so am working on that. Then if life uproots me I won’t feel so lonely being from family. Also for me it’s a challenge to stay close to family as it’s really not easy doing your thing in an area that is not abundant with jobs in it.. and yet it’s a lot more fulfilling contributing to those that are here.

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